March 19 - March 25, 2018 Reading

Here is your reading for the week of March 19th through March 25th. I used the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards ©.




Because this Reading is general, it will not resonate with everyone. For in-depth, personal one on one guidance, click here.



“When you are not afraid of rejection and it feels like you have nothing to lose, Amazing things can happen” ― Jia Jiang

“But by not even asking, we are rejecting ourselves by default—and probably missing out on opportunity as a result.” ― Jia Jiang

“It doesn’t matter how amazing your performance or products are, if you target the wrong audience, who don’t recognize, appreciate, or need your value, your effort will be both wasted and rejected.” ― Jia Jiang

This week, ASK for what you desire. Open your mouth and speak it!

Be discerning and decisive – putting all of your energy, focus, and attention on making it happen – period.

Quality over quantity this week with your asking. This calls for a fresh direction - asking more of yourself and moving the whole of your energy to a more expansion version of you. Ask in a new way - from different people. Seek greater pools of intelligence, stature, presence, wealth, and wisdom. Elevate yourself and those around you.

Feel the fear and do it anyway - as the Powerhouse you are. Do something every day this week that you are afraid of. Do the Work. 



There is something in your life you would like to create.

Perhaps you have never done it before so you have no frame of reference – i.e. you have to create your vision from scratch.

The good thing is that you can focus on those who are already experiencing what you desire – and you can MIMIC them.

Read their books and biographies. Listen to their podcasts. Attend their meetings. Hire them.

Study their moves, discipline, the way they speak, and behave. Success leaves clues.

Also, take a look at the times that you created something which you never had before. In times of your greatest successes, who are you being? What habits are you utilizing in your daily life?

How are you thinking? Speaking?

This is your Success Road Map. Follow it.



AUTOMATE and refine your financial life and career life. Have even greater containers in place for these areas of your life.

Create a list of systems that you can implement. Delegate where needed. Hire help – contract things out. Whatever you need to organize your wealth and your career – to uplevel and set yourself up to win – put these in motion this week. AUTOMATE so you have an even sturdier foundation.


Because this Reading is general, it will not resonate with everyone. For one on one guidance, click here.