Appreciate What You Have - Part 1

Appreciate What You Have - Part 1

by China Brooks 


Abundance, prosperity and having more are big themes for us all.

Many Countries Experience Great Lack

The other day I was watching a Hindi film called Swades.  In the movie, a NASA employee decides to live in India and help villages secure electricity and running water.  If towns have no electricity and running water, they can’t do things such as irrigate their crops and run businesses, which causes lack and starvation.

Watching this reminded me of an episode of 30 Days (Morgan Spurlock of Super Size me fame), titled Immigration.  Over the course of several months (almost a year), the immigrant mother saved up $40 to be able to give her children a Christmas.  How long would it take you to earn $40?  Before the family came to the States, they lived in a structure with no roof, dirt floors, and no running water.  There was no work so it was very hard to make money (i.e., feed the family).  This is the case in many countries.

In some places homes do not have window coverings, screens or doors with locks.  The people can’t afford these kinds of things, so they live with bug and rodent infestations.

America’s Abundance

In America most of us are looking at what we don’t have.  We complain about our cell phone coverage, internet speed, not being able to afford drinks at the nightclub, or that we had to downgrade to an apartment.  When you turn on your faucet, does water come rushing out?  Be grateful.  When you flip the switch, do the lights come on in your home?  Be appreciative.  Notice that today you ate and that just for today, you have everything you need.  I wish all Americans would travel to other places and get a grip on how incredibly blessed we are.

Practicing Abundance

In the Cook Islands, if you visit someone’s home, they give you the very best of what they have to eat.  For them, it’s an honor.  The village found out we like lettuce, so we ended up with five bags of it when I arrived.  How many of us do that in the United States?  Not many, and what’s our excuse?  We have much more abundance than most countries (including the Cook Islands), yet we hoard the best for ourselves in fear that we will not have enough.  Then we wonder why we’re stuck in lack consciousness instead of reaching new heights of abundance and having.

What You Give Away, You Keep

Universal Law says that which you give away, you keep.  If you give something away to another, you are telling the Universe that you have so much of the thing, you can afford to give it away.  The Universe then says, “Yes, you do have so much,” and gives you more of it.  The only way to have more is to appreciate what you have right now and to share it with others (i.e., your mirror image).

Appreciate what you have right now.  Look around and you will see in this very moment that you have everything you need.  Do you have health, eyesight, can you walk, or smile?  Do you have food in your fridge?  Do you have money in your pocket?  Do you have friends and family who love you?  Count your blessings for you will see they are many.  Then, as you count them consistently (daily), you will notice more and more begin to appear.