Gnōthi Sauton - Human Design Manifestor 

Gnōthi Seauton - Human Design Manifestor

by China Brooks



Examples: Ra Uru Hu (creator of Human Design - was a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor), Frida, Kahlo, Jennifer Anniston, Johnny Depp, George W. Bush, JK Rowling, Martin Luther King, Robert De Niro

Self Signature: Peace
Not Self: Anger
Auric Type: Closed, Repells, Impacts (like a wish-granting Ganesh / Lone Wolf) 
Energy Type: Non Sacral Motor
Healthy Function: Leads
Disfunction: Controlled (Manifestors are conditioned to suppress their power and / or use it for others) 
Strategy: Initiates, Informs (Wait for the Room) 
Energy States: Exploding or Recharging
Needs: Correct Timing
Question: Who am I impacting? 
Goal: Freedom to Create


"A Manifestor will have a powerful voice and a powerful presence. They are energetic, driven, powerful, influential, and successful.

A Manifestor has the energy to start things, but not necessarily the stamina to finish. They are the most independent type and want people to stay out of their way so they can do what they want. They are truly the only type that can follow the Nike commercial ad and “Just Do It”.

While they have a powerful energy to begin things, they are not here to work in a sustainable way. Working a 9 to 5 is exhausting.

Manifestors are here to inform people and to be informed. They need to define their impact field. Manifestors can get angry when they feel others are trying to control them and others can become angry with the Manifestor when they aren't being informed about what the Manifestor is doing.

What the Manifestor may not realize yet is that when they inform people of what they are going to do, that doesn't mean they need to get everyone's opinion or stop because of others's projections. When people are informed, regardless of what their opinion is it eases the impact and the Manifestor finds Peace.

Challenges for Manifestors is that they are conditioned to suppress their power. They are here to start things – not finish – and they need to slow down. A Manifestor is moving 3 steps ahead of everybody, but they think in pictures. When a Manifestor gets an idea, they want to just go do it. And they can usually do it quite well. They are designed to be independent. Because stopping to explain things to others takes too long, asking for help or delegating can be difficult. Manifestors need to inform others of what they plan to do. They can become angry, irritable, impatient, and secretive."  - All Grace and Love