Thank you for your interest in SWS.

I’d love to see if or how the Selling with Spirit System can support you. 

SWS is a sacred container of massive upleveling and growth and it’s imperative for me to bring together the most dynamic group of action-taking, committed, world-changing entrepreneurs so that everyone feels supported, energized, nourished and ready to experience deep and profound results in my program.

This online form will give both of us an idea of what is going on for you right now and if SWS would be the perfect fit for you. Please take your time answering these questions as openly and honestly as possible. If it seems like a great match, we can then move forward with a one-on-one interview so I can find out more about your specific needs and desires and determine how I can help you.

I will review each application personally. Applications are sorted according to the order received from most to least qualified. If selected, you will receive a reply within 7 business days. Please note that all of your information is kept confidential.

This is a complete transformation. It involves deep commitment on my part to your growth and deep commitment on your part to your own evolution. You are worth it. 


I look forward to working with you, Powerhouse!


China Brooks

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SWS is for business owners who would like the most efficient and successful path to growth and are ready and willing to take *big* leaps. There is of course a tuition investment to participate. Please select the statement below that best describes your current level of commitment to make an investment in yourself with no drama, and no "stories," just a focus on getting results.
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