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I first heard about yoni eggs in 2013 when a male shaman who helped me with my womb suggested I try them.

Royal Women in China and Egypt used them for thousands of years.

At the time, it was not a practice known to the majority of the general public.

I was so enthusiastic about my experience using my first egg – a Black Obsidian - that I made a video and posted it on my YouTube channel. The video went viral.

Then came the flood of yoni egg videos – hundreds of them popped up.

Once it reached 100,000 views, I removed it from YouTube because it garnered me a ton of attention that I was not expecting. I re-uploaded it about 1 year ago.

Perhaps it was because the eggs became really popular and so many people added them to their practice – that it caused a sweeping, cleansing effect on the collective womb of the women who did use them. It caused an uplevel in the lives and businesses of many black women - and other women - who were using the eggs as part of the mass trend.

After so many people started talking about them and making hundreds of videos about them – that's when the mass commercialization of the eggs began.

Someone tried to trademark the name 'yoni egg' and others went crazy over it.

I went through a phase where I wanted nothing nothing to do with the whole thing.

It is so sacred to me that – thus far - I have only sold a total of 5 yoni eggs.

I feel called to do something special with them for you – to honor the 5th year anniversary of when I used my first Black Obsidian Yoni Egg.

I am offering Limited Edition Yoni Egg Kits.

Each kit is custom tailored to you and your energy. You receive one rose quartz egg and one black obsidian egg which are both super charged to help align you with the highest version of you. Before I make your personalized kit, I call you on the phone to get to know you and then I choose the other goodies - besides the eggs - that go into your kit.