40 Things To Appreciate

40 Things to Appreciate

by China Brooks


1. Art – Being inspired by beautiful art.

2. Rain – The peaceful feeling of lying in bed while listening to heavy rain hitting your roof. The smell of fresh, crisp, clean air right after it has rained. Putting your face in the rain and sticking out your tongue to catch rain droplets. Not having to water your plants after it has rained.

3. Dancing – The blissful feeling of surrendering your body to the music and becoming one with it.

4. Music - The excitement of finding really good music that you have never heard before. Or, listening to your current favorite song on repeat - heavy rotation. 

5. Sleep - Getting into bed with clean sheets, right after you’ve taken a long shower or bath.

6. Food - Fantastic, fresh, and well prepared food things. 

7. Conversation - The exhilaration of deep and truthful conversation.

8. Friends - When a friend sends a text or calls just when you need it.

9. Mail - Getting something awesome and/or handmade in the mail. Getting unexpected money in the mail.

10. Laughter – When you hear something so funny that you can’t stop laughing and weeks later you are still laughing about it. The freedom and joy you feel when acting silly with friends and/or children.

11. Ocean – Breathing in crisp, salty, fresh ocean air. Feeling the sand on your bare feet and toes. Laying in the sand and soaking up the sun (sunbathing). 

12. Wind – When the wind and breeze hits your skin, especially when it’s hot outside or after it has just rained.

13. Wind Chimes – When the wind chimes give you a beautiful, calming, angelic concert.

14. Nature – The grounding rejuvenation of being out in nature. Seeing how vibrantly green everything is right after it has rained. The peace, calm, and love you feel when the entire sky is pink, purple, and/or orange during a sunset or sunrise. Driving home while watching a sunset or sunrise and listening to loud music with your windows rolled down.

15. Views - Taking in a beautiful panoramic view of nature or city lights.

16. Meditation - The calm relief of letting go during and after meditation.

17. Water - The comfort of warm water on your skin. The calming and clearing effect of being around clean, pristine water. The refreshing feeling of drinking water when you’re really thirsty.

18. Going to the Bathroom - Finding relief after needing to go and holding it in for a while. The warm comforting feeling of peeing in the shower.

19. Learning - The satisfaction of accomplishment after learning something new. The joy of seeing the physical, tangible fruits of your labor.

20. Animals - When you talk to animals and they answer you back. When you hold a warm, friendly kitten or puppy and you rub your face against theirs.

21. Babies –Holding a baby as she trustingly curls up on your chest.

22. Cool Neighbors - Awesome, friendly neighbors who help you out.

23. Cool People - People who are happy for your success and want to see you do well. People who appreciate life and infect you with their passion for living.

24. Courage - The inner strength you feel from taking courageous action.

25. Your Home - The comfort you feel from fixing up, and organizing your home and your surroundings.

26. Feeling Good - When how you look and how you feel are in harmonious sync. When you are in such a good mood that you infect everyone around you with your cheerfulness and zest for life.

27. Books – The satisfaction of finishing a good book. Reading a book that changes your life perspective for the better.

28. Getting Stuff Done – When you complete a task, especially something that passionately energizes you. 

29. Loving Yourself – When you finally let go and learn to love and accept yourself no matter what.

30. Senses – Realizing how blessed you are to have your eyesight, hearing, and other senses.

31. Travel – The joy of expanding your mind while experiencing new cultures and seeing new things. The relaxation, freedom, and excitement experienced during travel.

32. Deep Breathing – When you feel clean, pure, crisp air rushing through your lungs and into your entire body; filling and rejuvenating every cell. The calm relaxation of deep breathing.

33. Weather – When the weather changes right after a really hot or cold spell. When your favorite weather lasts for weeks at a time. Curling up by a fire with a fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate during cold weather. Going swimming on a really hot day. Laying out in the sun on your own tropical island.

34. Driving – Driving with all the windows down, music blaring, and sun-roof open. Driving with the windows rolled down and the heat on.

35. Exercise – Sweat pouring, toxins releasing, and energy increasing as you exercise to your favorite music. Visualizing and imagining while you exercise - programming in a new life for yourself. 

36. Smiling – When you smile at another person and it makes them light up. When someone smiles at you right when you need it most.

37. Making a Difference – When you know you have made things better for another person or for a group of people. When the quality of living has increased for someone else because of you.

38. Receiving – When someone makes you something or gives you a thoughtful gift; and it makes you feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. When someone gives you something very valuable because you’re worth it and you deserve the best. When someone sincerely and genuinely compliments you.

39. Giving – The joy you feel when you give someone something and it deeply touches them. Listening to someone with your entire being and really taking them in without thinking about what you are going to say next.

40. Hugs – When someone hugs you, connects their heart to yours, and only lets go when you are ready.