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The card we have from the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck is SELL AHEAD.

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Let's get on with the Reading.

Welcome to the month of November of 2018.

Man, that year just flew right on by.

The card we have from the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck is SELL AHEAD.

What a powerful, potent card and stance for us to enter into 2019 with. We're going to close out 2018 with this type of energy and we are going to enter into an entirely new year with this passionate fervor for getting your Great Work out there to the public. Letting people know how you can help them. Really listening to them.

Sales is service. It is love and self respect. It is caring enough about people to get out of your own comfort zone and offer your great work that changes lives. And to get excited about that because it is exciting.

Cash flow is the life blood of any successful business.

Sales is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

The way that you come to clarity of branding is by helping people. Getting on the phone. Having conversations with people. Seeing what they need.

You listen to them. You make them feel like nobody has ever listened to them so deeply in their entire lives.

It's only after you have served a substantial number of people do you even have really a clue as to what your brand is.

This month, let go of getting caught up in administrative busy work. Shuffling papers. Other people's dramas.

Sabotage. Maybe externally – internally even. Maybe your own resistance? Take a good look at that this month.

There are three ways to look at money and cash intake/cash flow.

Number 1 is Money Now (things that bring you money NOW)

Number 2 is Money Soon

Number 3 is Money Later

For this November 2018 – focus on Money now.

Marketing is not money now – it is money soon and money later.

Getting on the phone and making phone calls is money now.

Taking orders is money now. Collecting deposits is money now.

Following up with people who said that they would be ready to buy later – and now it's later – is money now.

Making offers in your newsletter and your social media is money now.

Reaching out to people via messages on social media is money now.

This month – make plenty of offers. Make as many offers as you possibly can.

Selling ahead guarantees that you have the cash flow that you need.

And you keep up a powerful momentum.

Always be closing.

Always be selling.

Create a sales container.

You are an energetic being – an electrical circuit and current.

The more electrical you are – the more magnetic you are.

A magnetic person carries more energy – more energy means that you have more energy to devote to your great work that keeps you in a sales momentum which is your high value sales and service.

You are offering some serious transformation and you are getting very well paid to do so.

It's important that you have a home that is you sales sanctuary. What is that? Your sales sanctuary nourishes you.

You are organized. You have what you need. It's a container. Where your momentum for cash flow being king – for you doing your great work. That is maintained. That is respected. That is honored. That is energized.

You are the sum total of the three to five people that you spend the most time with.

Are these people helping you keep your sales momentum?

Are they helping you with your sales container? The sales container of YOU.

Anywhere you go – always be ready to make sales. You never know when you might meet your next client.

Grocery store.

Out buying clothes.

You're at the park.

There was a multi-millionaire I know got onto a plane one day – and he ended up enrolling the woman sitting next to him into his program. She pulled out her American Express card and paid the $10,000 fee then and there. Boom. Done.

Shed anything (people, places, mindsets, etc) that would get in the way of you being able to do this at the drop of a hat. Get the fuck rid of anything in your life that is derailing your momentum.

This November, hold onto your boundaries and do the energetic surgery to let go of anything in the way of you Selling Ahead with fierce momentum in your strongest, most potent Sales Container.

As a powerhouse who does phenomenal Great Work – you need sales training. Contact me here and let's have a talk about how we can get you the training that you need so that you can be brilliant - and always, always be ready to close.

June 11 - June 17, 2018 Reading

Here is our Reading for the week of June 11th through June 17th of 2018.

I am using the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck©



Whew. This is quite literally one of the toughest weekly readings I have done thus far to date. It just wouldn't come out of me. It was on the tip of my tongue all this time. Imagine carrying this around – I was pregnant with it. And right when I released the initial pick-a-card photo, and everybody picked #2, I knew what the message was. However, this was nothing that I could – at the time – accurately verbalize. In fact, even now I feel that any words that I use for this post isn't as high as I can go. Because this week it is strictly about vibration. It's about rhythm, harmony, energy.

I was carrying this around in my body and I had to integrate it.

Usually the post comes right out of me. This time, it had to gestate – marinate. I had to feel it on a body level – in the marrow of my bones. Because this was about US. All of us and where we are at energetically. Where are at in consciousness – and where we are headed – and heading right now. Most of us chose card #2. I chose card #2 as well.

Shockingly enough, card #1, #3, and the Jumper Card really actually solidify and backup card #2. 90% of us chose card #2.



The first card is a Jumper Card (fell out of the deck while I was shuffling) and it's VET THEM CAREFULLY.

You are a powerful being. You've got a lot of skill – a lot of talent. You change lives. A person is never the same in the best ways. You are able to go into the deepest, darkest places. Into the highest of the high – and everywhere in between.

And so this is sacred and holy – what you have been gifted.

And be clear – make no doubt about it, you have been GIFTED, GIVEN this power because of your integrity and because you are trustworthy enough to have it and utilize it in a way that's beneficial for the whole.

Now that being said, you can't just gift this to anyone. You cannot initiate just anyone. People have to earn this. They have to earn the right to be in the presence of this.

I remember reading a tantric oracle card deck that was talking about this power. It was talking about being careful not to initiate and share these teachings – your teachings, your work – with those who may misunderstand it and/or abuse it. So that takes vetting them carefully. Having thorough conversations with people to make sure that they are a fit. Make sure that they are going to bring the highest value into your mentoring roster, business, and life. Because whoever you are taking in, you spend the most time with them. They become family.

They become friends, confidants – people that you become very close to energetically.

And you've worked so hard for your energy to be this clear (!) and this calibrated, that you MUST VET THEM CAREFULLY!

Make sure that the container - foundation – remains intact sturdy and uncompromised.

Because this will trickle out.

If you would like some help with knowing how to VET THEM CAREFULLY – help with sales, reading the energy of others, anything – to aid you in the process of being able to to VET THEM CAREFULLY - successfully and efficiently. Apply here for one on one time with me.



This is literally all about connecting with your network. Who can you help? Who needs your support?

Who feels ready for transformation? To uplevel, grow, change, shift and earn more?

To feel more, be in their sensuality, experience more of life? Be happier. Have healthier relationships.

Who is ready?

And that doesn't mean that you have to close every sale. It means that you can get each person to their next highest step .Whether that be with you or someone else that you refer them to.

Maybe it could be a book that you recommend. A YouTube video that they check out.


Or it could be that they actually work with you or someone that you know that's close in your core group – core tribe.


Have more conversations.

Make friends.

Make partnerships.



Skype with people.

Zoom with people.

Be real.

Be authentic.

Take off the masks when you are talking to each other.

Lay them down and share some real time. Some real eye contact. Put the phone down and look at them. Listen to understand.

Not to speak. Not to be understood. Hear their story. And still be in your own power – hold your own space. Know what you stand for.

Reach out and touch as many people as you can.

Let's all talk to each other.

Lets. All. Talk. To. Each. Other. Right. Now.

Value for Value.

Equal value exchange.

Whatever form – shape that ends up taking.



To receive one-on-one guidance click here




This is the big fucking monster that we all picked.

This was like birthing a baby for me.

Normally this card is pretty business-y. Pretty entrepreneurial. It speaks to a certain set of people / person.

It means getting on stage. Teaching. Doing live courses. Workshops. Groups. Masterminds. All of the above. Retreats. It's literally about getting on stage.


And setting the container for that stage being a permanent fixture in your life.

That's what it usually means. That's the surface meaning of this card.

However, this week – we gotta go deeper. As deep as Mariana's Trench on this.

Because this is setting the stage of our lives. Individually and collectively in consciousness. Where are you living?

Where is your energy?

Are you creating your own peace, satisfaction, success that is aligned with source, spirit, soul? And radiating that out and allowing others to come into that space?

Or are you tapping into the spaces of others where there is chaos? Are you going onto the stages of others – trying to get a taste, trying to get a piece because you are looking outside of yourself?

Stop this.

This week – now and forever and for the rest of your life – this is where the buck stops. Individually, collectively, generationally, and in our DNA core structure.

We are actors in this play of life on planet Earth.

We are the producers of our shows individually and as a whole together.

What stage are we setting? What stage are you setting? I know what stage I am setting and what stage I am on.

Right now in June we are coming to the tail-end of a major astral war.

You have integrated your masculine and feminine shadow (and/or are actively doing so).

Now what?

It's that question between love and fear and each individual is feeling it within their bodies. Are you going to run the old way? Which stage are you setting? Everyone is at a fork in the road right now. And everyone can feel it on some level.


You know what you prefer. You know what you desire. You know what you came here for.

Act like you belong here. Act like you know. Show us who you are.

You hold that frequency. You bring us into your light. Us into your peace. Us into your prosperity. Us into your value for value equal value exchange. Us into your co-creation. Us into your basic needs and surplus met for all. Us into your LOVE. Us into your STRENGTH.

All of it.


This is your staring role. You have a company of writers on your team.

Write it.

For help setting your stage receive a one-on-one reading here.





Today I was cleaning out my burgundy velvet Michael Kors backpack that I fucking love.

I had my little crystal selenite egg that has been with me for years on so many travels. So many elevations, calibrations, uplevels, deep dark work, and angelic work and everything in between.

She was in a little pouch in one of the pockets.

She was like, “Bring me out!”

She wanted me to hold her and keep her with me.

She said to me, “Keep me with you and be holding me. It's time to change. There's going to be a massive influx of energy coming your way and I want to be here with you.”

And I was like, “Hey girl what do you want? Do you want to sunbathe? Do you want to be in the dirt? Do you want any of that?”

She was like, “No! I want what you need.”

What I do with my crystals and plants is I give them sovereignty. If they want to go live with somebody else they can. If they want to go somewhere else, they can. If they want me to move them to another window or move them at 2PM because the light is brighter on the east side of whatever the fuck area...I listen to what they need and I do it. I make myself available. It isn't what I need. It's what they need and what we need.

We work together as a team.

My crystal was like, “Hey! Teamwork makes the dream work, yo!”


You get zero percent of the things you don't ask for. You gotta speak up. Speak up for what you need. Ask for what you want. Make a list of what it is that you need and then write out solutions. All the possible solutions – brainstorm for what you can do, actions that you can take. Ways that you can change your mind and shift your consciousness - to be in alignment in accordance with that so you can actually receive it because you are on the frequency of that thing you are calling in.


How can you set the stage for the people that you love to be co-creating with to come in?

How can you make it fluffy soft like peaches and cream for them to just slide right on into your experience and reality and love the shit out of you? In all the ways that you have been dreaming of. In all the ways that you have been calling out to the universe for and grounding into your body for.

Now is your time. This is THE time. The community and tribe is finding each other. It's electric. And everybody can feel it and everybody knows it.


Wherever two or more are gathered is where we have the most power.

We can do and create, achieve, manifest, solidify anything. Any structure – any anything.

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June 4 - June 10, 2018 Reading


Reading for the week of June 4th through June 10th of 2018 using the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck©.



To be prepared for anything and everything that could possibly come your way – unforeseen circumstances – you need to SELL AHEAD.

Constantly be making your offer to aligned prospects. And be having enough conversations – and closing of sales – to where you have consistent cash flow. And your current and future needs are met.

This improves your sales conversations and quality of service - because you are coming from a place of full on prosperity without a hint of scarcity in your tone and energy levels.

This also affords you the power and strength of not having to negotiate prices and quality of clients. Because you can walk away and say no at any given moment.

You don't need anybody's patronage.

Doing a 20 minute brainstorm can help you procure ideas for ways where you can implement Selling Ahead into your business - so that it becomes a permanent practice.

Sales is a 24 hour job.

We are always – constantly – selling ourselves.

The way you dress is selling yourself.

The way you speak is selling yourself.

The way you present yourself on social media is selling yourself.

The level of service and value one receives via your products, mastercourses, programs, retreats, etc. – showcases the quality that prospects and clients are getting. And therefore justify the higher price points.

This, in turn attracts leads and clientele of higher and more aligned stature.

Another way to guarantee the practice of selling ahead is to hire a mentor.

This aids you with accountability support, clarity on purpose, and strategy. And a quantum shifting so that you are approaching – and speaking to via the message of your mission – the right people.

Apply now for mentoring services here.



Your best ideas – products, programs, and services – clearly comes when you are in a highly meditative, calm, peaceful state.

This week, plug yourself in and tune in to (via meditation) the field of infinite possibility.

This is where the highest alignment of strategy exists for you.

It is not to be found in the facebook posts of others.

In the Youtube videos of others.

In the written articles of others.

It is located solely in the still, quiet place within you.

I highly recommend the book Emergence by Rydall.

Which has a lovely, powerful effective meditation on how to access the highest answers - from a quantum level - within your own being. 

I have been using this myself for supremely aligned direction and guidance. 

Whatever is Meditation for you -

Grounding with your feet in the dirt
Spending time in nature
Ecstatic Dance
Sales Conversations
Helping others

    - do it this week.

    To apply for Sales and Sadhana support, click here



    The amount of income you make is directly attributed to the number of lives you change. The number of people you help.

    Want more money?

    Help more people.

    Provide more value.

    Be a living, breathing example of value.

    Produce value.

    Be valuable.

    Think of what you can give rather than what you can get.

    One way for you to give generously is to be an INTERNET INSPIRATION.

    As in, provide massive life-changing amounts of value via your social media profiles.

    Ask yourself this week, “How can I provide the utmost, highest transformative value to all who cross my path?”

    To apply for social media strategy support, click here.

    To see how I have helped others be an INTERNET INSPIRATION, click here.



    You need help.

    High end service.

    Life changing, completely transformative support.

    Something that's going to be like years of transformation in a few weeks – to months – if that.

    You get what you pay for.

    The more you invest at a higher level, the more you receive.

    You get out of life – your business, finances, and social media presence included – what you put into it.

    Give a little – get a little.

    Give a lot – receive a lot.

    (Read card #2 – Internet Inspiration)

    It's time for you to truly invest – and you know that it is.

    Stop playing on the sidelines of your life – one foot in to commitment and the other foot out. Thinking that you are going to experience different results.

    We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same shit over and over again and expecting something different to happen.

    As Lauren Hill says, “Two MC's can't occupy the same space at the same time. It's against the laws of physics.”

    Decide who you shall be and become that.

    This more powerful, potent, prosperous you invests at the highest level possible.

    You don't need to see the whole staircase – simply take the first step.


    To apply for high-end support, click here


    May 21 - May 27, 2018 Reading



    Here is our Reading for the week of May 21st through May 27th of 2018 using the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck©.



    You have been carrying the weight of other people on your shoulders.

    Other people not doing their work.

    Other people not stepping it up.

    You take responsibility for your emotions – and position in life.

    Because you care, sometimes you find yourself taking on the burden of the progression of others – or lack thereof.

    It's heavy.

    This baggage is not yours to haul, think about, nor solve.

    Set it down.

    At this point, continuing to hold it as if any part of it is yours, is actually not serving the other person - nor yourself.

    Bearing this is not helpful in showing them what they need to learn, understand, and actually do for themselves. It is fishing for them rather than teaching them how to fish.

    Drop the pressure and then set the energetic tone between you and this person (or this group of people) by focusing on kindness and what you love about them.

    Send them positive energy – then move on.

    Pray for them – then move on.

    See them in their highest light by focusing on what you appreciate about them.

    But don't carry their stuff.

    Sometimes this is what the deepest kindness truly is – being a living example of sovereignty – by being kind to yourself first.

    Fortify your container (yourself) so this strength energy radiates out and positively infects and impacts others. This is the best way to exemplify self-responsibility and self-governance is by BEing this. Need help fortifying your container? Apply for Divination here.  



    This card sometimes means literal travel and it also means inward travel to different states of consciousness – i.e. a mindset, presence, and confidence upgrade.

    This week, it's about networking and communicating with people in your city - in your community.

    Attend meetups.

    Strengthen that foundation that you are laying of having more connections in your town and being well known.

    In this way, you can make a massive impact on the community. By traveling inwardly and upleveling yourself from the inside-out, and then reaching out to form alliances (external travel) you can merge neuro marketing and traditional marketing in the world for the utmost effectiveness.

    As within, so without.

    Leverage inward travel to a higher mind state and utilize this to build and fortify lifetime relationships.

    This is what we are creating with Taurus in Uranus. This is grounding, and it is very foundational.

    A bedrock for you, your wealth, and the wealth of your family – it is an infrastructure for generations to come. We are talking about 100 years out - and more. For guidance and strategy, click here to apply for Divination.

    Remember that what you are leveraging now is going to have a lasting impact.

    Be very clear when you make these moves.

    How can you leverage travel to strengthen your legacy for multiple generations?


    #3 RECEIVE

    Women – and the divine feminine within each and every one of us - has to remember how to Receive.

    When you are kind and generous, you question if your generosity is sufficient. You are wary of being “too selfish”.

    Yet, the more you receive, the more you have to give and share. For support with opening up to Receive apply here for Divination.

    You have material wealth to bequeath as well as the generational mindset of prosperity consciousness, which is a massive asset in itself.

    You are able to share things that matter – foundational pieces that are the building blocks of healthy, harmonious, golden age societies.

    Open up to receive from Prime Creator.

    That which beats our hearts when we are not thinking about it. That which causes us to breathe when we are not thinking about it. That power which each mother feels as they birth their babies and hold them in their arms for the first time.

    It knows what you need. Open up to it.

    This Power wants to give to you and it's been chomping at the bit to give to Humanity.

    The number one thing this week is open up to Receive from Prime Creator – and all of life itself.

    The way that the divine is going to make moves to give you stuff is through other people.

    When you leave the flow open and focus on appreciation (with boundaries – of course) it is much easier for you to receive. We refrain from blocking your good. Good that is trying to get to you in miraculous, spontaneous, unexpected ways.

    Synchronicity is normal.

    Also open as many channels as you can – portals where you can receive:

    Income streams
    Spread kindness to each person
    Forgive yourself and others
    Move into new ventures – partnerships
    Trust in bigger ways


    April 30 – May 6, 2018 Reading

    April 30 – May 6, 2018 Reading

    by China Brooks with the Selling with Spirit Oracle Cards ©

    Here is our reading for the week of April 30th through May 6th of 2018.  This is the first time I am doing a public reading with the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck ©. In the past readings with this deck were only available to graduates of my Selling with Spirit Mastercourse.

    Here is our reading for the week of April 30th through May 6th of 2018.

    This is the first time I am doing a public reading with the Selling with Spirit Oracle Card Deck ©. In the past readings with this deck were only available to graduates of my Selling with Spirit Mastercourse.


    Focus on the good. Be lighthearted. What brings you joy? What makes you happy? What makes you feel like a kid again? What energizes you? What nourishes you? What makes you laugh?


    This week, laugh – lighten up. Focus on the comedy of life.

    There is something funny about every situation – every moment.

    Look for the humor. Find the humor.

    Find the bright spots in your life.

    That which brings out the playful in you. Focus on these avenues and areas of your life and appreciate them.

    Surround yourself (in your environment) with people, places, and things that make you lighten up, laugh, and have fun! Little things that remind you of why you love being alive and human.

    Remember that bringing a light attitude into any situation can help you to move easily and gracefully into different places and be met with kindness from others. This works with mentors, teachers, business calls, etc – any area. Smile when you are on the phone. Be a smile millionaire.

    Bring this lightening up to others as well to remind others to lighten up. Be a living example to others of what this looks and feels like.

    For a private, one on one reading apply here.



    The Watcher is all about paying attention to your time.

    What are you doing with your time? Your time and attention are currency.

    How are you utilizing your time?

    How can you be even more efficient? What is really working for you? What are your bright spots? What is producing the greatest, most energizing results for you?

    Live by the 80/20 rule where you use 80% of your time on things that bring you success and results.

    This doesn't always have to be monetary and career success (although it mostly certainly can be!).

    Sometimes you are looking to spend more time in nature – and that is success.

    Sometimes you are looking to drink more water and stay more hydrated - energizing the body in greater and deeper ways each day.

    This is success.

    Perhaps you desire to keep up with your exercise routine.

    It could mean you making sure that you are putting your Sadhana practice first every morning and evening.

    It can mean making sure that your nutrition is on point and you have your meals prepped so you can have a good flow energetically and in your life.

    For a private, one on one reading apply here.



    Quite literally this week it is about where your orgasmic, sexual energy is going.

    Utilize it to create what you desire.

    Consciously cultivate, harness, and focus this energy in a wise way.

    Sexual energy and creative energy are one in the same.

    Stay focused with this energy and remember the power you have to use this energy for your advantage.

    The deeper you go with your orgasm into Source Consciousness, the greater is your container for manifestation and creating your reality in the way you prefer.

    Remember how valuable your sexual and orgasmic energy is. It is a commodity – like the energy in a battery. Keep up with your practice and fortify this container.

    For ways on how you can fortify this container, apply here.  


    April 16 - 22, 2018 Reading

    ONE  From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt. - From Yogananda's poem, “Samadhi”  Chapter Fourteen Page One Hundred Forty Seven  For a private one-on-one reading click  here . 


    From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt. - From Yogananda's poem, “Samadhi”

    Chapter Fourteen
    Page One Hundred Forty Seven

    For a private one-on-one reading click here

    TWO  Unlike the spacial, three-dimensional physical world cognized only by the five senses, the astral spheres are visible to the all-inclusive sixth-sense intuition.  Chapter Forty-Three Page Four Hundred Four  For a private one-on-one reading click  here . 


    Unlike the spacial, three-dimensional physical world cognized only by the five senses, the astral spheres are visible to the all-inclusive sixth-sense intuition.

    Chapter Forty-Three
    Page Four Hundred Four

    For a private one-on-one reading click here

    THREE  Those who are too good for this world are adorning some other. So long as you breathe the free air of earth, you are under obligation to render grateful service. - Sri Yukteswar  Chapter Twelve Page One Hundred Twenty-One  For a private one-on-one reading click  here .    


    Those who are too good for this world are adorning some other. So long as you breathe the free air of earth, you are under obligation to render grateful service. - Sri Yukteswar

    Chapter Twelve
    Page One Hundred Twenty-One

    For a private one-on-one reading click here


    April 9 - April 15, 2018 Reading

    April 9th though April 15th of 2018 Reading

    by China Brooks using the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards ©





    This week is about legacy and believing that you can.

    You know that whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are always correct.

    In fact, believing that you can (and that you are) and behaving as-is is how you have gotten this far.

    This week is about expanding the wealth that you have and creating even more solid containers so you can share in a beneficial constructive win-win way.

    Make sure your accounting is tight.

    Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

    Irrevocable Living Trust.

    JK Rowling receives about 1,500 requests for money each week from all kinds of people from all different walks of life.

    At first it was chaotic for her.

    She hired someone to help her get clear on what her charity, philanthropy, and humanitarian goals are.

    If you do not do this you leak your energy – and your money – all over the place.

    She got clear on what her goals are – which charities she prefers to contribute to.

    She created funnels for these things. Now she has her trust manager go through each request with her. They decide whether or not a request is aligned.

    JK Rowling created a container for her wealth and now directs every request through this container – saying no when it is not congruent with what she already has set up.

    What does this have to do with you believing?

    Taking the necessary action(s) is to believe that it is already done.

    This is about your legacy and wealth continuing on to the second, third, fourth, and fifth generations. What kind of structures need to be in place for generational wealth to pass the third generation into the fourth and fifth?

    How does your mindset need to shift for this?

    What false beliefs need to be cleared out of the way?

    What beliefs need to be implemented and solidified?

    What habits need to be formed?

    Remember to believe in the unseen. If you can think a thing, then it is possible. It may be accomplished and achieved.

    This week BELIEVE and have your thought, word, and deed be in alignment and accordance with your unwavering, unshakable beliefs.

    For a private one-on-one reading click here.




    The individual who has the oceanic consciousness of the divine is mentally and emotionally calm, stable, and sober. As in - this person harnesses, cultivates, and focuses their emotions for the highest good of themselves and others - rooted in this expansive divine consciousness.

    Warren Buffet has said that if you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.

    These oracle cards are also about the totality of wealth – meaning wealth in all areas of your life – monetary, material, spiritual, relationship, health, environmental, etc. It is wise to remain calm throughout. A disturbance in calm is usually brought about by fear and self doubt.

    How would you emote if you were unafraid?

    Calmness comes from self esteem, confidence, and being sure in oneself – willingness and sticktoitiveness to get the job done. It is cultivated in an individual who refuses to vacillate. She/he has made a decision to succeed no matter what.

    Pay attention to instances and situations in which you are calm. This is about having a responding nature rather than reactive.

    What makes you calm?

    What in your environment, thoughts, words, and deeds nourishes you to a state of calmness?

    What do you need to provide yourself with this week so that you respond from a place of calm?

    Provide this for yourself.

    For a private one-on-one reading click here.




    This week take massive action.

    This is all about doing.

    Create that plan – strategy – simplify it. Hone in on it. Trim the fat. Focus on that which energizes and nourishes you.

    Use the Go! Exercise.

    Create a PDF in Canva. Create a Power Point Presentation.

    Send the emails.

    Make the phone calls.

    Craft that Target List. Go after those people that you, at one time may have believed or told yourself they were out of your reach.

    Whatever is the highest of the high – the highest you can take – aim for that this week.

    Take action.


    You have done the inner work to align your beliefs.

    You have the confidence and stamina. You have made your decision. You have the clarity. It is now time to ACT.



    Take the action as far as you can go with the resources you have now - with no thought and exception of any outcome at all. Be completely detached. Act upon it. Completely let it go. Move on to the next thing. Repeat.

    This way you will have sent out so many ships. Rather than sending out one ship and holding on tightly, you have sent out numerous ships that you are detached from. Eventually, some of the ships must return with gold.

    Remember that YOU are your most important ship.

    You are already gold. You are already treasure.

    You are the I Am That I Am and all is within you. Are you ALL.

    Knowing that you are riches, gems, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. You are the sea itself. You are the wind, sun, and birds.

    ACT. Give yourself your hearts desires.

    For a private one-on-one reading click here.  


    April 2nd through April 8th of 2018 Reading

    April 2nd through April 8th of 2018 Reading

    by China Brooks using the Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda 52 Cards & Booklet




    After deep prayer and meditation the devotee is in touch with his divine consciousness; there is no greater power than that inward protection.

    Chapter Sixteen

    Page One Hundred Sixty-Four

    (Mukunda, Yogananda at age 6)




    “I live by God's light.” - Therese Neumann

    (Therese Neumann, famous Catholic stigmatist who inspired Yogananda's 1935 pilgrimage to Konnersreuth, Bavaria)




    Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. Cease being a prisoner of the body; using the secret key of Kriya, learn to escape into Spirit.

    Chapter Thirty-Five

    Page Three Hundred Fifteen

    (Jitendra Mazumdar, Yogananda's companion on the “penniless test” at Brindaban; Lalit-da, his cousin; Swami Kebalananda (“Shastri Mayasaya”), Yogananda's saintly Sanskrit tutor, Yogananda, as a high school youth.)


    March 26 - April 1, 2018 Reading

    Here is your Reading for the week of March 26th through April 1st of 2018

    I used my self-created Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards©




    You have created (and are now creating) some pretty big things. You have taken all of the action that you can. It is time for you to DETACH.

    The Universe is definitely set to give you what you have been asking for – you Powerhouse Woman - You. You have been toiling day and night on this. You have done all the work to change and uplevel you belief system and hold it there. You have been putting in positive thoughts. You have been massaging everything that is aligned with the fruition of this being a reality in your experience.

    Now it is time for you to let it go, have fun, and detach from the outcome.

    The formula from Bashar is:

    1. Know that it is possible.

    2. Take action on it as far as you can go with the resources that you currently have.

    3. Do as much work on it as you can with no attachment to a certain outcome.

    4. Let it go.

    Once you have let go – stay in your highest excitement – that which brings you joy. Spend time with your loved ones. Go have brunch with your ladies and gents. Engage in self care – get your nails and toes done – whatever it is you need to do for you. Men, perhaps you enjoy having a cigar at the exclusive club after a ride in a rare vintage car? Do that.

    Trust your work. Trust yourself. This thing is as good as done. Now it takes you letting go – being detached from any outcome. Remain in the state of knowing that this is already done – you got this – this is Golden. 

    Enjoy! Have a great week!

    To receive a private, one-on-one reading with me click here



    In acting training they say that portraying someone of a different character is the most difficult thing to do. For example – a comedian who is to play a Shakespearean character. Or, a person who grew up poor, who is to play someone who grew up in an old money family.

    Although it is challenging, you yourself know that changing your character is indeed possible with persistence and dedication. You have gone from waking up and indulging in negative thoughts to being a person who has a character of thinking predominately positive. You did this by way of reprogramming yourself – day in and day out.

    This week it is called upon you to do the same for yourself again. Draw strength from all the other times that you changed your character – the very fabric of your being – and you were successful at it. Remember the seeds that you planted of success that took fruit - you ate of the generously delicious harvest. This week you shall do so again by your own resolve and accord.

    There is something – one main point of focus – one thing that you desire to change about yourself.

    Devote your entire willpower to mastering one thing at a time. Do not scatter your energies, nor leave something half done to begin a new venture. - Paramahansa Yogananda: The Laws of Success

    Be of a single mind this week. Be clear on what a complete shift of character looks like in this area of your life. Write it down. Begin to act as-if. Now that you are a person of this refined character – who are you in thought, word, and deed?

    How do you act in each moment?

    What is your vocabulary that you speak?

    How do you respond to things – rather than react?

    Think of it as a Dungeons and Dragons character that you are portraying. You receive points every time you act in accordance with your character.

    This week think of it as receiving points every time you act in alignment with your upleveled character.

    And congratulations (!) for it is already done. You are a powerhouse, you have done this before, and now you are doing it again.

    And So It Is.

    Enjoy! Have a great week!

    To receive a private, one-on-one reading with me click here



    Give into your taste for ADVENTURE. You are wanting to travel and experience things. You are wanting to go out into your country and into the world. You are desiring to meet newer groups of people and stretch past your comfort zone.

    This week book the trip.

    Pay for the ticket.

    Whatever it is that you have been talking about and saying, “I'd like to do this...” this is the week to actually commit and do the thing.

    Put the money down and put your money where your mouth is.

    Perhaps you are already having significant adventures – you travel abroad and even do philanthropic humanitarian work for other cultures?

    This week is for you to infect those around you with your adventurous streak. Shake things up for others. Be the living example of what it looks like to give the self permission to indulge in nourishing, wealth-bringing, risk-taking adventure.

    Some people can really be stuck. They don't move out of their towns. They never see much of anything – staying in a small radius. And therefore their thoughts, character, vocabulary, and words stay the same. They never really see outside of a limited bubble of what is possible for life.

    You infect others with the infinite possibility of ADVENTURE this week. You sound the trumpets of growth, expansion, and imagination coming to fruition on the physical, tangible realm. You are the living embodiment of this. Congratulate yourself for this. Think about this – this is a success for you. This is an asset for you. Pat yourself on the back for who you have been (and who are are) in the world – for the light that you shine. Appreciate yourself for the adventure that you bring to your life and to the lives of others around you – and those who watch you. You are Gold incarnate and we are all so blessed and lucky to have you.

    There are larger even bigger adventures for you. Now is the time to step through this door. You will be met with everything that you need - provided to you to complete this task. So that you are able to step into being even bigger and bolder in your adventure.

    Enjoy! Have a great week!

    To receive a private, one-on-one reading with me click here


    March 19 - March 25, 2018 Reading

    Here is your reading for the week of March 19th through March 25th. I used the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards ©.




    Because this Reading is general, it will not resonate with everyone. For in-depth, personal one on one guidance, click here.



    “When you are not afraid of rejection and it feels like you have nothing to lose, Amazing things can happen” ― Jia Jiang

    “But by not even asking, we are rejecting ourselves by default—and probably missing out on opportunity as a result.” ― Jia Jiang

    “It doesn’t matter how amazing your performance or products are, if you target the wrong audience, who don’t recognize, appreciate, or need your value, your effort will be both wasted and rejected.” ― Jia Jiang

    This week, ASK for what you desire. Open your mouth and speak it!

    Be discerning and decisive – putting all of your energy, focus, and attention on making it happen – period.

    Quality over quantity this week with your asking. This calls for a fresh direction - asking more of yourself and moving the whole of your energy to a more expansion version of you. Ask in a new way - from different people. Seek greater pools of intelligence, stature, presence, wealth, and wisdom. Elevate yourself and those around you.

    Feel the fear and do it anyway - as the Powerhouse you are. Do something every day this week that you are afraid of. Do the Work. 



    There is something in your life you would like to create.

    Perhaps you have never done it before so you have no frame of reference – i.e. you have to create your vision from scratch.

    The good thing is that you can focus on those who are already experiencing what you desire – and you can MIMIC them.

    Read their books and biographies. Listen to their podcasts. Attend their meetings. Hire them.

    Study their moves, discipline, the way they speak, and behave. Success leaves clues.

    Also, take a look at the times that you created something which you never had before. In times of your greatest successes, who are you being? What habits are you utilizing in your daily life?

    How are you thinking? Speaking?

    This is your Success Road Map. Follow it.



    AUTOMATE and refine your financial life and career life. Have even greater containers in place for these areas of your life.

    Create a list of systems that you can implement. Delegate where needed. Hire help – contract things out. Whatever you need to organize your wealth and your career – to uplevel and set yourself up to win – put these in motion this week. AUTOMATE so you have an even sturdier foundation.


    Because this Reading is general, it will not resonate with everyone. For one on one guidance, click here.

    March 5 - March 11, 2018 Reading



    #1 SET GOALS

    This week is about logical, tangible goals.

    Be clear on your maintenance and perfect day numbers.

    Your maintenance number is what it costs you to live your life right now - week to week, month to month.

    Your perfect day number is what it costs you to have your perfect day. Maybe you have a desire to open a successful brick and mortar store? Maybe you intend to hire a coach such as myself? Factoring that into your cost really helps you to see what you need to create and do.

    Oftentimes you will think you need 1 million dollars to live your perfect life. However, most people can really do very well with 100k - or a few hundred thousand. Breaking this down and knowing the actual number(s) helps you set goals in terms of how many clients to take at which price points. It may not take what you think it's going to take. And you may be surprised when you sit down and figure out these numbers.

    Also be clear on why you have these goals. What is your actual intention(s)?

    Your income is in direct proportion to the number of lives that you have helped change. When you come from that space, the money naturally flows and your goals are naturally met. Your wealth goals this week can also be non-monetary goals such as health (because health is wealth).


    What would you like to accomplish and experience with your wealth in the next 90 days?

    Write this down. Keep it short, like one or two paragraphs. One is preferable.

    Do it in the presence tense, “I am now closing...I am now selling...I am now winning...I am now receiving...etc”

    Also write down 3 main action steps (number them) to accomplish this. 



    Everything comes down to what you believe. Believe you can! Mindset is key.

    This week, believe in what you are creating and doing - and focus on Finishing it.

    Whatever you are bringing forth to the public, put a positive mind frame around it.

    Fast forward into your future - what does the outcome of your believing look like to you? What does a successful finish of your project look like? Reverse engineer your life. Once you are clear on what this looks like for you, you can create a document, a pdf in Canva, and/or a hand drawn mind map in a journal.

    You can also create a vision board and put it on your wall.

    You can create your own affirmations and listen to them in your own voice.

    You can write it out on a piece of paper. I used to like to ride on my statationary bike for 45 minutes while reading and visualizing my handwritten document. This grounded it into my body energetically and I did receive my desires this way.

    All of the exercises I gave above flood your mind with images on what you prefer to believe and receive. From there you can have a tunnel focus and vision to really put this new belief system into finishing your project.


    #3 PROMOTE

    This week, promote more. You know what it is that you need to do promote your offerings.

    However, perhaps you can use some fresh ideas?

    Start with Niche. Create an avatar of your ideal client.

    Who are you talking to in your posts on social media and in your offline meetings? Speak to the client(s) you love receiving (and prefer)! 

    Are your posts geared toward them and what they would find enjoyable?

    Are you using your platform to engage with them?

    Are you giving content that is really useful for them?

    You are going to get who you ask for every single time. Speak to your highest investing niche and tribe.

    An exercise to generate fresh promotional ideas:

    1. Turn all of your electronics off.

    2. Sit down with pen and paper – undisturbed.

    3. Write at the top of the page, “Ways I can promote...generate leads...etc.”

    4. Set your timer for 20 minutes.

    5. Write your ideas - stream of consciousness, uninterrupted - and do not edit yourself.

    If you reach a point where you can't think of anything else then write down, “promotion, promotion, promotion” until something new comes to you – it will. Sometimes you might get great ideas right away. Othertimes, you may receive the gems and gold – the out of the box ideas – at the end of the exercise.

    Here are some questions to consider:
    How can I best promote?
    How can I attract the best niche?
    How can I generate the best leads?

    Promote to them. Create things of Value. When you help them, they invest in themselves (by truly investing in working with you). They also do the work and pay it forward. Focus on the people who ARE the best and allow your energy to flow that way.


    December 2017 Reading



    During December Change your Thoughts.

    Look at the area(s) of life that you would like to change. Notice your pattern of thought around one – or more – of them.

    Utilize deep breathing to stop yourself in your tracks when you are entertained by - and engaging with - a negative spiral pattern.

    Since you are creating your future by your current thoughts and feelings, it's important to check yourself.

    Two books that I recommend for transforming thoughts is the Perfect Power Within by Addington and the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by Price. Both are centered on 70 and 40 days of affirmations. Take one – or more – programs as much as needed. As you grow and expand, redo the mind training. You can also create your own program. You can start and/or run a mastemrind with potent, energizing people who are focused on supporting each other with permanently changing thoughts on an individual and collective level.

    Whatever you are thinking about a thing – you are giving your precious attention and energy to. Remember that wherever you give your focus to – this is currency. You are currency. Every bit of you is valuable.

    Are you giving yourself to thoughts that are worthy of you?

    Strengthen your intake – what you are reading, watching, audiobooks, people you hang out with, where you hang out. Everything and everyone in your life can uplevel you and make you better – open you up to infinite possibilites and higher solutions – which brings on a direct change in thought(s). In an Oracle Card Reading we discuss solutions to uplevel your life.

    When you prefer to be a certain thing – a character trait, an experience of life – you have to think (with regularity) the thoughts that a person of this stature thinks.

    Sometimes what we are creating is so out-of-the-box and leading edge that you don't have any real examples and role models on new thought.

    Use your imagination. You will have to be the first. Show us how it's done, baby. You got this. This December give yourself the gift of changing your Thoughts to align with who you truly are now.

    Happy Holidays!

    Put your energy into all the thoughts that you prefer to think about yourself and others.

    Again, use deep breathing (and look into the Sedona Method) to stop certain thoughts in their tracks.

    You do not have to think a thought. You are in control of your mind. The mind is meant to be used as a tool – not the other way around. Utilize your practice and exercises (such as meditation and grounding, etc) to be in your Power - choose to change your thoughts.


    December 4 - December 10, 2017 Reading

    December 4th through December 10th of 2017 Reading


    Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards© by China Brooks

    Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards© by China Brooks



    I am now breathing deeply.
    I am now changing my breathing.

    Deep breathing = conscious living
    Shallow breathing = shallow living

    “Most people think breathing is just a way to transport oxygen to the body...oxygen is also a way to absorb or transport subtle light energy...Our state of mind affects the way that we breathe. When we are upset or frustrated, our breath tends to go very shallow and fast – our hearts racing, and we are breathing really fast – we are not getting the oxygen that we need. If we look at it the other way - we are in a good place, we are feeling peaceful – then our breath becomes a lot slower and goes a lot deeper. Just as our state of mind affects the way that we breathe, the way that we breathe affects our state of mind. Our breathing is something that we can fully control....Slow it down and deepen it, which can lead us to a more peaceful state of mind and soul.

    Every now and then stand still and say, “How am I breathing? Should I stand still and take a few deep breaths?” Pick some steady times during the day to stop everything you do and take some really good deep breaths. Break the cycle of being on autopilot. If you are really upset, sit down for a few minutes and really breathe. You are going to retrain your brain to breathe correctly with time. I discuss more practical exercises in an Oracle Card Reading.

    Breathing calms your mind and keeps your peaceful. It creates spiritual health and development. If we breathe correctly, we better absorb the oxygen and it removes the impurities from our blood and stimulates our organs in the body, which leads to physical health and vitality. Which means we have more energy and we feel better.

    Breathing is completely free.

    Chi, prana, life force (universal/fundamental energy that keeps everything going) – in the atmosphere of our earth, that fundamental energy – that life force – sort of transforms into a form that it is easily absorbed by all living creatures. It can be absorbed through our food and water (there's oxygen in food and water as well, but most of it is absorbed by our breathing mechanism.

    What happens in the body when this life force has been absorbed, it starts to work together with the nervous system – the spine – which is similar to electricity and it creates sparks. The nervous system is responsible for almost everything – our feelings, emotions, conscious thinking, spiritual abilities, and everything in the body is controlled by nerve senses – everything.

    By absorbing that life force and getting into that better state, we also help the people around us who need it. We are able to transmit it to each other by interacting with one another. Even on long distances. That's how we have the possibility to long distance heal (chi – we can send it to people around the world – that's why prayer and things like that help).” - Channeling Erik

    I am now breathing deeply.
    I am now changing my breathing.


    #2 LISTEN

    I am now listening with my full body.
    I am now changing my listening.

    A lot of problems are caused because people don't listen. They listen to respond. They listen while thinking of what they are going to say next. They simply want to get their point across. They want to be right.

    Although people have one mouth and two ears, rather than listening, they still talk too much.

    Most humans long to feel heard – fully – and understood. And with everyone clamoring to be understood, no one is truly hearing each other.

    When individuals, groups, states, and countries truly LISTEN it changes everything. Much progress is made from listening to another with your entire body sans thinking about what you are going to say next.

    Try not needing to be heard.

    Many times a person may push their truth out – whatever that is – because they do not trust that life will give them what they need when they need it. Besides, how many times have you spoken words that you later regretted, or that you knew could have been better (and much more beneficial) if you had just slowed down and listened to what you were about to say before it came out of your mouth? Or if you were to have slowed down and listened to the other person deeply with every cell in your body before speaking? During an Oracle Card Reading you are deeply heard, listened to, and understood.

    Rather than needing to be the first and only one who is heard – let that go – and practice giving the gift of listening to others.

    LISTEN to them with such full bodied presence that they feel they have never been listened to (and seen) so deeply in their entire lives. LISTEN way more than you speak.

    Observe silence for 24 hours or longer. During this time, you will notice how many things you might normally blurt out that are unnecessary. And you will learn to choose your words wisely and carefully.

    Words can be used to heal or to hurt – to uplift or to tear down.

    Actions speak louder than words. Listening can help you see where a person is coming from and who they really are.

    I am now listening with my full body.
    I am now changing my listening.



    I am now parenting in the highest and best ways.
    I am now changing my parenting.

    This week is about either PARENTING your physical children that you birthed, parenting yourself, and/or parenting the world (or all of them!).

    Combine BREATHING (deeply) and LISTENING (deeply) to parent yourself and others in a whole new way.

    Non co-dependent.

    With healthy detachment and yet still being lovingly present.

    Love destroys. The way you parent yourself and others can either destroy you in an energizing or draining way. Know the difference.

    Right now, there is no real grey area. A person is either pro-humanity or they are anti-humanity. There is no longer an in-between. So, a choice must be made. Those who are truly pro-humanity are learning, practicing, and grounding in higher ways of living, being, and interacting in relationship to all of life. This is done by trial and error. Give it your all. In an Oracle Card Reading you are given a solid strategy for interacting with yourself and others.

    Changing parenting means altering the way you rest and how you view 'work'. What is play to you and how much fun time are you giving yourself? It isn't about working harder – it's about working smarter.

    How do you feel about yourself? Who are you being – and becoming - and are you okay with that? You can change right now – who you were 5 minutes ago doesn't matter.

    This has to do with energy conservation. Who, what, when, where, and why are you giving your energy to? Be clear so that you are making a choice that is healthy and truly aligned with your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

    How are you parenting yourself? What thoughts are you thinking? What are you saying to yourself? Be your biggest cheerleader. Be your biggest fan.

    Same applies to your children. Love yourself tremendously and you show them how to love themselves – by example. You give them permission to do so in the deepest, most profound of ways. Always make sure your oxygen mask is on first – before anyone else's – even your children.

    Always parent yourself first to make sure your cup is full and running over. From this space you are free to give.

    I am now parenting in the highest and best ways.
    I am now changing my parenting.  


    November 20 – 27, 2017 Reading

    Reading for the Week of November 20th though November 27th of 2017 

    by China Brooks

    using the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards ©




    I am now learning through mimicking.

    Mimic yourself.

    You know what to do to be affluent in every area of your life. You already know.

    Take the systems, gather the data, put it together in a new and improved way like only you can do.

    You are brilliant at this. You know what works, what doesn't. Sift through the information and apply it.

    Use the power of Wealth Multiplies.

    Take what's working and do more of it – build upon it. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Build using your ability to MIMIC.

    “Acquiring knowledge is a form of imitation.” ―Jiddu Krishnamurti

    What area of your life would you like more abundance in?

    In times of your greatest victories what are you doing?

    What are you thinking?

    What words are you speaking?

    This your road map to success, satisfaction, and peace. You can build upon it and multiply it. Keep doing what is working. Find the bright spots of these moments and MIMIC them.

    “To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.” ― George Christoph Lichtenberg, The Waste Books

    “..if I don't do something on the grand scale, it is that my genius is altogether imitative, and that I have nor recently encountered any very striking models of grandeur.”
    ― Henry James, Roderick Hudson

    I am now learning through mimicking.




    I am now receiving a boon of affluence.

    There are two sides to the coin – giving and receiving.

    This week, open up to RECEIVE.

    This is the realm where things can happen quickly – it can occur when you least expect it – and how you least expect it.

    When you give love to life, you have to RECEIVE that. It may take you some time – and practice - to open yourself up to it, however; you will - and then accept and allow the flood to come in.

    It is also a good idea to be organized so that you have the proper funnels set up. So as you RECEIVE, you are delegating your resources wisely.

    Receiving means that you have more to share.

    You have more time.

    You have more resources.

    Your cup is meant to run over.

    The sun rises and sets every morning.

    Your heart beats consistently, with no thought or effort on your part.

    Givers have to receive.

    We need you to receive.

    You need yourself to receive.

    The universe (and life) is knocking on your door to give you MORE.

    Open up and RECEIVE it.

    Let “thank you, thank you, thank you,” that it's already done be your mantra.

    Everything you are desiring is on the other side of you opening up, celebrating your value and worth – and receiving.

    Receiving -

    the boomerang and the harvest of all your Good Works.

    I am now receiving a boon of affluence.




    I am now investing and receiving a high ROI. 

    Invest in those multiple streams of income.

    Invest in creating, nourishing, and maintaining in your wealth funnels.

    Invest in the start up that you believe in.

    Invest in your studies – improving your education, knowledge, and wisdom.

    Invest in gaining the practice that you need.

    Invest in that new skill set that's tough at the beginning and then pays off later.

    Your ideas are gold. Know this and invest in yourself.

    You are on the money, and your findings are on the money - as are your hunches.

    Go after them with gusto and give it all you've got. It is now paying off.

    I am now investing and receiving a high ROI. 


    November 13 - November 19 Reading



    The message is really simple this week – tune your attention to that which you APPRECIATE.

    An experiment - and its results - are affected by the observer. The more observers there are, the varied the impact. Such is also true with reality. Whatever we are observing individually and collectively, produces the results we see in the external reality.

    This is the microcosm and the macrocosm.

    If you've gained negative momentum – heading on a downward spiral – by focusing on that which you do not prefer, then you can turn your beautiful ship around. Head downstream rather than upstream. You do not have to fight the old. Simply move your energy to higher ground.



    I am now appreciating my ability to FOCUS.

    You have an uncanny ability to FOCUS. When you set your mind to something, it's as good as done. This week, stop and smell the focus. Contemplate all the times you used your power of FOCUS to catapult you in a new, healthy direction – to create something different – innovative; to grow, produce, give, and receive.

    Pat yourself on the back. Because this skill of FOCUS will always carry you through. It will take you - time and time again - where you truly desire to go. It is your success. Your focus has allowed you to make so much progress, and it will continue to do so.

    For a moment, stop and appreciate how good you are at focusing. You are able to shut everything else out – focus on a task – and get it done. This is a massive asset. Good for you!

    I am now appreciating my ability to FOCUS.



    I am now appreciating giving to myself.

    Oh Baby, you are so generous. You love to GIVE. It makes your heart sing. And no matter what happens (the way others behave) you do your best to come back into your childlike giving nature. Bless you. You are indeed the fabric of society. To continue to GIVE in spite of it all, takes great courage. And in this way, you are a valuable Warrior of Peace and Prosperity.

    My Darling, this week – give to yourself.

    What do you love? What feels like play? Who are you – truly? Sans the opinions, the hive mind, mob mentality – who are you, my love? Remember this core. This week, reconnect with it. It is your essence.

    Set it free.

    The best thing you can GIVE others is the gift of your own ALIGNMENT. Radiate and emanate that out – like the sun.

    In a culture that was built on consumerism, we can believe that giving of our own reserves is the way. And so, when we think of giving – we immediately equate it to giving of our own material possessions: money, time, and energy. However, when these things are given out of alignment, they may actually cause more harm than good – perpetuating a system that is based on exacerbating the lack within the individual and collective.

    Give to you, and you show the world not only how to treat you, but how to treat itself.

    Your higher self has something to say. At first her words are faint. And so, you must listen more – deeper. Listen until his words become the loudest. She is giving to you, and you must receive. Giving and receiving are a harmonious balance. Open up to receive and you also open up to give.

    I am now appreciating giving to myself.




    I am now appreciating receiving the highest and best.

    You've really worked on receiving. Interestingly enough, for givers - it can be a process to learn how to receive. It takes work and dedication. Yet you know that the more you receive, the more you can give. When we don't receive, we deny others the pleasure of giving to us.

    You have been opening your hands and your heart to RECEIVE. Especially the LOVE that life has for you.

    This is a gift. It's something to be proud of. As you emanate this from the inside out, you give so many people around you the permission to receive as well.

    You have fortified your energy so that you receive that which is in high alignment, and you refuse to receive anything less.

    This week, pat yourself on the back for being able to RECEIVE – freely. Take a deep breath. Receive the breath. Contemplate all that you have allowed into your life by opening to Receive. You worked to make a pathway where your good can find you. You opened to receive it. That's huge.

    I am now appreciating receiving the highest and best.


    November 2017 Reading


    The theme of November is IMAGINE. 

    Everything that exists, someone imagined it first. 

    The brain doesn't know the difference between something that is actually happening in your reality, and something that you are imagining with feeling.

    Take the skills you have (use your resources because they are Plenty) and create / build something new. You have everything you need – ideas, training, information, and energy.

    Have Tunnel Vision.



    “Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.

    Unlike any other creature on this planet, humans can learn and understand, without having experienced. They can think themselves into other people's minds, imagine themselves into other people's places.

    And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are. They can close their minds and hearts to any suffering that does not touch them personally; they can refuse to know.” - JK Rowling

    “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein

    “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” -Gloria Steinem

    “Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” - Mark Twain

    “If you have an old belief system and it's not working very well and you abandon it, well good for you because you are out of the old belief, but now, you're no where.

    One of the things that happens to alcoholics for example and other drug addicts as well - Imagine that you're trying to stop drinking – alright fine. Maybe you have to undergo some medical treatment so when you first stop you don't die of seizures because that often happens to people who are addicted to alcohol. They get Valium or something like that from a doctor, to see them through the first bits of sobering up. And so, they get through it. And then maybe two weeks later they are not physiologically dependent on alcohol anymore.

    But if you take them back and you put them in their environment – out of the treatment center – back into the normal world, they start drinking or using right away again. And the reason for that is...well, let's say you've been an alcoholic for 20 years. First of all, that's all you do for entertainment. You drink. And all your friends are alcoholics. If you're going to stop drinking not only do you have to rid yourself of the physiological addiction but you have to completely learn a new way of living. Because what do you know? You have to get rid of all your friends because they are all drunks, pretty much. Or if they're not, they are at least people who are facilitating your drinking. So you have to build a whole new social network. You don't know how to amuse yourself because, of course, the way you've done that is by going to the bar and sitting at home drinking. So there's a huge hole in your life. You abandon the previous pathological mode of adaptation. But that just leaves you with nothing. And then you have to rebuild that thing from scratch. It's extraordinarily difficult. And that's why so many people fail when they are trying to overcome a major addiction.” - Jordan B Peterson


    Imagining During Theta Brainwave State

    Go into a theta state and imagine.

    Activities such as meditation, float tank sessions, time in nature, and imagining during a theta state, change the brain via the neural pathways, which become like grooves in a record. The ones that are used frequently are active and habitual. And the others, just as a muscle becomes weak when it isn't exercised and used - become atrophied.

    Transparentcorp says, “Connections between meditation and theta activity have been researched and documented thoroughly, particularly in the case of both Zen and Transcendental Meditation. The appearance of brain waves is directly connected to what a person is doing, thinking, or feeling.”

    On the significance of theta brain waves, Gabe Turow writes: "The links between the theta frequency and memory, emotion, and neural plasticity on a localized level provide relevant clues to questions on why visualizations of meditators in theta are so vivid, why meditators have such good memories, and why hypnosis can create lasting changes in the brain."

    The brain will naturally tend to match its own brainwaves to the frequencies of the sounds it is hearing – this is called the ‘frequency following response’. This is also why chanting is so powerful, as is listening to classical music by the greats such as Beethoven.


    November 6 - November 12, 2017 Reading




    I am now being quiet.

    This week it's about relationships. QUIET your mind so that you can enter the gap.

    What does this mean?

    You live your life in relation to everything – parents, friends, family, children, lover, neighbors, colleagues, coworkers, boss, yourself, people on the internet, viewers, followers, supporters, haters. You are constantly living in relation to everything – internally and externally. You are also living in relation to your own habits and addictions – be they beneficial or destructive.

    Many human beings – individually and as a society – are living on certain fractal patterns of relationship. Until the person does something different and breaks through the fractal patterning, they continue to attract the same kinds of relationships.

    Look at the quality of the energy in the relationship. Some relationships start with a frantic energy tone – and the coming together is built upon gossip and slander, etc. There's two ways a relationship starts – and the way that it begins is the way that it ends. If it begins at a frantic energy then that's how it's going to end. If it begins with calm energy, that's how it can go along.

    How do you change the kind of relationships you are attracting to you? How do you change that fractal patterning?

    You change it by being QUIET.

    When you allow quiet, you reside in the gap - the space – where you receive ideas, insight, epiphanies, realization - to help you transmute the old fractal pattern.

    When you get into the gap you can receive clarity and calm to see how to BE in relation to yourself (who you are being) and in relation to the rest of the world. And, which groups of people get your time, energy, light, and attention – and who doesn't. You have higher discernment. And in that discernment, you have increased communication. You know who to even communicate with and when to refrain. And next time you will be better because you will know when something is actually of that old fractal patterning and when it's of the new fractal patterning.

    A relationship, when it comes around is either going to be of that old pattern or it's going to be of the new one. You have to figure out which one it is. That takes you being QUIET to hear your own higher guidance. If you are not quiet, then you will run the same pattern.

    Take time to quiet your mind. Quiet in nature. Quiet down and start to take a look at what you are putting out on social media. Are you perpetuating more quiet or are you perpetuating more drama? Are you perpetuating more of the chaotic frantic energy or are you perpetuating calm? Whatever you put out, you will get back. Quiet down your thoughts and words, and take action (deeds) from that space.

    Quieting relaxes your nervous system – taking it out of survival fight or flight mode (anxiety). This way, you are free to behave (and think) in a whole new way that is not strictly out of habit.



    I am now loving and appreciating my community.
    I am now being loved and appreciated by my community.

    This week it's all about reaching out to community.

    Everybody is going through it right now. Going. Through. It.

    The whole world is really feeling this energetic stretch, push, change, shedding – a realigning – of looking at what is important in their immediate community and their communities at large. Some people are looking at a local scale while others are focused on a global scale. It's important to know where a person is coming from. Everyone (yourself included) is behaving from their current level of perception – where they are at – and through whatever they are processing in their life currently.

    Get crystal clear on what it is you stand for. What you are unavailable for. What you are available for. And the kind of people that you thrive around - that are aligned with who you are, your message, and the way that you live and breathe in the world.

    Be with that community. Focus on the people who really love you and those who - when you are in relationship to them - there's a calm energy. Give your all to the people who show you the most love love, respect, understanding, and reciprocity. Care for and nurture that community. By coming together, joining together, and helping each other through this time, you get stronger. And you inspire others and magnetize to you other people who are of that same energy.

    Who is your community? Who is loyal to you? Who brings that calm energy? You gets you? Who understands? Who has the same drive? Who out there is conserving their energy and putting it towards the highest of uses? There are people in your community right now that are this way.

    It's okay to let people go. You can love people yet they don't have to be in your life anymore. You don't ever have to look back. You don't ever have to open that door to the past. Keep moving forward and keep opening the new doors. Let the old doors be closed, closed, closed.

    There is always a valuable lesson.

    We are talking about Synarchy and working together. And in that sense, who you are working with is of the utmost importance. Are they are there to really utilize their energy in the highest of ways – into ideas, plans of action and taking action, creating things – or are they are focused on putting their energy into other things such as gossip and slander?

    Look at a person and where they are putting their energy. Look at yourself and where you are putting your energy.

    Who do you choose to be? And then, from there, ask yourself, “Who would I like to be around?”

    Choose Your Community.



    I am now learning.

    There's a theme this week with all the cards. We are learning from community. We are looking to see where the bright spots are - the things that are working well for us. We are seeing who we choose to be and who we choose to no longer be. We are learning this through our relationships with others. And, we are learning how to respond rather than react.

    We are learning which relationships are the healthiest for us on a higher fractal patterning (please read the Quiet card). We are learning that all experiences are neutral. We are seeing that there is value in everything that happens. A thing is only good or bad if we make it so.

    Everything that happens in your life is neutral. It only becomes other than neutral when you react to it – then it is given an emotional charge. When that happens, that thing becomes you.

    It's like when you learn through meditation that you are not your thoughts. You are not thoughts. You can choose which thoughts to think and you do that by attaching to them (or not).

    When you choose to think a thought, you then become that thought.

    Through meditation you learn that you can control thoughts as long as you get quiet and rest in the gap - you go into the silence. Then, more and more you are utilizing your mind as the tool it's meant to be – and that it is – rather than your mind using you.

    As we learn that experiences are neutral - and when something happens and we refrain from giving it a charge of “good” or “bad”, we cease from becoming it. It doesn't affect us.

    You can still take the lesson from it, learn from it, and better yourself when necessary – in a discerning way.

    Increase your intelligence by learning something new. This is going to be uncomfortable. You will make mistakes while you are learning. It's all okay. Practice makes perfect.



    Clauneck Introduction Spread

    Clauneck Introduction Spread

    by China Brooks

    1. What does Clauneck want from me?

    2. Will he give me what I want in return for it?

    3. Are there any precautions I need to be aware of in regards to working with Clauneck? 

    4. How long would Clauneck like to work with me?

    5. What is the underlying intention for Clauneck working with me?

    6. What is my underlying intention for me working with Clauneck?

    7. What does Clauneck see as my strengths?

    8. What does he see as my weaknesses?

    9. How does he recommend I utilize my strengths?

    10. What does he recommend I do about my weaknesses?

    11. What is the number one thing Clauneck wants to say to me / want me to know?

    12. Is Clauneck satisfied with the relationship thus far?

    13. If not, what can be done to honor and please him?

    14. How does he feel about the value I am providing the world?


    4 Pillars of Income Streams Spread

    4 Pillars of Income Streams Spread

    by China Brooks




      Innovative (trailblazing, pioneering)
      Creative (original, inventive)
      Character (upright, strong character)
      Value (providing value)
      Confidence (having confidence)

      Enterprising (active)
      Expeditious (fast acting – quick to execute)

      Automation (structure, organization, delegation)
      Foundation (infrastructure, groundwork)
      Simplification (streamline, sealing the leaks)

    4. SUPPORT
      Social Capital (networking, value providing, community involvement & improvement)
      Accountability (integrity, responsibility)

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