December 2017 Reading



During December Change your Thoughts.

Look at the area(s) of life that you would like to change. Notice your pattern of thought around one – or more – of them.

Utilize deep breathing to stop yourself in your tracks when you are entertained by - and engaging with - a negative spiral pattern.

Since you are creating your future by your current thoughts and feelings, it's important to check yourself.

Two books that I recommend for transforming thoughts is the Perfect Power Within by Addington and the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by Price. Both are centered on 70 and 40 days of affirmations. Take one – or more – programs as much as needed. As you grow and expand, redo the mind training. You can also create your own program. You can start and/or run a mastemrind with potent, energizing people who are focused on supporting each other with permanently changing thoughts on an individual and collective level.

Whatever you are thinking about a thing – you are giving your precious attention and energy to. Remember that wherever you give your focus to – this is currency. You are currency. Every bit of you is valuable.

Are you giving yourself to thoughts that are worthy of you?

Strengthen your intake – what you are reading, watching, audiobooks, people you hang out with, where you hang out. Everything and everyone in your life can uplevel you and make you better – open you up to infinite possibilites and higher solutions – which brings on a direct change in thought(s). In an Oracle Card Reading we discuss solutions to uplevel your life.

When you prefer to be a certain thing – a character trait, an experience of life – you have to think (with regularity) the thoughts that a person of this stature thinks.

Sometimes what we are creating is so out-of-the-box and leading edge that you don't have any real examples and role models on new thought.

Use your imagination. You will have to be the first. Show us how it's done, baby. You got this. This December give yourself the gift of changing your Thoughts to align with who you truly are now.

Happy Holidays!

Put your energy into all the thoughts that you prefer to think about yourself and others.

Again, use deep breathing (and look into the Sedona Method) to stop certain thoughts in their tracks.

You do not have to think a thought. You are in control of your mind. The mind is meant to be used as a tool – not the other way around. Utilize your practice and exercises (such as meditation and grounding, etc) to be in your Power - choose to change your thoughts.