December 4 - December 10, 2017 Reading

December 4th through December 10th of 2017 Reading


Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards© by China Brooks

Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards© by China Brooks



I am now breathing deeply.
I am now changing my breathing.

Deep breathing = conscious living
Shallow breathing = shallow living

“Most people think breathing is just a way to transport oxygen to the body...oxygen is also a way to absorb or transport subtle light energy...Our state of mind affects the way that we breathe. When we are upset or frustrated, our breath tends to go very shallow and fast – our hearts racing, and we are breathing really fast – we are not getting the oxygen that we need. If we look at it the other way - we are in a good place, we are feeling peaceful – then our breath becomes a lot slower and goes a lot deeper. Just as our state of mind affects the way that we breathe, the way that we breathe affects our state of mind. Our breathing is something that we can fully control....Slow it down and deepen it, which can lead us to a more peaceful state of mind and soul.

Every now and then stand still and say, “How am I breathing? Should I stand still and take a few deep breaths?” Pick some steady times during the day to stop everything you do and take some really good deep breaths. Break the cycle of being on autopilot. If you are really upset, sit down for a few minutes and really breathe. You are going to retrain your brain to breathe correctly with time. I discuss more practical exercises in an Oracle Card Reading.

Breathing calms your mind and keeps your peaceful. It creates spiritual health and development. If we breathe correctly, we better absorb the oxygen and it removes the impurities from our blood and stimulates our organs in the body, which leads to physical health and vitality. Which means we have more energy and we feel better.

Breathing is completely free.

Chi, prana, life force (universal/fundamental energy that keeps everything going) – in the atmosphere of our earth, that fundamental energy – that life force – sort of transforms into a form that it is easily absorbed by all living creatures. It can be absorbed through our food and water (there's oxygen in food and water as well, but most of it is absorbed by our breathing mechanism.

What happens in the body when this life force has been absorbed, it starts to work together with the nervous system – the spine – which is similar to electricity and it creates sparks. The nervous system is responsible for almost everything – our feelings, emotions, conscious thinking, spiritual abilities, and everything in the body is controlled by nerve senses – everything.

By absorbing that life force and getting into that better state, we also help the people around us who need it. We are able to transmit it to each other by interacting with one another. Even on long distances. That's how we have the possibility to long distance heal (chi – we can send it to people around the world – that's why prayer and things like that help).” - Channeling Erik

I am now breathing deeply.
I am now changing my breathing.



I am now listening with my full body.
I am now changing my listening.

A lot of problems are caused because people don't listen. They listen to respond. They listen while thinking of what they are going to say next. They simply want to get their point across. They want to be right.

Although people have one mouth and two ears, rather than listening, they still talk too much.

Most humans long to feel heard – fully – and understood. And with everyone clamoring to be understood, no one is truly hearing each other.

When individuals, groups, states, and countries truly LISTEN it changes everything. Much progress is made from listening to another with your entire body sans thinking about what you are going to say next.

Try not needing to be heard.

Many times a person may push their truth out – whatever that is – because they do not trust that life will give them what they need when they need it. Besides, how many times have you spoken words that you later regretted, or that you knew could have been better (and much more beneficial) if you had just slowed down and listened to what you were about to say before it came out of your mouth? Or if you were to have slowed down and listened to the other person deeply with every cell in your body before speaking? During an Oracle Card Reading you are deeply heard, listened to, and understood.

Rather than needing to be the first and only one who is heard – let that go – and practice giving the gift of listening to others.

LISTEN to them with such full bodied presence that they feel they have never been listened to (and seen) so deeply in their entire lives. LISTEN way more than you speak.

Observe silence for 24 hours or longer. During this time, you will notice how many things you might normally blurt out that are unnecessary. And you will learn to choose your words wisely and carefully.

Words can be used to heal or to hurt – to uplift or to tear down.

Actions speak louder than words. Listening can help you see where a person is coming from and who they really are.

I am now listening with my full body.
I am now changing my listening.



I am now parenting in the highest and best ways.
I am now changing my parenting.

This week is about either PARENTING your physical children that you birthed, parenting yourself, and/or parenting the world (or all of them!).

Combine BREATHING (deeply) and LISTENING (deeply) to parent yourself and others in a whole new way.

Non co-dependent.

With healthy detachment and yet still being lovingly present.

Love destroys. The way you parent yourself and others can either destroy you in an energizing or draining way. Know the difference.

Right now, there is no real grey area. A person is either pro-humanity or they are anti-humanity. There is no longer an in-between. So, a choice must be made. Those who are truly pro-humanity are learning, practicing, and grounding in higher ways of living, being, and interacting in relationship to all of life. This is done by trial and error. Give it your all. In an Oracle Card Reading you are given a solid strategy for interacting with yourself and others.

Changing parenting means altering the way you rest and how you view 'work'. What is play to you and how much fun time are you giving yourself? It isn't about working harder – it's about working smarter.

How do you feel about yourself? Who are you being – and becoming - and are you okay with that? You can change right now – who you were 5 minutes ago doesn't matter.

This has to do with energy conservation. Who, what, when, where, and why are you giving your energy to? Be clear so that you are making a choice that is healthy and truly aligned with your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

How are you parenting yourself? What thoughts are you thinking? What are you saying to yourself? Be your biggest cheerleader. Be your biggest fan.

Same applies to your children. Love yourself tremendously and you show them how to love themselves – by example. You give them permission to do so in the deepest, most profound of ways. Always make sure your oxygen mask is on first – before anyone else's – even your children.

Always parent yourself first to make sure your cup is full and running over. From this space you are free to give.

I am now parenting in the highest and best ways.
I am now changing my parenting.