November 6 - November 12, 2017 Reading




I am now being quiet.

This week it's about relationships. QUIET your mind so that you can enter the gap.

What does this mean?

You live your life in relation to everything – parents, friends, family, children, lover, neighbors, colleagues, coworkers, boss, yourself, people on the internet, viewers, followers, supporters, haters. You are constantly living in relation to everything – internally and externally. You are also living in relation to your own habits and addictions – be they beneficial or destructive.

Many human beings – individually and as a society – are living on certain fractal patterns of relationship. Until the person does something different and breaks through the fractal patterning, they continue to attract the same kinds of relationships.

Look at the quality of the energy in the relationship. Some relationships start with a frantic energy tone – and the coming together is built upon gossip and slander, etc. There's two ways a relationship starts – and the way that it begins is the way that it ends. If it begins at a frantic energy then that's how it's going to end. If it begins with calm energy, that's how it can go along.

How do you change the kind of relationships you are attracting to you? How do you change that fractal patterning?

You change it by being QUIET.

When you allow quiet, you reside in the gap - the space – where you receive ideas, insight, epiphanies, realization - to help you transmute the old fractal pattern.

When you get into the gap you can receive clarity and calm to see how to BE in relation to yourself (who you are being) and in relation to the rest of the world. And, which groups of people get your time, energy, light, and attention – and who doesn't. You have higher discernment. And in that discernment, you have increased communication. You know who to even communicate with and when to refrain. And next time you will be better because you will know when something is actually of that old fractal patterning and when it's of the new fractal patterning.

A relationship, when it comes around is either going to be of that old pattern or it's going to be of the new one. You have to figure out which one it is. That takes you being QUIET to hear your own higher guidance. If you are not quiet, then you will run the same pattern.

Take time to quiet your mind. Quiet in nature. Quiet down and start to take a look at what you are putting out on social media. Are you perpetuating more quiet or are you perpetuating more drama? Are you perpetuating more of the chaotic frantic energy or are you perpetuating calm? Whatever you put out, you will get back. Quiet down your thoughts and words, and take action (deeds) from that space.

Quieting relaxes your nervous system – taking it out of survival fight or flight mode (anxiety). This way, you are free to behave (and think) in a whole new way that is not strictly out of habit.



I am now loving and appreciating my community.
I am now being loved and appreciated by my community.

This week it's all about reaching out to community.

Everybody is going through it right now. Going. Through. It.

The whole world is really feeling this energetic stretch, push, change, shedding – a realigning – of looking at what is important in their immediate community and their communities at large. Some people are looking at a local scale while others are focused on a global scale. It's important to know where a person is coming from. Everyone (yourself included) is behaving from their current level of perception – where they are at – and through whatever they are processing in their life currently.

Get crystal clear on what it is you stand for. What you are unavailable for. What you are available for. And the kind of people that you thrive around - that are aligned with who you are, your message, and the way that you live and breathe in the world.

Be with that community. Focus on the people who really love you and those who - when you are in relationship to them - there's a calm energy. Give your all to the people who show you the most love love, respect, understanding, and reciprocity. Care for and nurture that community. By coming together, joining together, and helping each other through this time, you get stronger. And you inspire others and magnetize to you other people who are of that same energy.

Who is your community? Who is loyal to you? Who brings that calm energy? You gets you? Who understands? Who has the same drive? Who out there is conserving their energy and putting it towards the highest of uses? There are people in your community right now that are this way.

It's okay to let people go. You can love people yet they don't have to be in your life anymore. You don't ever have to look back. You don't ever have to open that door to the past. Keep moving forward and keep opening the new doors. Let the old doors be closed, closed, closed.

There is always a valuable lesson.

We are talking about Synarchy and working together. And in that sense, who you are working with is of the utmost importance. Are they are there to really utilize their energy in the highest of ways – into ideas, plans of action and taking action, creating things – or are they are focused on putting their energy into other things such as gossip and slander?

Look at a person and where they are putting their energy. Look at yourself and where you are putting your energy.

Who do you choose to be? And then, from there, ask yourself, “Who would I like to be around?”

Choose Your Community.



I am now learning.

There's a theme this week with all the cards. We are learning from community. We are looking to see where the bright spots are - the things that are working well for us. We are seeing who we choose to be and who we choose to no longer be. We are learning this through our relationships with others. And, we are learning how to respond rather than react.

We are learning which relationships are the healthiest for us on a higher fractal patterning (please read the Quiet card). We are learning that all experiences are neutral. We are seeing that there is value in everything that happens. A thing is only good or bad if we make it so.

Everything that happens in your life is neutral. It only becomes other than neutral when you react to it – then it is given an emotional charge. When that happens, that thing becomes you.

It's like when you learn through meditation that you are not your thoughts. You are not thoughts. You can choose which thoughts to think and you do that by attaching to them (or not).

When you choose to think a thought, you then become that thought.

Through meditation you learn that you can control thoughts as long as you get quiet and rest in the gap - you go into the silence. Then, more and more you are utilizing your mind as the tool it's meant to be – and that it is – rather than your mind using you.

As we learn that experiences are neutral - and when something happens and we refrain from giving it a charge of “good” or “bad”, we cease from becoming it. It doesn't affect us.

You can still take the lesson from it, learn from it, and better yourself when necessary – in a discerning way.

Increase your intelligence by learning something new. This is going to be uncomfortable. You will make mistakes while you are learning. It's all okay. Practice makes perfect.