40th Birthday Lessons

40th Birthday Lessons 

by China
May 2016



This is the last week of my 40th birthday month. It’s been epic (and I don’t use this word lightly). 

Today I had to pause and go deep within to reflect on what I have accomplished. I am truly living my dream, which is to be connected to my Great Work (thank you L & G). I have found my authentic sovereign self – my unique essence. While I am still unpacking the energetic presents I have been given (holy wow), most of it has fully grounded and rooted in my physical, tangible reality. My life is currently exactly the way I created it to be. I am enthusiastic about this because...progress. After all the wins I’ve had (more to come!), this is what I have learned in the last 40 years:

1. Humility

Get some. Equality for all (no inferior or superior). All humans are royalty, period. I will always be learning – from everyone, everywhere. The second I think, “I’ve got it,” is the moment that I don’t. Stay curious, open, humble, and vulnerable enough to say, “I don’t know.” Give the respect I’d like to receive. 

2. Ask

Ask for support. Ask in prayer. Demand my Team of Light. Ask for greater. Ask for better. Ask for systems. Ask for solutions. Ask for it all with courageous honesty. Ask from a place of appreciation for that which already is...

3. Appreciation / Gratitude

Appreciation truly is the currency of the Universe. Things will always refine and improve. Increased magic will happen. People, places, and synchronous things will manifest. The gold is in the NOW. Stopping to appreciate all the gifts that have already appeared so lusciously at my feet is like pausing to smell an intoxicatingly fragrant rose. It’s a part of life to be savored, just as important as all the DOING. Taking a moment to let the good soak the fuck in is a huge, crucial, and energizing part of the process. 

4. It’s All Okay

Come as I AM. It’s all okay. No one really has it more figured out than I do. Well, sometimes they may have things more organized and functional, however; *everyone* has areas and things that they are still working on and improving. No one is exempt from human emotion and the human condition. And no one gets out of here alive. 

5. Oh God you are so magnificent! Oh God you are so magnificent! Oh God you are so magnificent!

(I really want this to be my next tattoo.) Through this source all things are manifested. This is the all-giving, ever-prosperous supply of heaven on earth and life everlasting. This force wants to be loved, too. It loves attention. Nourish my relationship with that Almighty Power. Gift it the adoring, devoted focus it deserves and it pours me out tremendous blessings - every. single. time.

6. Invest

Invest in myself. The ROI is massive. The more I put in, the more I get out. 

Life is incredible. 

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