From Fragmented Black American Female to Sovereign Powerhouse and Why Stepping Up Now Matters...

From Fragmented Black American Female to Sovereign Powerhouse and Why Stepping Up Now Matters...

 by China


I know what it’s like to be black and female in America. 

I’m half black (Father) and half white (Mother). My Father’s side of the family descended from slaves. He experienced such extreme racism while working as a law enforcement officer that he was eventually fired from the force for being black. He felt so powerless and angry that he abused me, my two older half-brothers, and my older half-sister. 

My brothers turned their pain outward by trying to take power from others more vulnerable than them. Both have been in prison for several years. 

One murdered his 5-year-old son. I’ll spare you the details. The other raped a 13-year-old girl at the middle school where he coached. My sister has 4 children, all by different fathers and spent most of her life living in the projects in Key West, Florida. 

When I was 5 my Mother took me away from Florida to California to live a different life with my Grandmother. 

Even after being out of that toxic environment, the damage was already done. 

Not only did I inherit chaos patterns in my DNA and cells, but I experienced a ton of blatant, clinically depression causing racism in school. 

Any person who thinks that black people should be “over it” because slavery is no longer happening, is incorrect. 

We may not be physically enslaved, but the psychological torture has been passed down from generation to generation. It continues to this day. 

It took me the majority of my life to unravel, repair, and heal myself from personal, familial, and ancestral trauma. 

I spent my first 29 years not realizing the havoc the subconscious blocks were wreaking on my existence.

When I turned 30 I made a promise to myself that I would become whole again…

or die trying. 

Clearly, I won.

The number one way that I triumphed was through my meditation and spiritual practice (meditation changes brain matter via neuroplasticity). 


But the real question was not, “Will I die for it?”

The real question was, “Will I LIVE for it?”

Will YOU live for it? 

Yes, changing was one of the hardest things I have ever done. 

But you know what I am now? 



Powerful. Beyond. Measure. 

I am myself, 100%. And I live my life aligned with my soul. 

The number one radical act that any of us can take is to get over our own self-limiting bullshit. Stop indulging in depression. Join together as communities and become sovereign. Help each other. Align with your Great Work. Allow yourself prosperity consciousness. 

Receive it. 

Accept it. 

Be bigger. 

Utilize what you have created to build systems that bust the system. 

Step into your own inherent power. 


Not 6 months from now. Not 1 year from now. 


When you become aligned with your Great Work and purpose, you cannot be manipulated. 

It really is the most revolutionary thing you / we can do. 

The energy that you carry in the world is of the utmost importance right now because you are affecting everyone via entrainment. 

Your facebook page has a vibrational frequency to it that everyone can feel. 

What are you emitting and emanating? 

Are you someone people can go to right now as a soft, safe space or are you perpetuating more fear and anxiety ridden disturbance patterns? 

If you really want to be revolutionary, deactivate the chaos patterns in your body and your psyche. 

Face your fears and take action in the face of them.

This is what my program is truly about – at the heart, soul, and core of it…

Sovereign Authentic Freedom.

Because when you are that, you can’t be controlled…

And that is what they truly fear.

Your timelines are going to be flooded and you have to decide who you are going to be right now. 

What kind of space are you going to hold? 

We need you now more than ever to step up, show up, and shine. 

Step out of the old stories. This is not the time to be indulging in and fighting for your pain points. 

This is the time to rise up into your strengths – into your divine birthright and inheritance. 

Leave a comment. 

Message me.

Take my hand. 

(p.s. Yes, that's a black fist pick in my hair)