The Manifestor Magnate Mastermind Membership Pay In Full

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The Manifestor Magnate Mastermind Membership Pay In Full

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Hey Manifestor!

So, you've been studying your Human Design - you know the absolute Power of being a Manifestor - and you require to take that all the way and fully live your design. You are looking to do Great Work in this world and leave a positive, lasting impact. And you would love to be in a committed group of like-minded Manifestors who encourage you, support you, listen to you, hold you accountable, grow with you, and help you thrive.

You are a person who adds tremendous Value to the world – and those around you. And you are enthusiastic to add Value to the other Manifestors in your group. To you – when someone on your Team wins – you win as well – and vice versa.

Well Manifestor, you have come to the right place!

The Manifestor Magnate is a private online Mastermind that is conducted in a Facebook Group. Due to the level of commitment – on my end and yours - there are limited spaces available. The Manifestor Magnate is about quality – not quantity.

The Mastermind consists of exclusive video content, online coaching conferences, and access to high-end / high-level Mastercourses.

The purpose of the Manifestor Magnate is rapid and lasting growth, transformation, and catalization of the self - and the group as a whole. This Mastermind is about taking action without excuses. More importantly – knowing what to take action on. A lot of people can be busy and they can be taking action on the wrong things. This is a group for Manifestors to individually and collectively take action on the right things and help each other along the way.

Imagine – a group of Manifestors who truly have each other's backs and root for each other?! Who help each other get into the self – align with their life path / divine purpose – and with their unique and specific design. This group is a safe space where you can learn what your true powers of catalyzation and initiation are – specifically “who” and “what” you are here to initiate. Especially if you are a 5th line – “what” you are here to Universalize and “how” to universalize in a productive, safe way that does not cause you to be burned at the stake.

Imagine what an in-the-self group of Manifestors can actually do in the world?!?!

When he was still alive, Ra was once scheduled to teach a class of Manifestors which he was very excited about. He assumed that he was going to enter a room full of Powerful, Invigorated Manifestors. Yet, what he found disappointed him. He walked into a room full of the complete opposite – Manifestors shrinking down into their chairs – afraid to be who they truly are. Living small lives and not wanting to be seen. They had been so beaten down that they were shells of themselves.

Ra came to me in a vision one day (March 2018) and asked me, “Are you ready?” I did not understand what he meant then. I know now. And yes – I am ready.

It's time for a real change!


You require a peaceful life
You add a tremendous amount of value to others
You are service focused
You are openminded
You abstain from drama
You only talk about problems in order to find solutions
You are ready to take massive, immediate action
You courageously embrace and embody the responsibility of leadership
You love humanity and you believe in the inherent good of all people
You are heart-centered
You courageously stare fear in the face and you take action anyway
You have pure intentions and you require that you make a loving, empowering impact on the world
You are a team player - you can share the limelight with others
You respect boundaries
You have an appreciative outlook on life
You are a non-sacral motor pure Manifestor


Income Stream Creation
Feng Shui & Clearing Clutter
Life Design
Lead Generation
Online and Offline / Out-of-the-Box Marketing
Improved Communication
Higher Quality Relationships
Get Any Job You Require
The Art of Sales
Client Delivery and Client Management
Human Design
Living Your Human Design
Living a life that is congruent with your life purpose
Learn FB Ads
Programming yourself for Prosperity
Discounts and First Dibs on My Upcoming Courses & Classes


The Manifestor Magnate Mastermind contains access to my Selling with Spirit Group Mastercourse©. Check out Selling with Spirit here.

SWS© is an 8-week Mastercourse designed to help you discover your Great Work, craft a high-value offering, and sell it high-end from a place of love and self respect. In Selling with Spirit I teach you how to create a course and/or product line from scratch (or improve one that you already have). We figure out what your Perfect Day looks like and what it takes for you to monetarily and energetically create and sustain that. I have run SWS several times at the price of $5,000 (paid in full) and $6,000 (when paid in installments).


Group coaching calls are held on most bi-weekly Wednesday evenings at 7PM and are about 2 hours in duration. All coaching calls are recorded and made available for streaming. So it's okay if you miss some or all of the live calls because you'll be able to access the recordings whenever you want.


The Manifestor Magnate is a group of people who invests in themselves and each other. This is a place where you can receive group feedback on the projects you are creating as well as goal setting, accountability, and support with stepping out of your comfort zone to do new things.


In the Mastermind, there is exclusive audio and video content. Below is some of the non-exclusive content I have made for the Manifestors on my YouTube channel. You can expect content like this, however; crafted specifically to meet the needs of the members in this private Mastermind.

The Manifestor Magnate also contains a Library of Human Design videos that I have made. New videos are uploaded often. The Titles that are currently in the Library:

Video 1: Human Design - Introduction
Video 2: Human Design - Manifestor
Video 3: Human Design - Career, Work, and Conserving Energy
Video 4: The Manifestor Magnate - Direct the Power In Your Throat
Video 5: The Manifestor Magnate - Conserve Energy Around Sacral Motor Generators
Video 6: Human Design Manifestors - Auric Space
Video 7: The Manifestor Magnate - Conserve Your Energy by Saying No to Free Facebook Groups
Video 8: The Manifestor Magnate - Go For What You Truly Want
Video 9: Human Design 1st Line - Keep Yourself Well Fed
Video 10: The Manifestor Magnate - Burn Out
Video 11: The Manifestor Magnate - Catalyze Yourself
Video 12: Human Design - Left Angle & Right Angle
Video 13: Human Design Channel 28 38 / Struggle
Video 14: The Manifestor Magnate - Focus On Making It Happen
Video 15: The Manifestor Magnate - The Value of Being In The Self
Video 16: Human Design Manifestors - Thank You
Video 17: Human Design 5/1 - You Need Allies
Video 18: Human Design 5th Line - Rarify Yourself
Video 19: Human Design - Follow Your Inner Authorityity
Video 20: Human Design - Strategy to Wait
Video 21: Human Design – Informing


I have run and participated in many different kinds of Masterminds. I have taken part of a very high-level, high-end Sales Mastermind which was done in a Facebook Group that cost $2,500 a month with a 12 month commitment. The ROI was massive and the learning curve was incredibly steep. So I bring into The Manifestor Magnate my business, sales, entrepreneurial, marketing knowledge, and wisdom that I acquired in the high level Mastermind (as well as my hard-earned Spiritual Merit). I can teach any interested MMM members how to run and facilitate the kind of Mastermind that suits them and their energetic and monetary needs + teaching style. I have done one-on-one Masterminds. I have done very small group Masterminds. I have done larger group Masterminds. So the possibilities are endless in terms of what a person can do and how it can be monetized.


The Hustle Plan is a list of three things you can do to make 5k to 10k immediately.

There is a 5k to 10k of windfall of cash that most businesses can make right away – however; they are too lazy.

There are three main things to focus on when making money:

Money Now.
Money Soon.
Money Later.

The Hustle Plan is a list of ways that you can make Money Now.

Normally, this Hustle Plan was only shared with my high-end students enrolled in my Selling with Spirit Mastercourse© or I’d charge $1,000 for it in an individual one-on-one session.


This is a 1 year commitment. MMM has a strict “no refunds” policy because people value what they pay for. Since membership is limited to a certain number of people – everyone has to be committed and be able to completely rely on each other. Which means that everyone is in it to win it. Everyone is invested in making that vision a serious reality and the whole group can count on each other.


Your investment for a full year of membership in The Manifestor Magnate Mastermind is $2,997.

You can pay for your membership up front with a single payment, or you can choose a payment plan. The payment plan is 12 payments of $297. So that's 1 payment of $297 when you sign up and then 11 more monthly payments of $297 after that. Whether you opt for the one-pay or the payment plan, it's still a one-year membership.

Action means results. So it's vital that members are truly invested and have skin in the game. This creates the necessary energetic environment in the group which brings about real transformation. With an entire year full of group coaching, feedback, and other premium programs given in the mastermind – you will most definitely receive a high value ROI for the investment you put in.

Be ready to uplevel! Changes you never considered – as well as those you did - are going to take place. I will be transformed as well.


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Gaia is a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor who came to me not knowing what to do with her life. She had been watching my YouTube channel since it began in 2010. So, we started to work together and she took my Selling with Spirit Mastercourse. I helped her gain clarity on what her life path is and she took the strategy and canalization I gave her all the way. She is now famous in her county.
She excelled from a few hundred Instagram followers to 6k in 6 months (and rising). Gaia co-founded the Natty Muscle Movement and brick and mortar store in Shri Lanka - along with other movements she has initiated (in true Manifestor fashion!). She is a well-known internet, TV, and radio personality, Fitness Consultant, and Spiritual Catalyst. Her motto is, "A state of higher performance."