Your Relationship With Money Needs Time, Energy, and Focus

Your Relationship With Money Needs Time, Energy, and Focus

by China Brooks


You have family and friends, right?

Have you noticed the more dedicated and attentive you are to a friend, the more dedicated and attentive they are to you? The same is true with your money. Money is another relationship in your life that needs care and cultivation in order for it to grow. Money is your friend; if you ignore your money, your money will ignore you. The way to keep something in your life is to give it attention. Your plants must be watered, your friends must be loved, and your money must be cultivated.

How Do You Think, Speak, and Feel About Money?

“Change the conversation, change your life.” -Camille Stemmons

The way you speak, think, and feel about money affects how much money you have. How do you talk about money, what do you say to yourself and others? Do you use the words 'poor' or 'broke'? Do you ever say things like, “I can't afford it”, “I only have enough money for...”, “I don't want to blow my wad”, or “I'm in the hole”? If you say any of these statements, or anything similar, you're killing yourself financially. I have seen people call themselves poor, (make poor decisions/blow their money on unimportant things) and then they aren't able to pay their rent that month (cause or effect?). The words 'poor and 'broke' don't exist in my vocabulary. Get rid of these words, and while you're at it, remove the word 'try', because either you are or you aren't.

Your belief in a thing makes it real and true. -China Brooks

Change your conversation about money. There are only two options in this life; lack consciousness and abundance consciousness. Watching what you say about money will help you notice how slanted towards the lack side of things you have been. You experience life according to your beliefs about yourself. If you believe you are only worth a certain amount of money, that's where you'll remain stuck until you change your dominant beliefs about yourself.

“Change your thinking, change your life.” -OC Smith

Watch people who are abundant; they are careful with what they say regarding money. They speak of having money and how grateful they are for that money and how nice it is to have money. They praise money and they believe they have a healthy relationship with it, so they do. Those who have an unhealthy relationship with money - their problems would not change if they were handed a million dollars; this is why most lottery winners end up bankrupt or unhappier. Your homework is to watch Born Rich and The One Percent by Jamie Johnson (Johnson and Johnson heir). Pay attention to how the wealthy in these documentaries talk about money.

It's Not How Much Money You Have, It's What You Do With It That Counts

Trust me, you could have a billion dollars, but if you don't know what to do with that billion (how to handle it), it won't be around for long. There are countless stories of people having tons of money and losing it. 80% of lottery winners are broke within two years. Why? Because they didn't know how to handle the money. I had a similar experience; in February and March of 2007 I made $100,000, by November 2007, that money was gone. I knew I had to get used to handling even $5.00, and that if I couldn't handle $5.00, how could I possibly handle 5 million dollars? There are other responsibilities which come with having a lot of money but financial organization is the absolute basic.

Most wealthy people have yearly family meetings with financial advisers. They make their kids take seminars and meet with advisers before letting them get their hands on their inheritance. Emma Watson's parents (of Harry Potter fame) made her meet with the financial advisers to the Queen of England before they let her touch her own millions on her 18th birthday. Born Rich states that if a family doesn't teach kids how to manage money, all of the inheritance will be squandered by the third generation, no matter how gigantic it is. There are companies who specialize in helping rich families keep their money strong past the third generation, and into the fifth and beyond.

Financial organization is the key to knowing what to do with the money you do have and how to keep it around so it multiplies. Organization just takes a few conscious changes, which are actually very easy and well worth the effort. A solid financial foundation can keep you out of debt and give you a safety net should you lose your job or get sick. Let's make a commitment right now to organize our finances!

Financial Organization Is Key

Good money habits can be attained by organizing, researching, and self discipline/ applying your knowledge through practice. I have learned from experience, which I’ll share with you later. There are lots of things you can do to improve your relationship with money.

Sacrifice Pays Off

What are you willing to relinquish to achieve your dreams?


It was hard for actor Vin Diesel to save $50,000 to help his career flourish because he couldn't go out with friends and spend money. says, “...success did not find him, and he moved back to New York a year later. He fell into depression, wallowing in his failure until his mother bought him a book called Feature Films at Used Car Prices, by Rick Schmidt, which empowered him to make his own movies. His 20-minute short, Multi-Facial, was written and directed by Diesel, starring himself a struggling actor. Multi-Facial was screened at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan, and later accepted at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival. He returned to New York and took a second job as a telemarketer. It took him two years to save up the $50,000 he'd need to make a feature-length film.”

What are you willing to forgo to improve your life?