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You need guidance. I know strategy.

My self-created oracle card decks were designed to provide you with clarity and a blueprint for how to successfully and efficiently move forward. The cards (and my counsel) offer you solution based, practical tools and exercises – helping you to:

- Make better decisions
- Wisely embrace and navigate change
- Receive confirmation and validation
- Discover greater confidence
- Cultivate deeper self trust and self love
- Receive support with creating your life
- Align with increased prosperity
- Move obstacles and resistance out of your way


Obtain insight into your power...

Get a Picture Reading where I read the energy in a recent photo of you. Picture Readings are designed to help you know what you are capable of being, creating, having, and doing.

Gain clarity on invaluable insight about yourself that you had not before noticed and/or considered. Be nurtured in the truth of your being – empowered to see yourself in a fresh, positive light.

- Receive validation on the highest path to take
- Improve confidence
- Connect with your Spirit Guides / Spiritual Team
- Remove blocks
- Take beneficial actions to get your life on a solid track

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Boost your sales…

Improve your Sales with Clauneck's unflinching, raw, and honest assessment of how you can provide more value and streamline your Sales process to upgrade your cash intake.

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Plug into a thriving sales & sadhana focused hive mind...

Sollertis is a limited space private Mastermind.

It focuses on an experience of individual and group thriving. In the Mastermind you will learn :

INcome Streams
Course Creation
Human Design

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It's time for you to uplevel...

Selling with Spirit Mastercourse is a group program for Readers and Coaches who choose to make a difference in the world while being paid well for their Great Work.

This 8 week program teaches spiritual entrepreneurs you how to craft a high value offer, sell it with heart, and deliver it well. All while earning a handsome income, raising the quality of their lives – and of those around them.

There is an aligned way to craft products and services – and market and sell them - according to your individual energy.

Selling With Spirit merges metaphysics and commerce - using several modalities to decide what is best for you in the marketplace. The course helps you discover your unique voice and do what you love while honoring your self respect.


Receive deep support with a 12-month custom coaching commitment.

Due to the intensity of the work, I am limited to a few clients per year at this level.

I am here to:

- Listen to you
- Encourage you to live on and with purpose
- Train you to follow your body wisdom
- Teach you how to make more money
- Catalyze the removal of your obstacles
- Hold you accountable
- Help you cultivate greater discernment
- Show you how to keep your energy clear
- Share backing from my Spiritual Team
- Be your cheerleader
- Etc.