March 5 - March 11, 2018 Reading




This week is about logical, tangible goals.

Be clear on your maintenance and perfect day numbers.

Your maintenance number is what it costs you to live your life right now - week to week, month to month.

Your perfect day number is what it costs you to have your perfect day. Maybe you have a desire to open a successful brick and mortar store? Maybe you intend to hire a coach such as myself? Factoring that into your cost really helps you to see what you need to create and do.

Oftentimes you will think you need 1 million dollars to live your perfect life. However, most people can really do very well with 100k - or a few hundred thousand. Breaking this down and knowing the actual number(s) helps you set goals in terms of how many clients to take at which price points. It may not take what you think it's going to take. And you may be surprised when you sit down and figure out these numbers.

Also be clear on why you have these goals. What is your actual intention(s)?

Your income is in direct proportion to the number of lives that you have helped change. When you come from that space, the money naturally flows and your goals are naturally met. Your wealth goals this week can also be non-monetary goals such as health (because health is wealth).


What would you like to accomplish and experience with your wealth in the next 90 days?

Write this down. Keep it short, like one or two paragraphs. One is preferable.

Do it in the presence tense, “I am now closing...I am now selling...I am now winning...I am now receiving...etc”

Also write down 3 main action steps (number them) to accomplish this. 



Everything comes down to what you believe. Believe you can! Mindset is key.

This week, believe in what you are creating and doing - and focus on Finishing it.

Whatever you are bringing forth to the public, put a positive mind frame around it.

Fast forward into your future - what does the outcome of your believing look like to you? What does a successful finish of your project look like? Reverse engineer your life. Once you are clear on what this looks like for you, you can create a document, a pdf in Canva, and/or a hand drawn mind map in a journal.

You can also create a vision board and put it on your wall.

You can create your own affirmations and listen to them in your own voice.

You can write it out on a piece of paper. I used to like to ride on my statationary bike for 45 minutes while reading and visualizing my handwritten document. This grounded it into my body energetically and I did receive my desires this way.

All of the exercises I gave above flood your mind with images on what you prefer to believe and receive. From there you can have a tunnel focus and vision to really put this new belief system into finishing your project.



This week, promote more. You know what it is that you need to do promote your offerings.

However, perhaps you can use some fresh ideas?

Start with Niche. Create an avatar of your ideal client.

Who are you talking to in your posts on social media and in your offline meetings? Speak to the client(s) you love receiving (and prefer)! 

Are your posts geared toward them and what they would find enjoyable?

Are you using your platform to engage with them?

Are you giving content that is really useful for them?

You are going to get who you ask for every single time. Speak to your highest investing niche and tribe.

An exercise to generate fresh promotional ideas:

  1. Turn all of your electronics off.

  2. Sit down with pen and paper – undisturbed.

  3. Write at the top of the page, “Ways I can promote...generate leads...etc.”

  4. Set your timer for 20 minutes.

  5. Write your ideas - stream of consciousness, uninterrupted - and do not edit yourself.

If you reach a point where you can't think of anything else then write down, “promotion, promotion, promotion” until something new comes to you – it will. Sometimes you might get great ideas right away. Othertimes, you may receive the gems and gold – the out of the box ideas – at the end of the exercise.

Here are some questions to consider:
How can I best promote?
How can I attract the best niche?
How can I generate the best leads?

Promote to them. Create things of Value. When you help them, they invest in themselves (by truly investing in working with you). They also do the work and pay it forward. Focus on the people who ARE the best and allow your energy to flow that way.