So, you’re interested in a Human Design Reading with me…

Unfortunately, I do not offer straight-up Human Design chart readings nor can I refer you to anyone who does.

There are exceptions.

Some people (perhaps this is you?) want me to introduce them to Human Design because they are too busy to do their own studying. They work – they have high power jobs. If this is you - please fill out the form to get in touch with me here.

For everyone else - it’s a NO.

Here’s why -

There’s tons of Human Design information available for free online – extremely easily accessible.

I have heard quite a few people complain that their Human Design Reader(s) did not give them what they wanted because they only repeated stuff off the internet and in HD books. They claim that they didn't learn anything they could not have read on their own.

So, you might be wondering - if I do not offer Human Design Chart Readings; why do I do HD videos on YouTube?

I like Human Design – a lot. I find it to be a useful, practical system that attains results.

Human Design is not my 'one thing' though. I use it along with lots of other processes.

As a person who has had a committed, consistent sadhana practice for 27 years - I combine many modalities in my Group and One on One Mentoring Programs. The Human Design System (which I have been studying for over 7 years) is a small fraction of what I utilize from my Spiritual Toolbox.

I was extremely skeptical of the Human Design System when I first heard of it – and for at least a year after. However, something led me to give it an honest go and experiment with it (I am a 5/1 Left Angle Cross of Incarnation Manifestor – so that 1st line Investigator peaked my curiosity.). The more I practiced it (HD MUST be actually practiced or it's useless) the better my life became. More Peace. More Clarity. More Authenticity. Less using the mind to make decisions – more using my body as the GPS system it's meant to be. Slowly but surely, seeing the unmistakable benefits – the Human Design System won me over.

Services I Do Offer

Still interested in learning your Human Design with me? Please click here to fill out the form and get in touch with me.

You can learn about my services and apply to work with me, here.


Are you new to Human Design?

Here are some starter tips:

  1. Get your free chart and find out your auric type here: https://jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart and https://www.mybodygraph.com/

  2. Pay your Human Design Practitioners. Do not ask them for free HD advice. They have spent thousands of hours of time, energy, and money to be as skilled as they are. You seek to take food off of their table when/if you assume that they can and/or will help you for free.

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