I just completed 6 months of heavy mystery school initiatory training : intense study and immense ritual and ceremony.

I went through stuff that would crush muggles - let alone many occultists - including 30 Days of Masterminding with Lord Mammon (I am on Day 25 to be exact).

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I am currently taking 2 students for magickal initiatory training. 3 Months of One on One Magickal Mentoring with Sorceress China Brooks. This is for Beginning and Intermediate Magick Students.


This is not for the timid. I will make you work.

Unfortunately, I am unable to talk about this program and what is in it.

For the simple fact that we do not throw pearls before swine.

The magickal information I have – in the wrong hands – would be horrendous.

We do not share it with those who may abuse it, misuse it, and/or misunderstand it.

One can never be too discerning and careful. What I have learned is that the Divine Is Discerning.

I can say that you will learn how to create your own magick, craft your own spells, and the art of telepathy (absolutely necessary to have any kind of REAL magickal power at all), etc.

I am here for PRO-HUMANITY Magicians, period.

I will not help you with anything illegal.

I am not here for the samplers and the dabblers.

And no – I will not help you do financial magick so that you can come up with the money to pay me.

Please do not contact me with a bunch of questions.

Either you are committed – or you are not.

There is simply zero middle ground.

To Apply fill out this form. I will be in touch with you within 72 hours.

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