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  • China is born to a Bahamian family in Key West, Florida 



  • China starts reading the energy of others quite accurately. She could see their deepest hopes, dreams, and fears. It fascinated her Mother, yet frightened others. 



  • China starts yoga with teacher, Sita
  • China gets her first head shots and modeling pictures. She also worked with agent Judy Savage (Mother to Ben Savage of The Wonder Years, fame). China was set to be cast in a television series. However, upon realizing that her Mother was not going to be a "set Mom (accompanying China to all auditions, filmings, etc) she self-decided to hold off on acting until she was more emotionally mature. 
  • China starts doing Picture Readings (accurately reading the energy in a person's picture). 


  • China begins being an active grid worker, which she remained until February 2018. A grid worker is a planetary light worker who breaks down the false light Matrix grids, and helps to program something healthier in its place. 



  • China learns to meditate while on retreat at the Lama Foundation, which began her life long meditation practice. 



  • China begins studying with OSHO from the Kanzeonji Non Sectarian Buddhist Temple in Mount Washington. Once she meditated for 7.5 hours with her Teachers. 


  • China lives in Paris for a while and studied at La Sorbonne. 
  • China becomes a professional working actor, which she remained until 2013. China appeared in numerous television film, commercials, and print jobs. She worked with people such as Kevin Costner, Benjamin Bratt, Will Smith, Celine Dion, and Janet Jackson, etc. Some of China's work includes Dockers, Chevy, Maytag (she was recognized on the street as "It's the Maytag girl!"), Miracle Gro, Tide, Tylenol, Felicity, and Gilmore Girls, etc. 
  • China starts training at the Joanne Baron /  DW Brown Studio for the Study of the Dramatic Arts. 
  • China begins studying for Ministry and Torchbearer Light Work with OC Smith - the founder of the City of Angels Church of Religious Science Mecca Program. During her time at the church, China sang in the choir - which produced an album and a sold out concert. She also taught at the Sunday school for 9 to 13 year old - revolutionizing the program - adding courses such as musical with live instruments, scientific nature walks, and conflict resolution. 
  • China starts working as Co-Creative Director (among other things) with Living Our Real Dreams - The Beautiful World Children's Show - taking the program from concept to produced reality. China also organized and held team meetings, created costumes, wrote scripts and songs, cast actors for characters, and trained the cast.


  • China graduates from Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio for the Study of the Dramatic Arts.  
  • China graduates as a Professional Practitioner from the City of Angels Church of Religious Science Mecca Program. 
  • China travels to China and Tibet. 
  • China's mentor OC Smith passes. 
  • China studies at The Actors Network (intense business training for actors who desire longevity and consistent income creation)



  • China begins professionally reading oracle cards after her friends and family offer her significant amounts of money and gifts for private sessions. 
  • China works as a reader for several spiritual bookstores in Los Angeles (from 2008 to 2013) including Mystic Journey, Psychic Eye, and the Green Man.



  • China starts her YouTube channel and blog for spiritual tools and exercises. 



  • China starts her Human Design experiment.  
  • China creates her first deck of oracle cards. After doing readings for many clients, she felt that there was a need for a deck which offers solution consciousness, practice, action oriented guidance. Hence, her oracle card decks were born. 



  • China leads her first mastermind.
  • China works with Wakan Films as an associate producer. 
  • July 2013 - China marries herself in a huge custom house in the woods of Oregon. 
  • August 2013 China sells her home, gives away / sells 99% of her belongings, leaves Los Angeles and the entertainment industry, and begins to travel the country. 
  • August 2013 to March 2018 - China travels the country; living in and/or visiting Oregon, New York, Utah, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Cook Islands, Tibet, Paris, France, Mexico, Nevada, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. 
  • November 2013 - Upon the suggestion of a male shaman, China tries yoni eggs. The next day she creates a video of her experience and uploads it to YouTube.
  • China starts coaching (catalyzing) clients with her viral strategies. From 2013 to 2018, she helps some go from zero career to 26k - 140k instagram followers, 4k likes on each post, thriving businesses, and corporate sponsorship with companies such as Chevy, Facebook, and Stella Beer, etc. 



  • China's Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience video goes viral, receiving 100k views (China deletes the video in 2016). Yoni eggs become mainstream - featured by celebrities on national television. 
  • China moves to Vegas and tries exotic dancing for 4.5 months and films her experience for her YouTube channel. 



  • China is invited by an American Idol finalist with 400k YouTube subscribers to kick off her new talk show and speak on the subject of yoni eggs and the yoni eggs community. China refuses. 
  • China's first on-camera reading with her Prosperity Oracle Cards (filmed in 2014) goes viral at 90k views (she deletes this video in 2016). 



  • China studies with some of the best, high level sales training out there and births her Selling with Spirit group course. 



  • China starts teaching Magick to select initiates.