April 9 - April 15, 2018 Reading

April 9th though April 15th of 2018 Reading

by China Brooks using the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards ©





This week is about legacy and believing that you can.

You know that whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are always correct.

In fact, believing that you can (and that you are) and behaving as-is is how you have gotten this far.

This week is about expanding the wealth that you have and creating even more solid containers so you can share in a beneficial constructive win-win way.

Make sure your accounting is tight.

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

Irrevocable Living Trust.

JK Rowling receives about 1,500 requests for money each week from all kinds of people from all different walks of life.

At first it was chaotic for her.

She hired someone to help her get clear on what her charity, philanthropy, and humanitarian goals are.

If you do not do this you leak your energy – and your money – all over the place.

She got clear on what her goals are – which charities she prefers to contribute to.

She created funnels for these things. Now she has her trust manager go through each request with her. They decide whether or not a request is aligned.

JK Rowling created a container for her wealth and now directs every request through this container – saying no when it is not congruent with what she already has set up.

What does this have to do with you believing?

Taking the necessary action(s) is to believe that it is already done.

This is about your legacy and wealth continuing on to the second, third, fourth, and fifth generations. What kind of structures need to be in place for generational wealth to pass the third generation into the fourth and fifth?

How does your mindset need to shift for this?

What false beliefs need to be cleared out of the way?

What beliefs need to be implemented and solidified?

What habits need to be formed?

Remember to believe in the unseen. If you can think a thing, then it is possible. It may be accomplished and achieved.

This week BELIEVE and have your thought, word, and deed be in alignment and accordance with your unwavering, unshakable beliefs.

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The individual who has the oceanic consciousness of the divine is mentally and emotionally calm, stable, and sober. As in - this person harnesses, cultivates, and focuses their emotions for the highest good of themselves and others - rooted in this expansive divine consciousness.

Warren Buffet has said that if you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.

These oracle cards are also about the totality of wealth – meaning wealth in all areas of your life – monetary, material, spiritual, relationship, health, environmental, etc. It is wise to remain calm throughout. A disturbance in calm is usually brought about by fear and self doubt.

How would you emote if you were unafraid?

Calmness comes from self esteem, confidence, and being sure in oneself – willingness and sticktoitiveness to get the job done. It is cultivated in an individual who refuses to vacillate. She/he has made a decision to succeed no matter what.

Pay attention to instances and situations in which you are calm. This is about having a responding nature rather than reactive.

What makes you calm?

What in your environment, thoughts, words, and deeds nourishes you to a state of calmness?

What do you need to provide yourself with this week so that you respond from a place of calm?

Provide this for yourself.

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This week take massive action.

This is all about doing.

Create that plan – strategy – simplify it. Hone in on it. Trim the fat. Focus on that which energizes and nourishes you.

Use the Go! Exercise.

Create a PDF in Canva. Create a Power Point Presentation.

Send the emails.

Make the phone calls.

Craft that Target List. Go after those people that you, at one time may have believed or told yourself they were out of your reach.

Whatever is the highest of the high – the highest you can take – aim for that this week.

Take action.


You have done the inner work to align your beliefs.

You have the confidence and stamina. You have made your decision. You have the clarity. It is now time to ACT.



Take the action as far as you can go with the resources you have now - with no thought and exception of any outcome at all. Be completely detached. Act upon it. Completely let it go. Move on to the next thing. Repeat.

This way you will have sent out so many ships. Rather than sending out one ship and holding on tightly, you have sent out numerous ships that you are detached from. Eventually, some of the ships must return with gold.

Remember that YOU are your most important ship.

You are already gold. You are already treasure.

You are the I Am That I Am and all is within you. Are you ALL.

Knowing that you are riches, gems, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. You are the sea itself. You are the wind, sun, and birds.

ACT. Give yourself your hearts desires.

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