June 11 - June 17, 2018 Reading

Here is our Reading for the week of June 11th through June 17th of 2018.

I am using the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck©



Whew. This is quite literally one of the toughest weekly readings I have done thus far to date. It just wouldn't come out of me. It was on the tip of my tongue all this time. Imagine carrying this around – I was pregnant with it. And right when I released the initial pick-a-card photo, and everybody picked #2, I knew what the message was. However, this was nothing that I could – at the time – accurately verbalize. In fact, even now I feel that any words that I use for this post isn't as high as I can go. Because this week it is strictly about vibration. It's about rhythm, harmony, energy.

I was carrying this around in my body and I had to integrate it.

Usually the post comes right out of me. This time, it had to gestate – marinate. I had to feel it on a body level – in the marrow of my bones. Because this was about US. All of us and where we are at energetically. Where are at in consciousness – and where we are headed – and heading right now. Most of us chose card #2. I chose card #2 as well.

Shockingly enough, card #1, #3, and the Jumper Card really actually solidify and backup card #2. 90% of us chose card #2.



The first card is a Jumper Card (fell out of the deck while I was shuffling) and it's VET THEM CAREFULLY.

You are a powerful being. You've got a lot of skill – a lot of talent. You change lives. A person is never the same in the best ways. You are able to go into the deepest, darkest places. Into the highest of the high – and everywhere in between.

And so this is sacred and holy – what you have been gifted.

And be clear – make no doubt about it, you have been GIFTED, GIVEN this power because of your integrity and because you are trustworthy enough to have it and utilize it in a way that's beneficial for the whole.

Now that being said, you can't just gift this to anyone. You cannot initiate just anyone. People have to earn this. They have to earn the right to be in the presence of this.

I remember reading a tantric oracle card deck that was talking about this power. It was talking about being careful not to initiate and share these teachings – your teachings, your work – with those who may misunderstand it and/or abuse it. So that takes vetting them carefully. Having thorough conversations with people to make sure that they are a fit. Make sure that they are going to bring the highest value into your mentoring roster, business, and life. Because whoever you are taking in, you spend the most time with them. They become family.

They become friends, confidants – people that you become very close to energetically.

And you've worked so hard for your energy to be this clear (!) and this calibrated, that you MUST VET THEM CAREFULLY!

Make sure that the container - foundation – remains intact sturdy and uncompromised.

Because this will trickle out.

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This is literally all about connecting with your network. Who can you help? Who needs your support?

Who feels ready for transformation? To uplevel, grow, change, shift and earn more?

To feel more, be in their sensuality, experience more of life? Be happier. Have healthier relationships.

Who is ready?

And that doesn't mean that you have to close every sale. It means that you can get each person to their next highest step .Whether that be with you or someone else that you refer them to.

Maybe it could be a book that you recommend. A YouTube video that they check out.


Or it could be that they actually work with you or someone that you know that's close in your core group – core tribe.


Have more conversations.

Make friends.

Make partnerships.



Skype with people.

Zoom with people.

Be real.

Be authentic.

Take off the masks when you are talking to each other.

Lay them down and share some real time. Some real eye contact. Put the phone down and look at them. Listen to understand.

Not to speak. Not to be understood. Hear their story. And still be in your own power – hold your own space. Know what you stand for.

Reach out and touch as many people as you can.

Let's all talk to each other.

Lets. All. Talk. To. Each. Other. Right. Now.

Value for Value.

Equal value exchange.

Whatever form – shape that ends up taking.




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This is the big fucking monster that we all picked.

This was like birthing a baby for me.

Normally this card is pretty business-y. Pretty entrepreneurial. It speaks to a certain set of people / person.

It means getting on stage. Teaching. Doing live courses. Workshops. Groups. Masterminds. All of the above. Retreats. It's literally about getting on stage.


And setting the container for that stage being a permanent fixture in your life.

That's what it usually means. That's the surface meaning of this card.

However, this week – we gotta go deeper. As deep as Mariana's Trench on this.

Because this is setting the stage of our lives. Individually and collectively in consciousness. Where are you living?

Where is your energy?

Are you creating your own peace, satisfaction, success that is aligned with source, spirit, soul? And radiating that out and allowing others to come into that space?

Or are you tapping into the spaces of others where there is chaos? Are you going onto the stages of others – trying to get a taste, trying to get a piece because you are looking outside of yourself?

Stop this.

This week – now and forever and for the rest of your life – this is where the buck stops. Individually, collectively, generationally, and in our DNA core structure.

We are actors in this play of life on planet Earth.

We are the producers of our shows individually and as a whole together.

What stage are we setting? What stage are you setting? I know what stage I am setting and what stage I am on.

Right now in June we are coming to the tail-end of a major astral war.

You have integrated your masculine and feminine shadow (and/or are actively doing so).

Now what?

It's that question between love and fear and each individual is feeling it within their bodies. Are you going to run the old way? Which stage are you setting? Everyone is at a fork in the road right now. And everyone can feel it on some level.


You know what you prefer. You know what you desire. You know what you came here for.

Act like you belong here. Act like you know. Show us who you are.

You hold that frequency. You bring us into your light. Us into your peace. Us into your prosperity. Us into your value for value equal value exchange. Us into your co-creation. Us into your basic needs and surplus met for all. Us into your LOVE. Us into your STRENGTH.

All of it.


This is your staring role. You have a company of writers on your team.

Write it.

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Today I was cleaning out my burgundy velvet Michael Kors backpack that I fucking love.

I had my little crystal selenite egg that has been with me for years on so many travels. So many elevations, calibrations, uplevels, deep dark work, and angelic work and everything in between.

She was in a little pouch in one of the pockets.

She was like, “Bring me out!”

She wanted me to hold her and keep her with me.

She said to me, “Keep me with you and be holding me. It's time to change. There's going to be a massive influx of energy coming your way and I want to be here with you.”

And I was like, “Hey girl what do you want? Do you want to sunbathe? Do you want to be in the dirt? Do you want any of that?”

She was like, “No! I want what you need.”

What I do with my crystals and plants is I give them sovereignty. If they want to go live with somebody else they can. If they want to go somewhere else, they can. If they want me to move them to another window or move them at 2PM because the light is brighter on the east side of whatever the fuck area...I listen to what they need and I do it. I make myself available. It isn't what I need. It's what they need and what we need.

We work together as a team.

My crystal was like, “Hey! Teamwork makes the dream work, yo!”


You get zero percent of the things you don't ask for. You gotta speak up. Speak up for what you need. Ask for what you want. Make a list of what it is that you need and then write out solutions. All the possible solutions – brainstorm for what you can do, actions that you can take. Ways that you can change your mind and shift your consciousness - to be in alignment in accordance with that so you can actually receive it because you are on the frequency of that thing you are calling in.


How can you set the stage for the people that you love to be co-creating with to come in?

How can you make it fluffy soft like peaches and cream for them to just slide right on into your experience and reality and love the shit out of you? In all the ways that you have been dreaming of. In all the ways that you have been calling out to the universe for and grounding into your body for.

Now is your time. This is THE time. The community and tribe is finding each other. It's electric. And everybody can feel it and everybody knows it.


Wherever two or more are gathered is where we have the most power.

We can do and create, achieve, manifest, solidify anything. Any structure – any anything.

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