Gnōthi Seauton - Human Design Generator

Gnōthi Seauton - Human Design Generator
by China Brooks

Self / signature : Satisfaction
Not Self / Resistance : Frustration
Energy Type: Sacral center defined
Aura Attracts and Responds – open and enveloping
Existential Question : Who am I?
Purpose: Encompassing / organizing
Here to: Work
Needs: External stimulus
Dysfunction: Enslaved
Optimal Function: In groups
Goal: Love what you do
Strategy : Wait to respond - wait to be asked



“Generators / Manifesting Generators are the true builders of the world because they have consistent access to tremendous energy, but in order to access their battery they must find the right work (doing what they love) to feel satisfied. They should allow life to come to them instead of trying to make things happen.

Generators represent 70% of the population. They have energetic, sustainable energy. They are Masters of their work and are self-aware. They are here to work BUT must find the right work (fulfilling).

They must wait for the Universe to bring something. They are here to be deeply satisfied by their work. They respond to yes and no questions. Generators are designed to respond to questions and things that appear in form in their outer reality with these sounds:

use your gut :
“uh=huh: = YES
“uh-uh” = NO

The challenge for Generators is that they will feel frustrated if they do not find the right work. They may not know when to say “no” because they have energizer bunny energy. Making decisions with their head instead of their gut is challenging for them. They may need to sleep on an idea/feel into it before making decisions. They can often become frustrated and quit too soon. They cannot just “make it happen” and they can feel stuck.

The Generator motto is “slow and stead wins the race”. They are meant to go one step at a time. They do not need to inform – they need to wait to respond.” - All Grace and Love

Oprah Winfrey
Dali Lama
Muhammed Ali