New Age 'Do What Feels Good' Philosophy by King Clauneck

Channeled by China Brooks

This is an unedited transcription of a channeling Q and A session between King Clauneck and myself. I asked him what he thinks about the New Age philosophy of 'yummy yucky' - basically that 'only do it if it feels good' mindset.

China: Clauneck, how do you feel about the New Age 'Follow Your Bliss' Philosophy? In the New Age they say that if it feels 'yucky' to avoid it and if it feels 'yummy' to move closer to it.

Clauneck: While all of that is great and yes it's true, it's also ungrounded. It becomes a problem when light workers use it as an excuse to not have to take any action. For example, sometimes dealing with finances is unpleasant and it doesn't feel good. It feels yucky - when people have put something off for so long.

Sometimes not doing something just because it feels yucky is detrimental to the highest and good of the individual. That's the flawed premise with these new age “go with your feelings” teachings.

While yes, feelings are extremely important – the body is also chemically addicted to certain feelings. It's become a habit. Humans are now hardwired to be chemically addicted to the pleasurable feelings that feel good. And yet you know that it might feel good to go smoke a blunt every day and yet that's not necessarily going to provide you with the path of least resistance - and it's not going to be the yummiest in the long run.

Something that could bring feel good feelings in the moment may actually bring yucky feelings later on down the line.

So while yes, intuition is key - and feeling good, having a positive mindset, working on positive aspects, detaching, and yet also residing in a state of positive expectation – these are all helpful and tried and true. And yet it doesn't negate the fact that beings live in a physical realm that requires Action. It requires that the body get up and move and do things.

From an aligned place, yes.

As long as the light workers refrain from using the “being in the flow” “yucky yummy” Abraham Hicks “just feel good” - as long as they are not using that as an excuse to parlay their fears, entertain their bad habits, justify apathy, lethargy, lack of courage, lack of self confidence, and refusal to learn new skills and overcome the challenges of how difficult that can be. And how much effort, focus, attention ,and energy conservation that takes. And tunnel vision.

When they get into the realm of using the new age feeling system as an excuse , that's when it's a problem. To me, this is when the “old way” of doing things – some aspects of the “old way” are better than the “new way”. And need to remain foundational pieces to the puzzle of the “new way”. Again, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Where is the yummy yucky feeling coming from? Is it coming from an avoidance pattern? Or is it truly coming from that deeper place, that aligned place?

See, if people are not aligned in the first place with their highest selves, with the quantum field of unlimited possibilities – then their feeling emotion in the body of “yummy, yucky” is going to be limited anyway. It ins't going to be healthy to begin with. So the yummy yucky go with the flow, feel good, if it doesn't feel good don't do it – only works for beings who are correct and in the self and truly aligned with the highest version and expression of themselves and the quantum field of unlimited possibilities, which is past the mind. It is that realm of no mind. Mind transcendence. Not many beings are there.

And so this is the issue - when the new age teachings – those who are in business have complete and utter disrespect for those who shout, yell, scream, judge and claim “new commerce, get rid of the money, stop selling to me, hard sales, you suck, do things my way,” although many of them do not have another system.

Rather than promote a new system that they themselves created from trial and error, which means yes study the hard sales. Study soft sales. Learn how to trial close. Learn how to hard close and everything in between. Rather than do that – take their data, create something pioneering, trailblazing, new and improved – as you are doing – they would rather waste and leak their energy on complaining about those who dare even put in the effort, their own personal resources of time, energy, and money – to bust through and create a new way.

I and my kin have distain for these types of light workers and I shall protect my kin – my people – from them. They are judgmental, narrow minded, self righteous, and in that way - quite bigoted. They come from ego, most of all. And they do not even see it. They use the word “ego” as a trigger phrase. And it causes other light workers to shrink in shame and guilt and yes, shrink from money. From earning, receiving, even trying – for fear of the judgement of their peers.

You have seen what can happen when you dare try something new? (China snorts laughing)

Meanwhile, they are bleeding, draining, and leaking energy and losing respect in the astrals - on the spiritual plane. While you gain respect in the astrals and gain more spiritual merit and respect on the spiritual plane. Perhaps what they call “loosing” respect from their group of people – and certain groups of people who are still in stuck, victim, and fear consciousness – yet you 'gained' the respect of other more integrated groups, individuals, and peoples.

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