Yoni Egg Experience 5th Year Anniversary

Today (well technically yesterday) is the 5th anniversary of using my first yoni egg and filming my Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience video which went viral.

It sparked a national trend and worldwide healing movement.

The video in the comments shows the house where it all happened.

Colonel William Silsby built the home in the 1900's for himself and his wife. He fought in the war to free the slaves. There's a series of 6 love letters he wrote to his wife. In one of the letters he wondered about the fate of said slaves.

The house has a reputation in the town for being haunted. When I stayed there, I felt VERY welcomed.

In 2013 I was a successful working actor in Los Angeles, California. I had THE life but my womb was numb and I was getting sick.

I desperately needed nature so I visited Oregon where there's an incredible tree to people ratio.

I paid for sessions with a male shaman who suggested I try yoni eggs, which was then unknown to the mass populace.

During that time, I decided to commit to my happiness being my number one importance. To honor my decision - I married myself in a ceremony. I wanted my higher self to take over my life and make my decisions for me.

I also put my home on the market and 3 days later the current owner offered my asking price.

After wrapping up my L.A. life I came back to Oregon where I had my honeymoon in Ashland.

I rented the entire Silsby bed and breakfast where I used my cosmic jade egg for the first time.

During that first 24 hours we had Kirtan at the house. And I made a video about my experience for my youtube channel titled Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience.

I was NOT ready for what came next.

The video blew up.

Hundreds of people made copy cat videos. And thousands of women found me and sought my help and support.

I had left Los Angeles to hide for a while – out of the public eye in the entertainment industry – only to be thurst right back into the limelight.

Yoni Eggs became very popular.

I believe that so many using the eggs at once cause a collective healing. A mass purging and clearing.

The shadow side of those involved (sellers and supporters of the eggs) came out. As did a huge uplevel.

I seriously wanted to move on and do something else so I deleted the video for a about a year and a half.

After I received many requests – I reuploaded it.

Today, I am super grateful for the whole experience. It taught me to get my magick up. Like, all the way up.

It taught me that all that glitters is not gold.

It taught me divine discernment, power, self worth, self value, and energy conservation.

It also taught me how much I value my peace over any fame – ever.

I learned what to fight for and what not to fight for. Who to fight for and who not to fight for.

All in all it taught me to be myself – unapologetically.

I have only sold a handful (literally) of yoni eggs thus far.

Whenever I did offer them – there was either a bidding war or they were purchased within 1 hour of being listed.

To celebrate my 5 years I am offering a limited edition (7 available) Yoni Egg Kit.

Each kit is custom tailored to you and your energy. You receive one rose quartz egg and one black obsidian egg which are both super charged to help align you with the highest version of you.