November 20 – 27, 2017 Reading

Reading for the Week of November 20th though November 27th of 2017 

by China Brooks

using the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards ©




I am now learning through mimicking.

Mimic yourself.

You know what to do to be affluent in every area of your life. You already know.

Take the systems, gather the data, put it together in a new and improved way like only you can do.

You are brilliant at this. You know what works, what doesn't. Sift through the information and apply it.

Use the power of Wealth Multiplies.

Take what's working and do more of it – build upon it. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Build using your ability to MIMIC.

“Acquiring knowledge is a form of imitation.” ―Jiddu Krishnamurti

What area of your life would you like more abundance in?

In times of your greatest victories what are you doing?

What are you thinking?

What words are you speaking?

This your road map to success, satisfaction, and peace. You can build upon it and multiply it. Keep doing what is working. Find the bright spots of these moments and MIMIC them.

“To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.” ― George Christoph Lichtenberg, The Waste Books

“..if I don't do something on the grand scale, it is that my genius is altogether imitative, and that I have nor recently encountered any very striking models of grandeur.”
― Henry James, Roderick Hudson

I am now learning through mimicking.




I am now receiving a boon of affluence.

There are two sides to the coin – giving and receiving.

This week, open up to RECEIVE.

This is the realm where things can happen quickly – it can occur when you least expect it – and how you least expect it.

When you give love to life, you have to RECEIVE that. It may take you some time – and practice - to open yourself up to it, however; you will - and then accept and allow the flood to come in.

It is also a good idea to be organized so that you have the proper funnels set up. So as you RECEIVE, you are delegating your resources wisely.

Receiving means that you have more to share.

You have more time.

You have more resources.

Your cup is meant to run over.

The sun rises and sets every morning.

Your heart beats consistently, with no thought or effort on your part.

Givers have to receive.

We need you to receive.

You need yourself to receive.

The universe (and life) is knocking on your door to give you MORE.

Open up and RECEIVE it.

Let “thank you, thank you, thank you,” that it's already done be your mantra.

Everything you are desiring is on the other side of you opening up, celebrating your value and worth – and receiving.

Receiving -

the boomerang and the harvest of all your Good Works.

I am now receiving a boon of affluence.




I am now investing and receiving a high ROI. 

Invest in those multiple streams of income.

Invest in creating, nourishing, and maintaining in your wealth funnels.

Invest in the start up that you believe in.

Invest in your studies – improving your education, knowledge, and wisdom.

Invest in gaining the practice that you need.

Invest in that new skill set that's tough at the beginning and then pays off later.

Your ideas are gold. Know this and invest in yourself.

You are on the money, and your findings are on the money - as are your hunches.

Go after them with gusto and give it all you've got. It is now paying off.

I am now investing and receiving a high ROI.