Magickal Muse - The Power of Respecting  and Working With Local Spirits  


Your town has local spirits.

If you don't already know – find out who the local spirits are.

For every town there is a first generation that forged and settled into the town.

For example – the first cemetery in Ashland, Oregon.

In the downtown district there's these beautiful Victorian houses and many of them are placed on the historical list and they have stories behind them.

I stayed in Colonel Silsby's house which was built in 1896.

Across the street from that is the Morehouse craftsman bungalow and their rental.

John Helman was a first generation settler. It was his land that Ashland was actually built on. His son Abel forged the Oregon Trail. There's also the Applegate Family.

All of these people – including Colonel Silsby – are buried in Ashland Cemetery.

These would be considered first generation local spirits of modern commerce.

If you go to India – in some places the local spirit would be Ganesha.

If you go to China - in some places it would be Kwan Yin.

In other places – it may be a Saint.

The local spirits in a small town in Scotland would be different than the local spirits in Thailand.

You want to figure this out because it's going to behoove you to make friends.

One of the things that a malevolent and energetically / psychically / materially rapey ruling class – one of their characteristics is they don't show reverence and respect.

They just take.

Well, that accumulates karma.

And eventually – even if they don't experience it in their current lifetime – further generations down the line in their family will. Because everything has to be atoned. Eventually God wins out and atonement has to happen.

It's best to actually get with the local spirits and bring them offerings.

Talk with them.

If you are looking to have success in a town...if you are looking to have what you need – don't just come in and start doing magick and mob around the town like you own the mother fucker.

The local spirits take notice.

And that could be a detrimental problem in the long run. Maybe even sometimes in the short run depending on who the local spirit is.

They can also help you.

Think about it – generations of families forged the businesses and real estate in your local town. I mean – their blood is in the soil.

They can really be of HUGE help and support - when you show respect.

Don't just walk in and mob into your local cemetery.

Stop at the gate.

Speak to the Guardians that guard the cemetery.

Have a chat.

Say hello.

Introduce yourself.

Maybe state your intention.

Bring an offering. Whatever that is for you. Flowers? Coins? Money? Crystals? Food? Some of your harvest you grew? Something the local spirit likes?

Anything that expresses generosity, care, and forethought.

Be polite.

Say excuse me when you step on graves.

If one of the graves calls to you – leave an offering.

If one of the graves is covered with dirt, it's got leaves all over it, no one has cleaned it in a while - and you get a vibe that the spirit would appreciate some cleanliness – wipe it off. Some spirits don't want to be bothered. They want to remain hidden in the cut. I leave them alone.

It's common sense.

Ask around and see if there is anybody in the cemetery who is stuck and trapped there and doesn't want to be there. Help them get out – if you have that kind of power. Which if you are on my list – you should.

Bring something to the table.

Go in and introduce yourself first. State your intention. “This is what I would like to do in this town...” and then leave. Come back another day after you have introduced yourself.

Things will go so much easier for you when you do this.

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