Human Design - The Problem with Emotional & Ego Authority



I have been asked what my opinion is regarding Emotional Authority and Ego Authority in Human Design. I have also been asked, “Hi China, I've been wondering what's your perspective on the topic of honoring the the emotional authority and going with the flow when it comes to e.g. only putting content out when it feels right vs. practicing consistency and doing sth we committed to even when we don't feel like it.

Thank you in advance. <3”


This is from the point of view of a splenic 5/1 Manifestor.

I am splenic authority. I will give you a little bit of a background on what each authority is sort of like. Splenic Authority makes decisions in the moment. Moment to moment. I call authority- I believe that it's the same thing as body wisdom, intuition, and womb wisdom. What I really love about human design is that the core of it is all about not making decisions with the mind. So, bypassing the mind. That's what meditation is all about. That's why I am a fan of Human Design. It's talking about bypassing the mind. Because the mind is very limited. The mind wants to categorize everything into little boxes. The mind is designed to keep you safe. Well, that doesn't allow you to enter into the realm of imagination and unlimited possibility. So the mind will only see A and B. But there's also more than just two options. There's always a third option. There's always a 100th option that the mind doesn't see because it can't perceive it. And this is where intuition comes in – the 6th sense. The mind wants to work with the 5 senses and label and categorize via the 5 senses. But the intuition is the 6th sense and this is where Human Design Authority comes in aka body wisdom.

So with the splenic authority - I feel in each moment in my body whether or not something is for me. That's how I make decisions. I don't make decisions with my mind. Because mulling it over in the mind isn't going to necessarily going to be helpful. And when a person mulls it over in their mind – goes back and forth – then all these fears come up. And they may try and convince themselves of all the reasons why they can't. All the reasons why it's too hard, it's to scary, they are going to fail. And then they just won't do it. And they will cock block themselves in that way.

This is actually a huge issue that I have with emotional authority and ego authority. Emotional Authority will use the excuse of, “Oh well, I need to be on my emotional wave. So I can't make this decision to change my life and uplevel my life right now.” And they will use that to honestly placate fear sometimes. I'm not saying that every emotional authority person does this, but I have seen quite a few do this.

Myself as a splenic manifestor – there's no waiting. I don't have that wait period where I need to wait. I know right away if something is for my uplevel, if something is beneficial for me and my growth – I am going to just move toward it right away. There is no room for fear. There is no allowing myself to indulge in fear and be entertained in fear to cause me to backpedal or say no or whatever.

Emotional Authority has said, “Well that spleen is too much and it's like a hurricane and a whirlwind.” Okay well, the thing about the spleen is – I would guess that it's difficult if you've got a splenic person who is misaligned and in the not self vs when you've got a splenic person who is aligned and in the self. When the splenic person is aligned and in the self and they come for you – they come for somebody to help uplevel them – it IS correct. The person should just say yes.

Now the same is true with a person who has got an ego authority that's in the not self. For the most part what I have seen – I haven't really met a lot of ego authority individuals that are really in the self and really aligned. I have met quite a few that are not in the self and are misaligned. Ego Authority – the main question is – what's in it for me? I have seen some ego authority people take that way too far. And I have seen some ego authority people take that not far enough. They are too timid with that and some people are too much with that – mulling everybody over with their need to control. Then again with the emotional authority it's the, “Oh, I have to wait. Let me go on my wave. I have to think about it.” And by that time – the opportunity has passed – the moment has gone.

The way that I make decisions as a splenic authority person is – it's literally like the guy in Human Design Hawaii explained in his video about splenic (fantastic video). He's a projector – I don't quite remember his name but I'd like to give him credit where credit is due. He mentioned it like a gong going off in his body. I have the same experience in my body as well. When something is for me I will feel tingly in my whole body. When something is REALLY for me, I feel like I am having a hot flash. My whole body lights up. And I mean from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head – and everything in between. That's when something is REALLY for me. Like, I need to do it – immediately without thinking about it. Without mulling it over. Without pondering it. I need to just do it. Forget about the how. Forget about the time, energy, money, resources – who cares about that. Do it anyway and figure it out as I go along. If it's kinda sorta for me then maybe I will feel a little tingle in my arms or a little tingle in my legs. I know how much something is for me by way of the tingle in my body. I know the degree to which it's for me. If it's not for me – if it's a no – I feel a couple of things. I feel flat – like nothing. When it's REALLY not for me – I feel nauseous. I feel sick. And that's when I know to run away – don't walk – run away.

Now because I have also gotten into massive alignment, I can really sense the alignment in the self or not self of others. And the percentage of where they are at with that. Some of the emotional authority – like I have said – have said that the spleen is too much. And absolutely – when the person is in the not self and they are coming at you with that splenic authority – that's when it's overwhelming because it feels pushy. But when a person who is in the self comes then the, “oh I feel pushed and I need time to decide,” is completely invalid.

And this is the issue that I have with the Human Design System as a whole. I really love Human Design. I think it's a fantastic tool. But what I really believe that it is – is training wheels. It's training wheels for the new, evolved, expanded, aligned human being. The human being who is aligned with source, god, allah, buddha – the I am that I am. Truly truly in alignment with God.

The issues that I have with Human Design – and I do have them – is that it's compartmentalization. Labeling. Categorizing things is not good. Because if you say, “Oh I am this way,” then your mind is going to believe that you are this way. And it's going to be difficult for you to be any other way. So if we label ourselves then we really put ourselves in to this box. And it becomes difficult to get out of that box. And that's the issue that I have with human design.

For example – if a person is told that they are emotional authority – then will use sometimes as an excuse that emotional wave. “Oh, I am going to take a while to decide. And everybody else has to be susceptible to my emotional wave. Everybody has to deal with it and go on it with me as I can't make up my mind. I am indecisive and using it as an excuse to be indecisive.” What's difficult for me – is that as a splenic manifestor 5/1 – my whole life purpose (my god purpose and core intent) is to help people get into alignment. So when I come to offer a person support with their alignment and they want to use that emotional authority or ego authority to push me away because underneath it all they are afraid. It has nothing to do with me. (p.s. I have actually had emotional and ego authority people come back and apologize to me for this later and tell me that they were afraid)

They will use the human design system as an excuse to not have to take action – to stay stuck in fear.

I heard another person – she is an emotional authority manifestor – and she said that she's really been distancing herself from the human design system. She says that every time she goes to follow her emotional authority that it doesn't serve her. She ends up missing out on opportunities. She takes all this time to decide. And it just makes her indecisive. She says that's not working for her either. She says she hasn't been following the system as deeply as she used to. I would tend to agree with her on that – in a way I would.

I was also asked the question from an emotional authority individual about creating content. And how do I feel – I was asked – in creating content do you just go with the flow and do it when it feels good? Or do you keep a schedule and stay consistent? First of all – there is a talk I had – a channeling with King Clauneck who is a spirit of astral wealth, astral bank vault, and an accountant for many other spirits. He had a lot to say about the new age movement. Which in large part I believe to be propaganda to throw people out of alignment – to misalign people.

He had something to say about that whole thing. There's the concept of 'yummy yucky'. Which is – if it feels yucky then you don't do it and you don't move toward it. And if it feels good you do it and you move toward it. Here's the thing with that – that only works if a person is already in alignment and in the self. If a person is in the not self then it doesn't matter. What they deem and feel to be 'yucky' could actually be something that they need – and vice versa. For example, what he was saying is that it might feel really great to do heroin everyday for a while – that may feel yummy. And then – in the long run – it's going to feel yucky. Things can feel great and then we overindulge and then they feel yucky. This is where discernment has to come in. And really – a person has to be aligned and in the self. Which means – aligned with God first. Because that whole 'yummy yucky' thing can come into play.

And, a lot of new agers use that as an excuse to not do the hard stuff. Because hard stuff doesn't always feel yummy. That can't be an excuse to not do the work – to not face the self and uplevel and do the work that's needed to be done.

So when a person asks me that question – I would say that it really depends on their own individual level of alignment – where you are at in alignment. And depending on the individuals' alignment – then they can take a look at that.

I believe that being consistent is important. It's a mixture of doing what's important and doing what feels good. Things are very transparent right now and people can feel when someone is putting out content just to put out content and to remain relevant and current. But when that content isn't really connected to their soul – it's just robotic, it's automatic - and it's not coming from a genuine place of experience and inspiration. And people want that deep authentic inspiration that's coming from that individuals' alignment. Because what people really want out of content is – they want content that's coming from an aligned person. They want aligned content that's coming from an aligned person.

I like to batch create content. I'm in an aligned state and I start batch creating. I found that being consistent with content is necessary. Think about it – those people that you love to follow and pay attention to on facebook, instagram, youtube – some of these people you check their pages every day for some content. They are breathing, speaking life into you. You check them on the daily for that dose of powerful truth. For that hit of energization. You go to their page and you're like, “Okay, I can fight another day. If you're going hard still – you're doing it – you're showing up then I can do it too. Because for a moment, I wasn't sure.” It's like – you go to their page and it's like – they got you. So, I believe in consistency. I also believe in following the authority.

Here is how I use my authority for content – in fact – my authority has been telling me that I need to be doing way more content. But I wanted to be in deep, intense alignment before coming out with more content. Like, work on myself alignment wise and then really just – bam (!) - hit it. So that people are getting the best of me. They are getting the best vibrationally, energetically. Because we impact others – we influence others with our content via entrainment. Brainwave Entrainment. You've heard about when a bunch of monks get together in a town and they meditate at once then the crime rate goes down – that's what we are talking about with entrainment. You can literally influence the vibration of people, paces, things around you by your frequency. The more you raise your frequency and you are grounded – really grounded – ground and then raise like a tree. The tree grounds its roots in first and then it begins to sprout leaves and branches and flowers and fruit. But the tree isn't going to branch fruit until the roots are so deep into the ground – which is what I have done. Over the past couple of months – so deep in ground. I actually spent a couple of weeks sleeping on the literal ground on a friends land to get my self super grounded. And then – get into alignment. And you will bear fruit. So I use my authority to tell me what kind of content to create. What is going to be a win win for all involved. What's going to be the most inspiring for them and also what's going to be the most lucrative for myself. Because this is my paid job. You are listening to my paid job right now.

I will use my authority - my spleen, my body wisdom, my intuition – to tell me the percentage of something. How aligned it actually is with my core God Intent – which is my God Purpose. And that's how I figure out what content to make and what content to leave alone. In a sea of – you can create anything – it can be very overwhelming. What do you create when you can create anything? Well, alignment is key.

What is so amazing – when you have 100% alignment of Being in God, 100% alignment of Action in God, 0% resistance to the vortex of ascension, 100% commitment to doing the work, 100% alignment with your Core God Intent and with God's Core Intent, 100% alignment with God's Intent – THEN you can do what feels GOOD.

And I am telling you right now – what is going to feel good to do is going to be some of the hard stuff. It's going to be to show up consistently with your content.

That's going to FEEL GOOD. But you will be doing content that feels good to you. It's authentic, real, spontaneous – ORGANIC!

New Age 'Do What Feels Good' Philosophy by King Clauneck

Channeled by China Brooks

This is an unedited transcription of a channeling Q and A session between King Clauneck and myself. I asked him what he thinks about the New Age philosophy of 'yummy yucky' - basically that 'only do it if it feels good' mindset.

China: Clauneck, how do you feel about the New Age 'Follow Your Bliss' Philosophy? In the New Age they say that if it feels 'yucky' to avoid it and if it feels 'yummy' to move closer to it.

Clauneck: While all of that is great and yes it's true, it's also ungrounded. It becomes a problem when light workers use it as an excuse to not have to take any action. For example, sometimes dealing with finances is unpleasant and it doesn't feel good. It feels yucky - when people have put something off for so long.

Sometimes not doing something just because it feels yucky is detrimental to the highest and good of the individual. That's the flawed premise with these new age “go with your feelings” teachings.

While yes, feelings are extremely important – the body is also chemically addicted to certain feelings. It's become a habit. Humans are now hardwired to be chemically addicted to the pleasurable feelings that feel good. And yet you know that it might feel good to go smoke a blunt every day and yet that's not necessarily going to provide you with the path of least resistance - and it's not going to be the yummiest in the long run.

Something that could bring feel good feelings in the moment may actually bring yucky feelings later on down the line.

So while yes, intuition is key - and feeling good, having a positive mindset, working on positive aspects, detaching, and yet also residing in a state of positive expectation – these are all helpful and tried and true. And yet it doesn't negate the fact that beings live in a physical realm that requires Action. It requires that the body get up and move and do things.

From an aligned place, yes.

As long as the light workers refrain from using the “being in the flow” “yucky yummy” Abraham Hicks “just feel good” - as long as they are not using that as an excuse to parlay their fears, entertain their bad habits, justify apathy, lethargy, lack of courage, lack of self confidence, and refusal to learn new skills and overcome the challenges of how difficult that can be. And how much effort, focus, attention ,and energy conservation that takes. And tunnel vision.

When they get into the realm of using the new age feeling system as an excuse , that's when it's a problem. To me, this is when the “old way” of doing things – some aspects of the “old way” are better than the “new way”. And need to remain foundational pieces to the puzzle of the “new way”. Again, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Where is the yummy yucky feeling coming from? Is it coming from an avoidance pattern? Or is it truly coming from that deeper place, that aligned place?

See, if people are not aligned in the first place with their highest selves, with the quantum field of unlimited possibilities – then their feeling emotion in the body of “yummy, yucky” is going to be limited anyway. It ins't going to be healthy to begin with. So the yummy yucky go with the flow, feel good, if it doesn't feel good don't do it – only works for beings who are correct and in the self and truly aligned with the highest version and expression of themselves and the quantum field of unlimited possibilities, which is past the mind. It is that realm of no mind. Mind transcendence. Not many beings are there.

And so this is the issue - when the new age teachings – those who are in business have complete and utter disrespect for those who shout, yell, scream, judge and claim “new commerce, get rid of the money, stop selling to me, hard sales, you suck, do things my way,” although many of them do not have another system.

Rather than promote a new system that they themselves created from trial and error, which means yes study the hard sales. Study soft sales. Learn how to trial close. Learn how to hard close and everything in between. Rather than do that – take their data, create something pioneering, trailblazing, new and improved – as you are doing – they would rather waste and leak their energy on complaining about those who dare even put in the effort, their own personal resources of time, energy, and money – to bust through and create a new way.

I and my kin have distain for these types of light workers and I shall protect my kin – my people – from them. They are judgmental, narrow minded, self righteous, and in that way - quite bigoted. They come from ego, most of all. And they do not even see it. They use the word “ego” as a trigger phrase. And it causes other light workers to shrink in shame and guilt and yes, shrink from money. From earning, receiving, even trying – for fear of the judgement of their peers.

You have seen what can happen when you dare try something new? (China snorts laughing)

Meanwhile, they are bleeding, draining, and leaking energy and losing respect in the astrals - on the spiritual plane. While you gain respect in the astrals and gain more spiritual merit and respect on the spiritual plane. Perhaps what they call “loosing” respect from their group of people – and certain groups of people who are still in stuck, victim, and fear consciousness – yet you 'gained' the respect of other more integrated groups, individuals, and peoples.

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Magickal Muse - The Power of Respecting  and Working With Local Spirits  


Your town has local spirits.

If you don't already know – find out who the local spirits are.

For every town there is a first generation that forged and settled into the town.

For example – the first cemetery in Ashland, Oregon.

In the downtown district there's these beautiful Victorian houses and many of them are placed on the historical list and they have stories behind them.

I stayed in Colonel Silsby's house which was built in 1896.

Across the street from that is the Morehouse craftsman bungalow and their rental.

John Helman was a first generation settler. It was his land that Ashland was actually built on. His son Abel forged the Oregon Trail. There's also the Applegate Family.

All of these people – including Colonel Silsby – are buried in Ashland Cemetery.

These would be considered first generation local spirits of modern commerce.

If you go to India – in some places the local spirit would be Ganesha.

If you go to China - in some places it would be Kwan Yin.

In other places – it may be a Saint.

The local spirits in a small town in Scotland would be different than the local spirits in Thailand.

You want to figure this out because it's going to behoove you to make friends.

One of the things that a malevolent and energetically / psychically / materially rapey ruling class – one of their characteristics is they don't show reverence and respect.

They just take.

Well, that accumulates karma.

And eventually – even if they don't experience it in their current lifetime – further generations down the line in their family will. Because everything has to be atoned. Eventually God wins out and atonement has to happen.

It's best to actually get with the local spirits and bring them offerings.

Talk with them.

If you are looking to have success in a town...if you are looking to have what you need – don't just come in and start doing magick and mob around the town like you own the mother fucker.

The local spirits take notice.

And that could be a detrimental problem in the long run. Maybe even sometimes in the short run depending on who the local spirit is.

They can also help you.

Think about it – generations of families forged the businesses and real estate in your local town. I mean – their blood is in the soil.

They can really be of HUGE help and support - when you show respect.

Don't just walk in and mob into your local cemetery.

Stop at the gate.

Speak to the Guardians that guard the cemetery.

Have a chat.

Say hello.

Introduce yourself.

Maybe state your intention.

Bring an offering. Whatever that is for you. Flowers? Coins? Money? Crystals? Food? Some of your harvest you grew? Something the local spirit likes?

Anything that expresses generosity, care, and forethought.

Be polite.

Say excuse me when you step on graves.

If one of the graves calls to you – leave an offering.

If one of the graves is covered with dirt, it's got leaves all over it, no one has cleaned it in a while - and you get a vibe that the spirit would appreciate some cleanliness – wipe it off. Some spirits don't want to be bothered. They want to remain hidden in the cut. I leave them alone.

It's common sense.

Ask around and see if there is anybody in the cemetery who is stuck and trapped there and doesn't want to be there. Help them get out – if you have that kind of power. Which if you are on my list – you should.

Bring something to the table.

Go in and introduce yourself first. State your intention. “This is what I would like to do in this town...” and then leave. Come back another day after you have introduced yourself.

Things will go so much easier for you when you do this.

Speaking of Magick - I just completed 6 months of heavy mystery school initiatory training : intense study and immense ritual and ceremony. I went through stuff that would crush muggles - let alone many occultists - including 30 Days of Masterminding with Lord Mammon (I am on Day 25 to be exact).

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Yoni Egg Experience 5th Year Anniversary

Today (well technically yesterday) is the 5th anniversary of using my first yoni egg and filming my Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience video which went viral.

It sparked a national trend and worldwide healing movement.

The video in the comments shows the house where it all happened.

Colonel William Silsby built the home in the 1900's for himself and his wife. He fought in the war to free the slaves. There's a series of 6 love letters he wrote to his wife. In one of the letters he wondered about the fate of said slaves.

The house has a reputation in the town for being haunted. When I stayed there, I felt VERY welcomed.

In 2013 I was a successful working actor in Los Angeles, California. I had THE life but my womb was numb and I was getting sick.

I desperately needed nature so I visited Oregon where there's an incredible tree to people ratio.

I paid for sessions with a male shaman who suggested I try yoni eggs, which was then unknown to the mass populace.

During that time, I decided to commit to my happiness being my number one importance. To honor my decision - I married myself in a ceremony. I wanted my higher self to take over my life and make my decisions for me.

I also put my home on the market and 3 days later the current owner offered my asking price.

After wrapping up my L.A. life I came back to Oregon where I had my honeymoon in Ashland.

I rented the entire Silsby bed and breakfast where I used my cosmic jade egg for the first time.

During that first 24 hours we had Kirtan at the house. And I made a video about my experience for my youtube channel titled Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience.

I was NOT ready for what came next.

The video blew up.

Hundreds of people made copy cat videos. And thousands of women found me and sought my help and support.

I had left Los Angeles to hide for a while – out of the public eye in the entertainment industry – only to be thurst right back into the limelight.

Yoni Eggs became very popular.

I believe that so many using the eggs at once cause a collective healing. A mass purging and clearing.

The shadow side of those involved (sellers and supporters of the eggs) came out. As did a huge uplevel.

I seriously wanted to move on and do something else so I deleted the video for a about a year and a half.

After I received many requests – I reuploaded it.

Today, I am super grateful for the whole experience. It taught me to get my magick up. Like, all the way up.

It taught me that all that glitters is not gold.

It taught me divine discernment, power, self worth, self value, and energy conservation.

It also taught me how much I value my peace over any fame – ever.

I learned what to fight for and what not to fight for. Who to fight for and who not to fight for.

All in all it taught me to be myself – unapologetically.

I have only sold a handful (literally) of yoni eggs thus far.

Whenever I did offer them – there was either a bidding war or they were purchased within 1 hour of being listed.

To celebrate my 5 years I am offering a limited edition (7 available) Yoni Egg Kit.

Each kit is custom tailored to you and your energy. You receive one rose quartz egg and one black obsidian egg which are both super charged to help align you with the highest version of you.

Selling with Spirit - Divinators Know Your Worth

In an oversaturated Tarot Industry – anyone can pick up some cards and start giving readings for entertainment - with no real skill to back up their Divination.

As powerhouse Readers it is up to us to hold higher standards for who we read, how we read, and what we charge.

As strong and serious co-creators we accept the responsibility to shift the current paradigm to the utmost respect.

As successful and efficient Divinators - we magnetize a culture which honors and reveres the tangible and intangible blessings we provide.

It starts with mindset and how we look at - and approach - the profession.

We are constantly teaching others how to treat us – individually and collectively.

Human Design 5th Line - Rarify Yourself

The 5th Line in Human Design is meant to Rarify Itself.

As in – come out only when there is a collective need, crisis, and/or it has a body of work available for the public to consume.

The 5th line has a projection field around it, which requires a lot of space to breathe and alchemize for the highest influence.

Rarefying means being less available and less reachable to the majority of people - other than the close circle group (allies) of the 5th line individual.

Manifestation Feedback Loop

"Drama (especially anonymous ones) is the first sign often, that you are changing something in your personal universe and for some reason somebody doesn't like it. Remember, all change will create social change and will make people uncomfortable. No one likes change, and people will react even unconsciously, when you try to change your universe. This is just the nature of change, keep going, the right people will emerge, the right conditions will come about. You can never change yourself or your universe around you, without changing your social reality and that reality trying to reinforce itself.  - Andrieh Vitimus

When you are upleveling, creating, and manifesting there is usually a positive and negative feedback loop which lasts about 72 hours (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter). This video discusses the Manifestation Feedback Loop. 


Door of My Heart

Door of My Heart Devotional Song

by China Brooks


Door of My Heart is my favorite devotional chant by Paramahansa Yogananda.

"Door of my heart,
Open wide I keep for Thee,
Wilt Thou come, wilt thou come,
Just for once come to me.
Will my days fly away,
Without seeing Thee my Lord,
Night and day, night and day,
I look for Thee night and day."

This audio is of me singing it acapella a few times. It isn't a special in-studio recording. It is simply an expression of moving energy in devotion and I happened to hit the "record" button.

I am going to start taking you on a journey through my chanting process. This is for a few reasons:

1. To inspire / re-inspire your own chanting practice. Open up your throat / voice and sing! Speak your truth! Let it out. Be you!

2. Sound vibration is infectious via brainwave entrainment.

3. To move in the direction of group chanting practices - becoming a Sound Samurai. 

4. To normalize sadhana (spiritual practice). - i.e. making some of my private moments public so you feel less alone and perfectly intense (we like the profound around here). To be alerted when I go live for individual and group chanting, please connect with me here:


Gnothi Seauton - Human Design Reflector 

Gnothi Seauton - Human Design Reflector 

In this video India Kaitlin (5/1 Reflector) and I (China Brooks - 5/1 Manifestor) discuss what life as a Reflector is like for her. 

  • The Relationship Between Reflectors and Manifestors (especially fast moving Splenic Manifestors)
  • Dealing with Anger

  • The 5/1 Profile

  • Projections and Expectations put on the 5

  • Spirituality and Money

  • Spirituality and Sales

  • Decision Making (for Reflectors and Manifestors)

  • Reflector Michael Jackson as the Reflector Archetype

  • Universalization of the 5 Line

  • Energization for Reflectors


Energy Type: No definition.
Self / Signature : Surprise
Not Self / Resistance: Disappointment
Reflectors are here to signify the health of the community
Aura Reflects and Samples – resistant and sampling
Centers: completely open and undefined
Strategy: Wait 28 or 29 days – 1 lunar cycle
Existential Question: What stands out?
Purpose: Uplifting / transforming
Here To: gauge
Needs: Time to evaluate
Dysfunction: Ignored
Optimal Function: amoung yet separate
Goal: Communicate with others


"Reflectors can be all things to all people because they can take on identities of places and people to determine where or who needs what. The Reflector is truly here only for others.

Reflectors are energetically reflective – designed to be conditioned by their enthronement. Because they have such little consistency in their charts they can reflect something new quite easily without much trauma. They are lunar beings and need to wait 28 days before making major life decisions such as love, marriage, career, living conditions, etc They need to feel good in the community they're in and talk out their decisions.

Challenges for Reflectors are waiting - they can experience disappointment because they don't wait enough. The need consistent auras and therefore may seem less independent.

They need to feel good in the right place at the right time. And they need a lot of alone time. For sleep it is best that Reflectors are alone and lay down before becoming tired." - All Grace and Love


Gnōthi Seauton - Human Design Generator

Gnōthi Seauton - Human Design Generator
by China Brooks

Self / signature : Satisfaction
Not Self / Resistance : Frustration
Energy Type: Sacral center defined
Aura Attracts and Responds – open and enveloping
Existential Question : Who am I?
Purpose: Encompassing / organizing
Here to: Work
Needs: External stimulus
Dysfunction: Enslaved
Optimal Function: In groups
Goal: Love what you do
Strategy : Wait to respond - wait to be asked



“Generators / Manifesting Generators are the true builders of the world because they have consistent access to tremendous energy, but in order to access their battery they must find the right work (doing what they love) to feel satisfied. They should allow life to come to them instead of trying to make things happen.

Generators represent 70% of the population. They have energetic, sustainable energy. They are Masters of their work and are self-aware. They are here to work BUT must find the right work (fulfilling).

They must wait for the Universe to bring something. They are here to be deeply satisfied by their work. They respond to yes and no questions. Generators are designed to respond to questions and things that appear in form in their outer reality with these sounds:

use your gut :
“uh=huh: = YES
“uh-uh” = NO

The challenge for Generators is that they will feel frustrated if they do not find the right work. They may not know when to say “no” because they have energizer bunny energy. Making decisions with their head instead of their gut is challenging for them. They may need to sleep on an idea/feel into it before making decisions. They can often become frustrated and quit too soon. They cannot just “make it happen” and they can feel stuck.

The Generator motto is “slow and stead wins the race”. They are meant to go one step at a time. They do not need to inform – they need to wait to respond.” - All Grace and Love

Oprah Winfrey
Dali Lama
Muhammed Ali


Gnōthi Sauton - Human Design Manifestor 

Gnōthi Seauton - Human Design Manifestor

by China Brooks



Examples: Ra Uru Hu (creator of Human Design - was a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor), Frida, Kahlo, Jennifer Anniston, Johnny Depp, George W. Bush, JK Rowling, Martin Luther King, Robert De Niro

Self Signature: Peace
Not Self: Anger
Auric Type: Closed, Repells, Impacts (like a wish-granting Ganesh / Lone Wolf) 
Energy Type: Non Sacral Motor
Healthy Function: Leads
Disfunction: Controlled (Manifestors are conditioned to suppress their power and / or use it for others) 
Strategy: Initiates, Informs (Wait for the Room) 
Energy States: Exploding or Recharging
Needs: Correct Timing
Question: Who am I impacting? 
Goal: Freedom to Create


"A Manifestor will have a powerful voice and a powerful presence. They are energetic, driven, powerful, influential, and successful.

A Manifestor has the energy to start things, but not necessarily the stamina to finish. They are the most independent type and want people to stay out of their way so they can do what they want. They are truly the only type that can follow the Nike commercial ad and “Just Do It”.

While they have a powerful energy to begin things, they are not here to work in a sustainable way. Working a 9 to 5 is exhausting.

Manifestors are here to inform people and to be informed. They need to define their impact field. Manifestors can get angry when they feel others are trying to control them and others can become angry with the Manifestor when they aren't being informed about what the Manifestor is doing.

What the Manifestor may not realize yet is that when they inform people of what they are going to do, that doesn't mean they need to get everyone's opinion or stop because of others's projections. When people are informed, regardless of what their opinion is it eases the impact and the Manifestor finds Peace.

Challenges for Manifestors is that they are conditioned to suppress their power. They are here to start things – not finish – and they need to slow down. A Manifestor is moving 3 steps ahead of everybody, but they think in pictures. When a Manifestor gets an idea, they want to just go do it. And they can usually do it quite well. They are designed to be independent. Because stopping to explain things to others takes too long, asking for help or delegating can be difficult. Manifestors need to inform others of what they plan to do. They can become angry, irritable, impatient, and secretive."  - All Grace and Love


Gnōthi Sauton - Human Design

Gnōthi Sauton - Human Design
by China Brooks

In this part of the Gnōthi Seauton series we will be covering Human Design and the topics of...

1. Auric Types (Manifestor, Generator, Reflector, Projector, Manifesting Generator)

2. Strategy & Authority

3. Profile Lines

4. Right Angle & Left Angle

5. Being a 5 (because that projection / expectation field tho)