God’s One Percent Tesleseminar

Learn how to get yourself into alignment with your soul purpose using a System that helps you live a congruent life as one of God's One Percent.

This was a live tele-class event with China that was held on January 19, 2019.

With your purchase you will receive an MP3 recording of the 2 hour and 13 minute call that you can download and keep.


From Trading My Power for False Security to a Life of Total Congruence

I was sitting at her kitchen table, looking at the Craigslist housing ads when I excitedly belted out, “For the price I was paying for a small space in North Berkeley, I can get a whole house here!” To which she – someone who called herself my soul sister and support system – replied, “There's a housing shortage here in Oregon and the housing market is really bad. All of my friends have had trouble finding a place. And the economy is really bad, too.”

My energy dropped.

I knew that I wasn't going to be able to manifest anything real while staying in that house. I couldn't make any money there – not really.

While I was there - I began to do Magick – study and practice as much as possible.

One night – she angrily barged into the room I was paying to stay in – yelling and cursing at me – claiming to be afraid of my power and demanding to know my spells. She told me that I was no longer allowed to do any kind of Magick in her house. (way to set women back all the way to the Salem Witch Hunt, lady)

Right then and there I told her that we were done as friends in this lifetime. I packed up my stuff and I drove off – out of that town entirely - in the pouring night rain with no money and an almost empty gas tank.

I parked my car in the parking lot of the Mahakala / Green Tara Buddhist Temple with the big red doors in Ashland, Oregon.

It was 2 days before Thanksgiving.

I made a promise with myself. That nothing and no one would ever come between me fully embodying my Magick ever again. I made a vow with myself to do whatever it took to live a life truly aligned with God and congruent with my God Purpose.

I spent the next month sleeping and living in my tiny little two seater Mercedes.

I worked so hard.

I had to face all of my fears.

I was not going to settle.

While I was in my car, I began to do Magick. In fact, the first week and a half I did the heaviest magick I have ever done in my entire life.

My dream was to be walking distance to the Temple. I made a pact with myself right then and there. For me – this was Hobson's Choice – all or nothing.

I was ready to get my own place and put some cash down on something permanent. So I started really looking and I saw this place which is on the same street as the Temple.

I filled out the application and the next day the apartment was mine.

As it turns out, it was built by the same man who built the Mahakala Temple. From my huge windows I can see the Temple and the parking space where I slept in my car almost every night.


When people are telling you that you can't – it means that they can't.

Fight for yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Set your Magick free.

I am here for you - God's One Percent – moving forward.

Previously, I spoke a bit about what I did to manifest my dream apartment in my dream town. Yes, I committed 100%. Yes, I did Magick. Yes, I worked hard and gave a lot of value. There are a bunch of other things I did (and refrained from doing) as well - which I talk about in this video.

Before I get into everything...I am in no way saying that I'm telling you that what I did in this video is what I think you should do. Your life is your life and my life is my life. And I did what was right for ME at the time I needed to do it. You have to do what is right for YOU at the time you need to do it. As I said - different people need different things depending on what stage of life they are in. With that being said...

There are two very important aspects of life that cannot be skipped or squandered:

God (i.e. The God Head - light & dark) and Health.

All the world will try and get your attention.

Everyone and everything will try and convince you that it is more important than these two things.

However, everything stems from these two things.

Lack focus on either – and all begins to be lost.

When I say “God” - I mean putting in the work to align with Source.

Daily work. A daily routine. Meditation. Nature walks. Etc.

Communing with God.

One major way to commune with God is to treat the body as if it's the gift that God gave you – which it is.

Treat the body as the Temple of the Divine - which it is.

The more living foods a person puts into heir body – the more energy they have. The cleaner and clearer the body vessel is for being able to carry greater and deeper amounts of Source Energy.

Being able to do this increases alignment.

Alignment influences everything – environment, money, relationships, etc.

When all the world – clients, viewers, family, friends, strangers, etc – want you to focus on them first and make them more important than you focusing on God First and Health First – don't go for it.

Focus on God First and Health First and you will be able to help everyone at a much greater and deeper capacity (when you do get to them) because you have so much more energy and alignment to do it.