What's Happening With China Now:


2017 is my "Year of Action". I am working on a new content website called Creative Emancipation and I have a few video projects that I am creating with a few partners. 



What I'm Doing:

  • Writing content for my new website Creative Emancipation on the subjects of Energetic Hygiene, Prosperity Consciousness, and Sacred Sexuality. The site will also feature my regular monthly and weekly readings with my self-created oracle cards. 
  • I recently took 10 days off of electronics to celebrate my birthday (May 1st). During this time I created a the Selling with Spirit Oracle Cards - a deck for SWS students.
  • Nourishing and grounding myself in a mountain town in the woods of Northern California - lots of time nude sunbathing by the river. 
  • Celebrating the Anniversary of my 4th Year of Self-Marriage. 


What I'm Reading and Watching:

  • Manifestor Manifesto by Ra Uru Hu
  • Creative Nonfiction Course by Leela Cosgrove
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King (just finished)


What I'm Listening To:

  • Under the Sun by Seba
  • Lifetime by Maxwell 
  • Touch the Sky by Dennis Ferrer
  • God, Christ, Guru by Gurubhakti Bros
  • Control by Janet Jackson



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