Gnothi Seauton - Human Design Reflector 

Gnothi Seauton - Human Design Reflector 

In this video India Kaitlin (5/1 Reflector) and I (China Brooks - 5/1 Manifestor) discuss what life as a Reflector is like for her. 

  • The Relationship Between Reflectors and Manifestors (especially fast moving Splenic Manifestors)
  • Dealing with Anger

  • The 5/1 Profile

  • Projections and Expectations put on the 5

  • Spirituality and Money

  • Spirituality and Sales

  • Decision Making (for Reflectors and Manifestors)

  • Reflector Michael Jackson as the Reflector Archetype

  • Universalization of the 5 Line

  • Energization for Reflectors


Energy Type: No definition.
Self / Signature : Surprise
Not Self / Resistance: Disappointment
Reflectors are here to signify the health of the community
Aura Reflects and Samples – resistant and sampling
Centers: completely open and undefined
Strategy: Wait 28 or 29 days – 1 lunar cycle
Existential Question: What stands out?
Purpose: Uplifting / transforming
Here To: gauge
Needs: Time to evaluate
Dysfunction: Ignored
Optimal Function: amoung yet separate
Goal: Communicate with others


"Reflectors can be all things to all people because they can take on identities of places and people to determine where or who needs what. The Reflector is truly here only for others.

Reflectors are energetically reflective – designed to be conditioned by their enthronement. Because they have such little consistency in their charts they can reflect something new quite easily without much trauma. They are lunar beings and need to wait 28 days before making major life decisions such as love, marriage, career, living conditions, etc They need to feel good in the community they're in and talk out their decisions.

Challenges for Reflectors are waiting - they can experience disappointment because they don't wait enough. The need consistent auras and therefore may seem less independent.

They need to feel good in the right place at the right time. And they need a lot of alone time. For sleep it is best that Reflectors are alone and lay down before becoming tired." - All Grace and Love