May 21 - May 27, 2018 Reading



Here is our Reading for the week of May 21st through May 27th of 2018 using the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck©.



You have been carrying the weight of other people on your shoulders.

Other people not doing their work.

Other people not stepping it up.

You take responsibility for your emotions – and position in life.

Because you care, sometimes you find yourself taking on the burden of the progression of others – or lack thereof.

It's heavy.

This baggage is not yours to haul, think about, nor solve.

Set it down.

At this point, continuing to hold it as if any part of it is yours, is actually not serving the other person - nor yourself.

Bearing this is not helpful in showing them what they need to learn, understand, and actually do for themselves. It is fishing for them rather than teaching them how to fish.

Drop the pressure and then set the energetic tone between you and this person (or this group of people) by focusing on kindness and what you love about them.

Send them positive energy – then move on.

Pray for them – then move on.

See them in their highest light by focusing on what you appreciate about them.

But don't carry their stuff.

Sometimes this is what the deepest kindness truly is – being a living example of sovereignty – by being kind to yourself first.

Fortify your container (yourself) so this strength energy radiates out and positively infects and impacts others. This is the best way to exemplify self-responsibility and self-governance is by BEing this. Need help fortifying your container? Apply for Divination here.  



This card sometimes means literal travel and it also means inward travel to different states of consciousness – i.e. a mindset, presence, and confidence upgrade.

This week, it's about networking and communicating with people in your city - in your community.

Attend meetups.

Strengthen that foundation that you are laying of having more connections in your town and being well known.

In this way, you can make a massive impact on the community. By traveling inwardly and upleveling yourself from the inside-out, and then reaching out to form alliances (external travel) you can merge neuro marketing and traditional marketing in the world for the utmost effectiveness.

As within, so without.

Leverage inward travel to a higher mind state and utilize this to build and fortify lifetime relationships.

This is what we are creating with Taurus in Uranus. This is grounding, and it is very foundational.

A bedrock for you, your wealth, and the wealth of your family – it is an infrastructure for generations to come. We are talking about 100 years out - and more. For guidance and strategy, click here to apply for Divination.

Remember that what you are leveraging now is going to have a lasting impact.

Be very clear when you make these moves.

How can you leverage travel to strengthen your legacy for multiple generations?



Women – and the divine feminine within each and every one of us - has to remember how to Receive.

When you are kind and generous, you question if your generosity is sufficient. You are wary of being “too selfish”.

Yet, the more you receive, the more you have to give and share. For support with opening up to Receive apply here for Divination.

You have material wealth to bequeath as well as the generational mindset of prosperity consciousness, which is a massive asset in itself.

You are able to share things that matter – foundational pieces that are the building blocks of healthy, harmonious, golden age societies.

Open up to receive from Prime Creator.

That which beats our hearts when we are not thinking about it. That which causes us to breathe when we are not thinking about it. That power which each mother feels as they birth their babies and hold them in their arms for the first time.

It knows what you need. Open up to it.

This Power wants to give to you and it's been chomping at the bit to give to Humanity.

The number one thing this week is open up to Receive from Prime Creator – and all of life itself.

The way that the divine is going to make moves to give you stuff is through other people.

When you leave the flow open and focus on appreciation (with boundaries – of course) it is much easier for you to receive. We refrain from blocking your good. Good that is trying to get to you in miraculous, spontaneous, unexpected ways.

Synchronicity is normal.

Also open as many channels as you can – portals where you can receive:

Income streams
Spread kindness to each person
Forgive yourself and others
Move into new ventures – partnerships
Trust in bigger ways