10 Ways to Live in the New Paradigm

10 Ways to Live in the New Paradigm 

by China Brooks


1. Practice Radical Honesty - Be honest even when it's uncomfortable and others don't like you.

2. Stop Explaining - You don't need to defend or explain yourself to anyone, ever.

3. Have Integrity - Live with your thoughts, words, and deeds in alignment. Be your authentic self and live an authentic life.

4. Practice Positive Living - Positive thinking only goes so far and is useless without positive action. If you want change, be that change. Stop talking and start living.

5. Stop Managing Pain - Stop managing other people's pain. Stop trying to fix everything for everyone. You aren't responsible for the emotions and pain of another person. Stop numbing yourself out and drugging yourself up.

6. Surrender - Surrender everything you thought you knew. You are not your house or your car. You are not your social titles or your popularity. You are not even your body.

7. Follow Your Own Advice - Stop seeking and needing everyone else's advice and approval. It's tainted with their perception, desires, and opinions. The best advice you can follow is the advice you obtain within the quiet stillness of your own being.

8. Follow Your Intuition - Your intuition is the best GPS system you will ever have. In order to hear your intuition loud and clear you need to...

9. Slow Down - Breathe. Stop keeping up with the fast pace of the world around you. Meditate, breathe deeply, take walks, and enjoy nature. Slow down.

10. Focus On Being - Stop doing and start being. It's no longer do to get; it's be to receive (Eloheim Channel). From that place of being you will feel inspired to take Divine Right Action.