March 26 - April 1, 2018 Reading

Here is your Reading for the week of March 26th through April 1st of 2018

I used my self-created Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards©




You have created (and are now creating) some pretty big things. You have taken all of the action that you can. It is time for you to DETACH.

The Universe is definitely set to give you what you have been asking for – you Powerhouse Woman - You. You have been toiling day and night on this. You have done all the work to change and uplevel you belief system and hold it there. You have been putting in positive thoughts. You have been massaging everything that is aligned with the fruition of this being a reality in your experience.

Now it is time for you to let it go, have fun, and detach from the outcome.

The formula from Bashar is:

  1. Know that it is possible.

  2. Take action on it as far as you can go with the resources that you currently have.

  3. Do as much work on it as you can with no attachment to a certain outcome.

  4. Let it go.

Once you have let go – stay in your highest excitement – that which brings you joy. Spend time with your loved ones. Go have brunch with your ladies and gents. Engage in self care – get your nails and toes done – whatever it is you need to do for you. Men, perhaps you enjoy having a cigar at the exclusive club after a ride in a rare vintage car? Do that.

Trust your work. Trust yourself. This thing is as good as done. Now it takes you letting go – being detached from any outcome. Remain in the state of knowing that this is already done – you got this – this is Golden. 

Enjoy! Have a great week!

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In acting training they say that portraying someone of a different character is the most difficult thing to do. For example – a comedian who is to play a Shakespearean character. Or, a person who grew up poor, who is to play someone who grew up in an old money family.

Although it is challenging, you yourself know that changing your character is indeed possible with persistence and dedication. You have gone from waking up and indulging in negative thoughts to being a person who has a character of thinking predominately positive. You did this by way of reprogramming yourself – day in and day out.

This week it is called upon you to do the same for yourself again. Draw strength from all the other times that you changed your character – the very fabric of your being – and you were successful at it. Remember the seeds that you planted of success that took fruit - you ate of the generously delicious harvest. This week you shall do so again by your own resolve and accord.

There is something – one main point of focus – one thing that you desire to change about yourself.

Devote your entire willpower to mastering one thing at a time. Do not scatter your energies, nor leave something half done to begin a new venture. - Paramahansa Yogananda: The Laws of Success

Be of a single mind this week. Be clear on what a complete shift of character looks like in this area of your life. Write it down. Begin to act as-if. Now that you are a person of this refined character – who are you in thought, word, and deed?

How do you act in each moment?

What is your vocabulary that you speak?

How do you respond to things – rather than react?

Think of it as a Dungeons and Dragons character that you are portraying. You receive points every time you act in accordance with your character.

This week think of it as receiving points every time you act in alignment with your upleveled character.

And congratulations (!) for it is already done. You are a powerhouse, you have done this before, and now you are doing it again.

And So It Is.

Enjoy! Have a great week!

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Give into your taste for ADVENTURE. You are wanting to travel and experience things. You are wanting to go out into your country and into the world. You are desiring to meet newer groups of people and stretch past your comfort zone.

This week book the trip.

Pay for the ticket.

Whatever it is that you have been talking about and saying, “I'd like to do this...” this is the week to actually commit and do the thing.

Put the money down and put your money where your mouth is.

Perhaps you are already having significant adventures – you travel abroad and even do philanthropic humanitarian work for other cultures?

This week is for you to infect those around you with your adventurous streak. Shake things up for others. Be the living example of what it looks like to give the self permission to indulge in nourishing, wealth-bringing, risk-taking adventure.

Some people can really be stuck. They don't move out of their towns. They never see much of anything – staying in a small radius. And therefore their thoughts, character, vocabulary, and words stay the same. They never really see outside of a limited bubble of what is possible for life.

You infect others with the infinite possibility of ADVENTURE this week. You sound the trumpets of growth, expansion, and imagination coming to fruition on the physical, tangible realm. You are the living embodiment of this. Congratulate yourself for this. Think about this – this is a success for you. This is an asset for you. Pat yourself on the back for who you have been (and who are are) in the world – for the light that you shine. Appreciate yourself for the adventure that you bring to your life and to the lives of others around you – and those who watch you. You are Gold incarnate and we are all so blessed and lucky to have you.

There are larger even bigger adventures for you. Now is the time to step through this door. You will be met with everything that you need - provided to you to complete this task. So that you are able to step into being even bigger and bolder in your adventure.

Enjoy! Have a great week!

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