Appreciate What You Have - Part 2

Appreciate What You Have

by China Brooks 


When you express appreciation for something, the Universe gives you more of it.  This is why people who think about, talk about and appreciate what they already have experience more abundance.  It works both ways; those who focus on and complain about not having enough experience lack.  Many focus on what they think they do not have, then wonder why their lives are void of what they want (more money, loyal friends, etc...).

Watch Where You Focus

Do you suffer from the “only” syndrome?  When you look at the money in your pocket, wallet, or bank account, do you say to yourself or others, “I only have...”  Suppose you have one dollar and you say, “I only have this dollar.”  You are taking that dollar for granted, putting it down and saying that it's not enough.  Then you wonder why dollars don't just magically fall into your lap.  Taking anything for granted puts you on the fast track to that thing disappearing from your life completely.

I have a friend who had a birthday party.  Instead of being grateful for the many friends who did show up, she complained about those who did not.  I thought the party had a great turn-out.  To show their support, some people came early and stayed late.  A few brought food, gifts and a birthday cake.  All around her I saw friends who were clearly expressing their loyalty.  But she didn't see that, she choseto focus on the disappointment of those who said they would come and did not.

Another friend of mine couldn't imagine sitting still and quieting the mind (meditating) for 2 minutes. But now she is up to 20 minutes in only a few months time.  Do you have a facebook page?  Do you ever post something and then get disheartened when “only” a few people respond to your post?  These are all examples of the “only” syndrome, which luckily, is a curable affliction.

Practicing Appreciation

You must appreciate what you have now before the Universe will give you anymore of it, this is Universal Law. Prosperity, abundance, and having are states of mind.  Is it true that anything you are good at now took practice?  It's the same with training the mind, which is merely a tool for you to use.  Most people don't use their mind as a tool, and so their mind uses them.  But you are the boss of your mind and just as your mind has been trained to focus on lack, with practice, you can re-train it to focus on abundance.  You do this by appreciating what you have right now.

All it takes is a shift in your perspective.  When you have that dollar, you can say, “Look, I have money flowing.  This dollar is wonderful and I appreciate what it represents in my life.”  Do that often and you will be given more dollars.  Whether it's a penny or a million dollars, it's evidence of the flow of abundance.

What about your facebook page?  If you begin to say to yourself, “Only a few people commented,” can you focus on appreciating the people who did take time to comment?  Perhaps you can you go a step further and express your appreciation to them?  Remember, that which you give away you keep.  Give appreciation and you will receive appreciation.


Appreciating the Small Steps

This applies to goal setting as well.  Instead of thinking that your goal has not yet happened, consciously shift your focus to look for any evidence that your goal is coming to fruition.  The more evidence you focus on (appreciate), the more (and greater) evidence will appear (manifest).  Those who have true prosperity habitually focus on (look for) evidence of their abundance.

Doesn't it make you feel good to think about what is going right in your life and to think about the abundance you have now?  How does it make you feel about those who do love and cherish you?   Express appreciation for what you have right now.  Only then will your flow of abundance truly increase.

That which you appreciate you draw nearer to you. What do you love about yourself and the life you live right now?  What is good now?