Nobody puts China Brooks in a box 📦

Over the years, China Brooks has been known as a professional actor, spiritual teacher, yoni egg guru, sales expert, Human Design practitioner, course developer, etc.

And now?

China helps groups and individuals craft and sell high value offerings aligned with their Great Work so that they can live a balanced spiritual and material life congruent with Source Consciousness...and being very well paid for it 💸

Obviously I’m thrilled for you to listen to this episode. We dive deep into some incredible empowerment topics:

⚡️Proper payment for practitioners
⚡️Human Design
⚡️How to know when enough is enough
⚡️How to listen to your body

This conversation is truly radical. Get ready to take notes, powerhouses.





Listen to the full episode here :







Reflections – China Brooks

As part of our new routine at Everyday Connection, we are going to offer up a weekly blog called Reflections as a way to show appreciation to our guests for the time and energy they are so willing to share with us on the show.  It is our way of saying, yes we are listening, and we are grateful for what you have taught us during your time here at Everyday Connection.

During our last show we had the exciting opportunity to talk to China Brooks about her journey as an actor, spiritual student, and guide.  It was a unique discussion on compromise and integrating your inner light into your ever day life.  The most remarkable thing about China is her ability to meld her knowledge of self into her work in an industry that in the past has been extremely image oriented.  Although China has left the commercial end of entertainment recently she had some amazing advice to offer up to others with regards to breaking into the industry while at the same time breaking out of the box that it is perceived by some to trap them in.

We discussed the need to stay true to self, to maintain a centered and grounded core while developing a strong sense of self; as well as how creative, outside the lines thinking can often take you to places you never dreamed were possible.  It left me pondering; how much of myself am I willing to compromise in order to succeed as a writer and talk show host.  My conclusion…  I’m not…

I think that life presents us with a wonderful collage of opportunity each and every day we wake on this beautiful planet we call home, and it is up to us and individuals to pick and choose which open doors we wish to step through.  At times this idea of choice can seem daunting, as one direction may offer up much wealth and fame yet at the same time ask us to pay a price we are not willing to pay.

It is a decision that needs be pondered and one I know from experience that cannot be taken lightly.  How high does the cost of success have to be before it is too high and how much of my me am I willing to sacrifice in order for others to deem me worthy of their respect on a professional level?  Too many times have I heard that very word (professional) used to describe the ‘opposite’ of who I am, and up until recently it has caused a huge internal conflict within me with regards to my work both as a writer and, on this show.  Yet thanks to people like China who have the strength to stand on their truth, it has been proven to me more times than I can count that if I remain authentic in who I am then those who will love me for who I am will continue to wander my way, while those who would change my me will simply disappear from my radar.  As an author and perhaps even as a guide I am also ever the student and still thankfully learning the value and worth of the light that shines within.

I think that the same can be said for any position, job, task, or title that those who remain authentic and true to the people they interact with will also remain in a place of peace and contentment with where they are.  To me that means lasting power, a way to further your exploration for your chosen life path and a way to extend your time in any chosen career.  If you’re faking it, or if you are not allowing yourself to grow and expand internally and allow that growth to show externally then in time people will figure it out and they will begin to wonder who this person is that they have allowed into their lives.   I think at all times when dealing with the industries of art and entertainment we have to keep in mind that people for the most part are smart, and they have no love for those who would wish to deceive or fool them, no love for those who would pretend to be that which they are not simply to acquire wealth and be loved by the masses.

History has shown us that it is those actors, musicians, and artists who have stood their ground and refused to bend to the will of publicists and image makers, who have blossomed into multinational way-showers whose messages of ‘be true to you’ traverse oceans.  As public figures, we have a responsibility to our friends and guests (previously referred to by others as fans and listeners) to remain true to who we are, not hiding our imperfections and being open and honest about our human nature.  As human beings, we owe it to our brothers and sisters (previously referred to as friends and family) to offer them the most authentic version of us we have to offer and, most importantly, we also owe it to ourselves to spend time reflecting on the value of our authenticity.

So next time you are considering a new position, a new career, or even a new direction in which to travel down the path of life, consider first if taking that next step is honouring who you are within.   For if you cannot know you and be true to you, what in the world is it you think you have to offer the world?


As always, all my love and thank-you for taking the time to stop and reflect a while with me on life and what it all means…

Jean Victoria Norloch

PS: If you missed our show with China, here is your chance to listen.  Just press that magic play button!



How do you find the balance between who the world wants you to be and who you know you are in your heart?  For China Brooks it is all about finding out first who you are then finding the courage to run with it.  Life is about the contrast she explained on tonight’s show, the contrast within and the contrast we see in the world.  What is amazing about this young woman is not just her own personal experiences or the journey she has taken thus far but rather what she has done with the knowledge and her excitement about continuing the journey.  She has learned a few tricks over the years, some of which she was kind enough to share with us for keeping her grounded and in close contact with the world in which she lives while exploring further the potential of her connection to spirit.  It can be difficult in a world that seems at times based on image and materialistic values to stay true to yourself and if you are struggling with this particular issue tonight’s show might just be the show for you.   So join us by hitting the magic play button and wander through life a while with China.