10 Days of Electronics Fasting

10 Days of Electronics Fasting

May 15, 2017
by China Brooks

The internet is the fake astral. - Dr. Robert Svoboda

For my birthday I gifted myself 10 days without electronics. No computer. No phone.


The Biggest Thing I Learned

True sovereignty - creative and energetic in thought, word, and deed, rests upon us disconnecting from AI (artificial intelligence) and returning to nature.

Quiet solitude. Stillness.

There is ancient order in the forests, jungles, beaches, and deserts.

Before I handed my electronics over to a friend, I was disturbed to see the amount of steps I had to take to disengage from my online internet life. I had to tie up lose ends, which included posting notices on my social media profiles to inform others of my absence. It was unsettling and unnerving that I couldn't disappear without having to go through a sufficient process first.

I think that's exactly what electronics do when they are used habitually - shock and misalign the nervous system. They jolt it into fight or flight. AI makes it difficult for any individual to listen to the still small voice within which catapults them into higher and greater versions of themselves. Especially as it pertains to their own creativity and expressing that genius in the physical, tangible world.

How did we get to this point?

I remember a time when we didn't have cell phones. We used a pager, Thomas Guide, and Map Quest. I was one of the last people to get a cell phone. I fought it - hard. My agent made it mandatory (for their convenience) so I caved in, however; I felt like a fish on a hook.


A.I. Interferes with Telepathy

When I posted that I was going to be off of social media, I stated that I was considering a lifestyle without a cell phone. Because of this I received a message from a relative who was, “concerned”. She mentioned that I could have a prepaid phone without internet in case of emergency.

Although I was slightly annoyed, I understood where she was coming from. Think of all the things that “could” happen if I don't have a cell phone. What if I'm driving my car and something happens to it? I have AAA, but I would need to call them on a cell phone. What I got into an accident? What if somebody came into my home with the intent to hurt me? What if? What if? What if?


To me, this viewpoint – while valid - completely negates the power of the individual and collective consciousness towards telepathy and faith in Divine Intervention. As in, someone coming by at exactly the right moment to help me. I didn't have a phone for decades and I was fine.

I really believe that excessive AI keeps us from exploring, understanding, deepening, and sharpening our powers of telepathy with each other and as a society. Telepathy is one of my favorite forms of communication next to a phone call and eye to eye companionship with prolonged touch.

Humans can feel each other through empathy. Sometimes it's as if someone is next to you without them being physically present. You can feel their embrace, but they aren't in the room. You can smell them. Their body is not with you, but you feel as if they are. You can even hear them speaking to you. It is as if you are reading each others thoughts. This is telepathy.

I decided to keep my cell phone because I love music, sales, and client conversations.

Electronics Hinder the Nervous System

After about halfway though the 10 days I asked my friend for 1 hour with my computer for business and money related transactions.

I lasted about 20 minutes.

From the moment I turned my computer on, my nervous system felt attacked. I was not ready for it.

Upon briefly checking my email and Facebook I saw two messages from close friends / family which upset me. One of them stated that she was, “worried,” because I hadn't been responding to her emails. What? This person follows all of my social media channels where I had clearly stated I was going to be offline. Another person left me a fb message on my birthday proposing to hang out that same day/evening. What said a lot to me is the latter person knows where I live – my physical address. A visit (or flowers) would have been great.

These “communications” made me wonder, aren't people paying attention? Did they read my posts? The main issue I had with this is it seemed to be an example of our connections having a dissociative quality to them as civilization moves closer and closer to AI.

Experiment: 4 Months Without Internet

It reminded me of an experiment I did years ago when I was living in Los Angeles where I didn't have internet in my home for 4 months.

What it showed me then (which is what I saw this time, too) is who makes an effort to reach out to me. Who's paying attention. Who calls me on the phone. Who sends me things in the mail. Who visits me at my residence. Who puts in work to deeply connect with me. It's easy to send a Facebook message. It's easy to leave a message on my Facebook wall. Not to sound like I don't appreciate it (I do). However; for those close to me, it's lazy. People's actions make the value of our relationship (in their eyes) clear.

Email - A Portal of Other People's Needs

When I went online, email felt like it was filled with messages of a bunch of “gimme” requests. People wanting me to bend to their whim or give them guidance and tell them things. I gave my computer back to my friend and she re-hid it. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

A few days later she left, leaving me in the house alone for a weekend – the last few days of my birthday week. I was happy for the solitude. At one point, I found myself searching through the house for 5 to 7 minutes looking for my electronics because I desperately wanted to listen to music. Upon realizing I was slightly frantic, I stopped. The truth is, there was a part of me trying to avoid the inevitable. I needed to relax and breathe. It was essential that I let go - deep within – and face my shadow and light which had been drowned out in AI.

The Truth About A.I.

You must be completely sovereign in your own energy and clear on what it is that you are creating. It's crucial that you are super aligned with yourself - grounded in your body, purpose, and truth. If a person is not and they go onto the internet, it dominates them. Even when they don't realize it and they think they've got it beat. A weak person goes online and is bombarded by a barrage of other people's opinions, agendas, and wants. It's heavy. For the most part, the internet currently contains a lot of ungrounded, unhealthy people. A misaligned populace loudly shouting as if they have answers – or that they need answers.



But who is doing the leading and who is doing the following? And from what place are they leading and from what space are they following? Be the creator or be the created upon. Any area of your life you do not empower, you will be overpowered.

Getting Back to What's Important

During my 10 days I spent a lot of time reading, breathing deeply, enjoying nature, sunbathing nude by the river, and meditating. At first I fought the tranquility. Then I fought the tendency to do and do and do. I wanted to create things – to be of value. It felt as if the doing (what I produce) validated me as a person.

It was very hard to get me to stop the acting, accomplishing, achieving, and striving compulsion. I have had the tendency to want to control. Finally towards the end – the last few days – I surrendered into true rest and rejuvenation (which included diving deep into pain and grief in my heart). I allowed myself to finally to let go of control, sit there, and do absolutely nothing. With that, I found a tremendous peace and power. This power was no longer rooted in trying to fight against things or push against things. It was rooted in love and gentle allowing. The true power is in letting go. The true power is in leaving space.

I pulled this card from The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild - #42 She Tames By Laying Down the Staff and Rope.


“My ways prevail. I subjugate the lower to the higher without any force. Through my ways, correct alignment to the higher divine order is established. My authority is supreme yet I have no need to enforce it. Devotion to me is absolute. Yet I bestow freedom. I show you now the whispering way to tame great force. I initiate you into the way of strength without coercion. The way of attraction without demand. Follow me and learn the art of feminine power, that fear shall always succumb to love...

This way of gentleness takes great strength of will. But it is will that redirects the pushing, striving mind rather than the action of willpower that seeks to mold the physical world. Or control the people in your life to have them act as you would wish. It is a way that attracts the devotion of others. And draws to you the aid and support you need yet you are not required to grasp for such generosity. So you are being initiated to the teachings of the taming way of feminine power. Whether you are a man or a woman, once you have tasted the way of masculine power – the way of force and effort - your soul will wish to experience its polarity. The way of magnetism and more effortless attraction...

You can, of course choose the other way to pursue, push, and direct. However, you will find it an uphill battle all the way and it will only get you so far. This way holds more finesse, attains a greater result and will lead you further along you path as you learn that the opposites are only an appearance of reality, not reality itself. You cannot embrace and empower one side of a war without empowering the war itself. To surrender resistance and even preference gives you freedom. You can then manifest through invitation what is offered from the heartspace. There is no control here and yet you will seem to command an army whilst ever your heart is pure and remains true to peace.”

I also pulled The Lovers card from the Thoth Tarot Deck. The Tarot Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien states,


“The I Ching says, even a single passion still lurking in the heart has power to obscure reason. Passion and reason cannot exist side by side. Therefor, fight without quarter is necessary if the good is to prevail. In a resolute struggle of the good against evil there are, however; definite rules that must not be disguarded if good is to succeed. First, resolution must be based on a union of strength and friendliness. Second, a compromise with evil is not possible. Evil under all circumstances must openly be discredited. Nor must our own passions and shortcomings be glossed over. Third, the struggle must not be carried on directly by force. If evil is branded, it thinks of weapons. And if we do it the favor of fighting against it blow for blow, we lose in the end, because thus we ourselves get entangled in hatred and passion. Therefor it is important to begin at home. To be on guard in our own persons against the faults that we have branded. In this way, finding no opponent, the sharp edges of the weapons of evil become dulled. For the same reasons we should not combat our own faults directly. As long as we wrestle with them they continue victorious. Finally, the best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.”

I laid down my staff and my rope.

Sometimes I think that those who do dark deeds and utilize their magic to control and manipulate others are weak. Because that is easy. It's apathetic to think negatively - it's been programmed within us and the masses do it. It's the lackadaisical “in” thing to do. It takes so much more strength to hold love. It takes so much more strength to actually put the staff and rope down. It takes so much more willpower to come from empathy.

During my electronics fast I studied the Gene Keys in depth. I did a lot of tarot and oracle card readings on myself. I created a new oracle card deck - the Selling with Spirit Oracle Cards – for students only. To find out more information about Selling with Spirit click here. To find out more about Readings with Spirit click here. I designed new programs for my students. I got clear on the kind of content I prefer to create for this website – Creative Emancipation. I know the people who I am writing for and the people I am not writing for. I am not writing for the sheeple cattle (we call them the Moos). Moos cannot sit still and read a 9 page article.

I faced aspects of my character that are beneficial, and aspects I'd like to transmute and transform. I got back in touch with myself in a deep and genuine – marrow of my bones, core of my cells way. I had profound and prophetic dreams. I could see who is who and what is what – the intentions behind everyone and everything in my life.

On my birthday I wanted to check my social media because I was missing the energetic pings I get when I have notifications. My body seemed addicted to the adrenaline rush of the external validation. The craving didn't last long. It did, however; make me confront my usage of cyberspace and my true “why” of adopting it.

The Go! Exercise

One of my favorite things that I did during this time is The Go! Exercise. It's a process where you get clarity on what energizes you and what drains you in one (or more) areas of your life. Once you have the data you can move forward in crafting your daily schedule and activities to align with that which invigorates you.

Here are my findings...

Positive (things that energized me):

timer (cell phone)
voice notes recorder (cell phone)
track number two on my computer (it's a hypnosis track that kills procrastination and it sounds like the ocean waves – I love to keep it playing in the background as I work)
guided meditations on my computer and cell phone
clean it out (a heaving-hitting breathing exercise mp3)
listening to chants via Infinite Looper
organizing and deleting files
using content
taking courses
communicating with viewers via social media
using my camera phone
reaching out to clients and prospective clients via Facebook (I love communicating with clients and people who may become a client of mine.)
having focused time on the computer – knowing what I want to do, doing it, and then getting off promptly
having two solid days a week completely off of electronics
reading digital books
watching movies
rituals and ceremonies (finding them on my computer and then doing them)
studying human design (I have massive amounts of books and information on this that I still haven't gotten to)
working on Creative Emancipation
creating content
sales calls
client calls
the thought of handing my social media over to a manager where all I do is create content and I give it to them to post for me

Negative (things that drained me):

web surfing – procrastinating
watching porn (I don't do this often, however; I have my moments.)
so many screen shots on my cell phone (why, god, why?!)
too many files
Facebook messenger (It's not my favorite, depending on who I am talking with.)
consuming content – watching youtube videos
profile lurking

Returning to Electronics

When the 10 days was up I asked for my laptop and smartphone back. As I held them in my hands I stared at them and felt odd. They seemed foreign. The dynamic of power shifted and I didn't feel owned by them. They were tools. I had had ample time to contemplate my relationship with them.

Since the internet is the fake astral, we can utilize it in constructively beneficial ways - to illuminate and uplift humanity individually and collectively. Is a person and/or a group using it in a pro-humanity way or an anti-humanity way? Are they using it for their own benefit and gain or are they using it to truly inspire others and help us all thrive?

As my electronics powered themselves back on, I felt bombarded. My phone started to update itself – all the apps - basically trying to tell me what it wanted me to do. I went outside with my cell phone and I listened to Under the Sun by Seba a few times while dancing with my feet in the dirt and sun on my face.

When I went onto Youtube to listen to music I felt annoyed by the flashing advertisements and movie trailers. I saw that anybody who is ungrounded would be completely taken over by this nervous system overwhelm. I feel like there's a lot of mind control - a great deal of subliminal programming. I noticed this keenly because I was outside with my feet in the dirt surrounded by a high tree to people ratio.

It made me think about being in the city and how much harder it is to be grounded when there's not a lot of soil and timber. There's a lack of space between each person and each house. What we get is quite a bit of electronic interference. I believe cell phones and computers are on a lower frequency than nature. This causes stress in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies; throwing them off-kilter. I am glad I was born and raised in a time before integrated circuitry.

I definitely choose to harmonize into my life as a permanent change, 2 days off of electronics every week. And to only go on the computer and phone for planned usage. To use my electronics for things that energize me - using my findings from the Go! Exercise - to craft my life in the way that I see fit.

Nature is Heaven on Earth

I feel that the best way we can return back to our true power of creativity and happy living is by getting into nature. Shut down AI and reconnect with all things innate such as the rhythmic cycles of the moon and stars.

Plants and trees.



Women synch their menstrual cycles with nature and the womb. And men follow the Womb Wisdom of women who are synched up with the natural cycles (i.e. inherent power). From there we can utilize AI in the highest most beautifully transformative ways. Advancing our society to greater heights in all areas: science, metaphysics, herbalism, mathematics, economics, writing, culture - all of the above. This truly leads us into a Golden Age of society, which I believe is very possible. I know because I lived it for 10 days.