November 13 - November 19 Reading



The message is really simple this week – tune your attention to that which you APPRECIATE.

An experiment - and its results - are affected by the observer. The more observers there are, the varied the impact. Such is also true with reality. Whatever we are observing individually and collectively, produces the results we see in the external reality.

This is the microcosm and the macrocosm.

If you've gained negative momentum – heading on a downward spiral – by focusing on that which you do not prefer, then you can turn your beautiful ship around. Head downstream rather than upstream. You do not have to fight the old. Simply move your energy to higher ground.



I am now appreciating my ability to FOCUS.

You have an uncanny ability to FOCUS. When you set your mind to something, it's as good as done. This week, stop and smell the focus. Contemplate all the times you used your power of FOCUS to catapult you in a new, healthy direction – to create something different – innovative; to grow, produce, give, and receive.

Pat yourself on the back. Because this skill of FOCUS will always carry you through. It will take you - time and time again - where you truly desire to go. It is your success. Your focus has allowed you to make so much progress, and it will continue to do so.

For a moment, stop and appreciate how good you are at focusing. You are able to shut everything else out – focus on a task – and get it done. This is a massive asset. Good for you!

I am now appreciating my ability to FOCUS.



I am now appreciating giving to myself.

Oh Baby, you are so generous. You love to GIVE. It makes your heart sing. And no matter what happens (the way others behave) you do your best to come back into your childlike giving nature. Bless you. You are indeed the fabric of society. To continue to GIVE in spite of it all, takes great courage. And in this way, you are a valuable Warrior of Peace and Prosperity.

My Darling, this week – give to yourself.

What do you love? What feels like play? Who are you – truly? Sans the opinions, the hive mind, mob mentality – who are you, my love? Remember this core. This week, reconnect with it. It is your essence.

Set it free.

The best thing you can GIVE others is the gift of your own ALIGNMENT. Radiate and emanate that out – like the sun.

In a culture that was built on consumerism, we can believe that giving of our own reserves is the way. And so, when we think of giving – we immediately equate it to giving of our own material possessions: money, time, and energy. However, when these things are given out of alignment, they may actually cause more harm than good – perpetuating a system that is based on exacerbating the lack within the individual and collective.

Give to you, and you show the world not only how to treat you, but how to treat itself.

Your higher self has something to say. At first her words are faint. And so, you must listen more – deeper. Listen until his words become the loudest. She is giving to you, and you must receive. Giving and receiving are a harmonious balance. Open up to receive and you also open up to give.

I am now appreciating giving to myself.




I am now appreciating receiving the highest and best.

You've really worked on receiving. Interestingly enough, for givers - it can be a process to learn how to receive. It takes work and dedication. Yet you know that the more you receive, the more you can give. When we don't receive, we deny others the pleasure of giving to us.

You have been opening your hands and your heart to RECEIVE. Especially the LOVE that life has for you.

This is a gift. It's something to be proud of. As you emanate this from the inside out, you give so many people around you the permission to receive as well.

You have fortified your energy so that you receive that which is in high alignment, and you refuse to receive anything less.

This week, pat yourself on the back for being able to RECEIVE – freely. Take a deep breath. Receive the breath. Contemplate all that you have allowed into your life by opening to Receive. You worked to make a pathway where your good can find you. You opened to receive it. That's huge.

I am now appreciating receiving the highest and best.