Clauneck Introduction Spread

Clauneck Introduction Spread

by China Brooks

  1. What does Clauneck want from me?

  2. Will he give me what I want in return for it?

  3. Are there any precautions I need to be aware of in regards to working with Clauneck? 

  4. How long would Clauneck like to work with me?

  5. What is the underlying intention for Clauneck working with me?

  6. What is my underlying intention for me working with Clauneck?

  7. What does Clauneck see as my strengths?

  8. What does he see as my weaknesses?

  9. How does he recommend I utilize my strengths?

  10. What does he recommend I do about my weaknesses?

  11. What is the number one thing Clauneck wants to say to me / want me to know?

  12. Is Clauneck satisfied with the relationship thus far?

  13. If not, what can be done to honor and please him?

  14. How does he feel about the value I am providing the world?