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Sample Reading Transcription:

The card we have from the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck is SELL AHEAD.

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Let's get on with the Reading.

Welcome to the month of November of 2018.

Man, that year just flew right on by.

The card we have from the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck is SELL AHEAD.

What a powerful, potent card and stance for us to enter into 2019 with. We're going to close out 2018 with this type of energy and we are going to enter into an entirely new year with this passionate fervor for getting your Great Work out there to the public. Letting people know how you can help them. Really listening to them.

Sales is service. It is love and self respect. It is caring enough about people to get out of your own comfort zone and offer your great work that changes lives. And to get excited about that because it is exciting.

Cash flow is the life blood of any successful business.

Sales is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

The way that you come to clarity of branding is by helping people. Getting on the phone. Having conversations with people. Seeing what they need.

You listen to them. You make them feel like nobody has ever listened to them so deeply in their entire lives.

It's only after you have served a substantial number of people do you even have really a clue as to what your brand is.

This month, let go of getting caught up in administrative busy work. Shuffling papers. Other people's dramas.

Sabotage. Maybe externally – internally even. Maybe your own resistance? Take a good look at that this month.

There are three ways to look at money and cash intake/cash flow.

Number 1 is Money Now (things that bring you money NOW)

Number 2 is Money Soon

Number 3 is Money Later

For this November 2018 – focus on Money now.

Marketing is not money now – it is money soon and money later.

Getting on the phone and making phone calls is money now.

Taking orders is money now. Collecting deposits is money now.

Following up with people who said that they would be ready to buy later – and now it's later – is money now.

Making offers in your newsletter and your social media is money now.

Reaching out to people via messages on social media is money now.

This month – make plenty of offers. Make as many offers as you possibly can.

Selling ahead guarantees that you have the cash flow that you need.

And you keep up a powerful momentum.

Always be closing.

Always be selling.

Create a sales container.

You are an energetic being – an electrical circuit and current.

The more electrical you are – the more magnetic you are.

A magnetic person carries more energy – more energy means that you have more energy to devote to your great work that keeps you in a sales momentum which is your high value sales and service.

You are offering some serious transformation and you are getting very well paid to do so.

It's important that you have a home that is you sales sanctuary. What is that? Your sales sanctuary nourishes you.

You are organized. You have what you need. It's a container. Where your momentum for cash flow being king – for you doing your great work. That is maintained. That is respected. That is honored. That is energized.

You are the sum total of the three to five people that you spend the most time with.

Are these people helping you keep your sales momentum?

Are they helping you with your sales container? The sales container of YOU.

Anywhere you go – always be ready to make sales. You never know when you might meet your next client.

Grocery store.

Out buying clothes.

You're at the park.

There was a multi-millionaire I know got onto a plane one day – and he ended up enrolling the woman sitting next to him into his program. She pulled out her American Express card and paid the $10,000 fee then and there. Boom. Done.

Shed anything (people, places, mindsets, etc) that would get in the way of you being able to do this at the drop of a hat. Get the fuck rid of anything in your life that is derailing your momentum.

This November, hold onto your boundaries and do the energetic surgery to let go of anything in the way of you Selling Ahead with fierce momentum in your strongest, most potent Sales Container.

As a powerhouse who does phenomenal Great Work – you need sales training. Contact me here and let's have a talk about how we can get you the training that you need so that you can be brilliant - and always, always be ready to close.