China Brooks is an Alchemist, Influencer, and Coach who catalyzes viral movements with her on-camera presence.

China is a Spiritual Life Hack Teacher, Human Design Manifestor, and Vlogger. Her speciality is inspiring groups and individuals to activate their POWER.

China started her career as a successful Actor in the Entertainment Industry in 1998 - working with people such as Celine Dion, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, and Kevin Costner. Some of her appearances include Gilmore Girls, X Files, Felicity, and numerous commercials such as Maytag, Tide, Ace Hardware, and Verizon. During her 4 years as the Creative Director of The Beautiful World Children's Show – helping kids build good character - China resourcefully took the production from concept to live performances.

In 2014 China trail-blazed a National trend when her YouTube video about Yoni Eggs became wide spread - spawning hundreds of copy cat videos and celebrity endorsements. She has successfully catalyzed many out-of-the-box careers by utilizing her experience with sales, master course creation, magick, Human Design, masterminds, and marketing. One past client is now famous as the highest paid fitness instructor in her country - appearing on several covers of Vogue Magazine. Another – who originally came to China in tears after losing his Barista job – is now a photographer with 140k followers on Instagram and corporate contracts with Chevy, US Airways, Stella, and Facebook. China's 28 year sadhana of meditation and mindfulness practices helps her provide a sacred space of discipline where others can focus on and achieve the Vision of their Great Work.

In addition to motivating and supporting her online community, China loves being in nature, listening to audiobooks, sunbathing, shopping for vintage clothes, caring for her plants, and building her essentials oils collection. Her favorite thing to do is dance and take long walks.

Maina, Cook Islands

Maina, Cook Islands

Maina, Cook Islands and the Aitutaki Lagoon

Maina, Cook Islands and the Aitutaki Lagoon




  • Creator and Facilitator of The Manifestor Magnate - a Mastermind for Human Design Manifestors. To join click here (non sacral motor Manifestors, only)


  • Successfully sells coaching services for 60k in 2 hours

  • Receives Gohonzon while living in Berkeley, CA for 6 months (The Gohonzon is a scroll containing Chinese and Sanskrit characters that aids practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism in the process of perceiving and bringing forth the life condition of Buddahood from
    within their lives)

nam meyoho renge kyo copy.jpg



  • Strategic Anarchy 12-month Dominance Mastermind

  • VIP at Sales Dominance 3-day intensive (100% close rate, 15k profit)

  • VIP training with Amateo Ra (Businesss, Strategy, Energetics)

  • VIP training with Kai Bodegom-Smith Lac (Qigong, TaiQi, Energetics, Wellness, Tantra)

  • Founder of the Selling with Spirit System Mastercourse - To Apply for Selling with Spirit click here

Gaia Kodithuwakku

Excelled from a few hundred Instagram followers to 30k+. Co-founded the Natty Muscle Movement and brick and mortar store in Shri Lanka. Gaia is a is a well-known internet, TV, and radio personality, Natty Muscle Fitness Consultant, and Spiritual Catalyst. Her motto is, "A state of higher performance."



"I'm showing up for myself in ways I never have before. My relationship with my parents has completely transformed. I used the Armor of God on my own Mother and held space for her as she stepped into a greater version of herself. For the first time me and my family prayed together. So much abundance is showing up in my life. Thank you so much China." BRANDY EAVES



  • Facilitator and massive space holder of the Yoni Eggs healing movement

  • Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction Course

  • Creator and Facilitator of the Get Paid What You're Worth Teleseminar

  • Creates and Facilitator of the Womb Clearing Teleseminar

  • Creator and Facilitator of the How to Manifest Money Teleseminar

  • Creator and Facilitator of the How to Manifest Teleseminar

  • Creator of the first original Yoni Egg Oracle Cards - she decided not to produce them so other sellers did

  • Invited by Taryn Southern (American Idol fame) to be the opener and speak about Yoni Eggs for her then new YouTube show - Party Fun Times. To preserve integrity and respect of the crystals, China declines.

  • Begins offering high-end Oracle Card Readings and Picture Readings. To apply for a Reading click here

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  • Prosperity Oracle Card Reading video goes viral (she deletes it at 90k views)

  • Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience video goes viral - sparking a massive trend and movement of copy cat videos and celebrity endorsements on national television (reaches 100k views - she deletes it in 2016 and re-uploads in 2017 by popular request)



  • Co-Facilitator of the Rock Stars Mastermind Group (lead a successful 10K in 30 days challenge)  

  • Creator of my own action-oriented, solution consciousness based oracle card system : Energizing with Spirit Oracle Cards©, Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards©, Changing with Spirit Oracle Cards©

  • Associate Producer at Wakan Films


2013 - 2017

  • Catalyses the successful careers of several private clients via viral strategies and accountability support 



2013 - 2018 

  • Travels and/or lives in: California, Oregon, Utah, New York, Tennessee, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Cook Islands, Texas, Mexico



  • Begins Human Design studies and experimentation



  • Starts YouTube channel (300+ videos as of 2016) + written articles in website library


2008 - 2013 

  • Offers professional readings at several spiritual bookstores in Los Angeles including Mystic Journey, The Green Man, and the Psychic Eye



  • Begins offering professional oracle card, intuitive, and picture readings at the well paid urging of family and friends



  • Studies nutrition

  • Studies at The Actor's Network (intensive business training for entertainment professionals)

2001 - 2004 

  • Studies Child Development at Pasadena City College with straight A's - is offered a full time job at the Child Education Center with only 6 units under her belt

  • Creative Director of the Beautiful World Children's Show : Duties include: Costume Creation, Character Development, Producer, Creative Director, Massive Catalyst, Wrote Songs, Wrote Scripts, Trained Cast Members, Held Meetings, Organized, Casting - Chose Cast, etc.

    As Creative Director (for 4 years) of The Beautiful World Children's Show, I navigated and resourcefully supported the show from concept to live performance. The Beautiful World Show is now headed to television after several successful theatre runs and promo videos. As a powerful, fruitful coach seeing my clients expand motivates me to do further impactful community superstructure work

    “The Beautiful World is a magical land where metaphorical characters live and thrive. These characters assist children in building good character to become: good citizens, great leaders, and successful persons in homes, schools, communities, and society.” - The Beautiful World

    The characters include Queen Esteem – The Queen of Self Esteem, Truthor (promoting honesty), and Earthyrium (nourishes and protects our Mother Earth). The Beautiful Woman (unconditional love and appreciation of your uniqueness) was first played by me. I designed her dress and I wrote a valuable portion of the script. I trained the cast.




  • Graduate of the Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio for the Study of the Dramatic Arts 2-year Master Training

  • Graduate of MECCA at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science 2-year Professional Practitioner RSCP Training (studying under the late, great OC Smith - sings in the choir and runs the Sunday School for 9 to 13 year olds

Sammy Davis hangs with O.C., Sammy & Company.


  • Travels to China and Tibet 


Dali Lama's Summer Palace



1998 - 2013

  • Builds a successful acting career from the ground up (1998 - 2013) grossing 30k a month in bookings working for/with people such as Celine Dion, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Kevin Costner, Donald Faison, etc. She appeared in numerous television shows, films, print, and TV commercials such as Felicity, Tide, Miracle-Gro, Ace Hardware, Lays, Tylenol, Dockers, Verizon, Chase, PNC Bank, Race Trac and others. 


  • Student at the La Sorbonne and resident of Paris, France  



  • Begins training with Reverend Ryugen Watanabe (including 7.5 hours of meditation in one sitting) - is offered to join the order


  • First Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grov

  • Becomes a Meditation Practitioner (taught on retreat by Vishnu in the dome at the Lama Foundation)

Lama_Foundation_Dome_Interior-1 copy.jpg

The Lama Foundation

New Mexico



  • Becomes a Yoga Practitioner

  • First headshot and modeling pictures


  • Begins accurately reading people's energy


  • Born in Key West, Florida